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Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it)

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But be certain that the information is correct relevant and sufficient2 Drive to Democratization True at least in terms of opportunity and access but establish a meritocratic rewards system3 Disruption Is the New Norm Again true but meanwhile remember that revenue pays The Bills4 Beware The Expert Wisdom Is bills4 Beware the Expert Wisdom is but expertise must accommodate the work to be done now6 Smaller Beats Bigger Unless the subject is profits I do agree that not all growth is progress7 Rent Don t Own This creates options and alternatives while minimizing fixed depreciating costs8 Trust Beats Control and Open Beats Closed Trust Lubricates Mutually Beneficial lubricates mutually beneficial Everything Is Measurable and Anything Is Knowable That is true often than not but not absoluteHere are the six characteristics of exponential leadership accompanied by Ismail s comments1 Visionary Customer Advocate If customers see their needs and desires being attended to at the highest levels they are much willing to persevere through the chaos and experimentation that often happens with exponential growth2 Data driven Experimentalist To create order out of high speed chaos reuires a process oriented approach that is ltimately nimble and scalable3 Optimistic Realist Leaders able to articulate a positive outcome through any scenario even downside scenarios will be able to help maintain objectivity within their teams4 Extreme Adaptability As a business scales and its activities morph so too must its managementConstant learning is critical to staying on the exponential curve5 Radical Openness While many most leaders and their organizations ignore most of the criticism and suggestions from within and beyond creating an open channel to the crowd outside of the given C Suite and the mechanisms to determine signal from noise can provide new perspectives and solutions allowing access to whole new layers of innovation6 Hyper Confident Two of the most important personality traits for an exponential leader to have are the courage and perseverance to learn adapt and Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson ultimately disrupt the given businessIn my opinion after only a few modifications these are also the defining characteristics of those who lead small to midsize companies as well as those who head divisions businessnites and even departments in Fortune 100 companies such as those that Ismail examines in Chapter Nine of this book notably Coca Cola Company General Electric Zappos owned by and Google VenturesAs Ismail explains in Chapter Nine these forward looking companies are implementing the ideas discussed in the previous chapter ExOs for Large Organizations Some are building ExOs at their edges some are acuiring or investing in ExOs in their current market space still others are implementing ExO Lite see Pages in ExOs in their current market space still others are implementing ExO Lite see Pages 239Long ago Ezra Pound Bad Science The Short Life and Weird Times of Cold Fusion urged aspiring writers to make it new I was again reminded of that challenge as I noted the reference to new organizations in this book s subtitle Salim Ismailrges business leaders not only to make their organizations new but also to make them ten ti. Sing technology An ExO can eliminate the incremental linear way traditional companies get bigger leveraging assets like community big data algorithms and new technology into achieving performance benchmarks ten times better than its peers Three luminaries of the business world―Salim Ismail Yuri van Geest and Mike Malone―have researched this pheno. An incredible book that does a wonderful job outlining the critical elements now necessary to create a hyper growth business model in this amazing new era of rapid product development speed to market and disruptive innovation We re witnessing something akin to the Industrial Revolution that occurred between the latex 1800 s and early 1900 s and will change everything we ve ever known about the way we work and how companies operate A must read Filled everything we ve ever known about the way we work and how companies operate A must read Filled insightful case studies this book took me Hold On Through The Pain (Dark Eagle Book 3) uite some time to read but I caught myself reading several chapters twice to ensure I swept all value A must have in your collection if you re keen on sustainable transformation and innovation Wow I ve just finished reading this book and every page is a revelation an assault of new and emerging ideas that I suggest most will find interesting and e This is an amazing book that encapsulates the impact of exponential technologies on businesses and complements what I learned at Singularity University from a foremost thought leader in this field It provide clear case studies on how disruptive technologies impact industries and organizations with a prescription to identify and ride the wave of huge opportunitiessing them not just within the organizations but also for budding entrepreneurs who will be the future Ubers and AirBnBs of the world It is a very well researched work and should be the reference manual for 21st century organizations concerned with disruptive It is a very well researched work and should be the reference manual for 21st century organizations concerned with disruptive that are moving at an nprecedented exponential pace as well as for entrepreneurs wanting to identify and ride the wave of these technologies This book complements other books like Peter Diamandis Abundance the Future is better than you think and I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from it Well done Salim and team The term gazelle was coined by the economist David Birch His identification of gazelle companies followed from his 1979 report titled The Job Generation Process MIT Program on Neighborhood and Regional Change wherein he identified small companies as the biggest creators of new jobs in the economy In 1994 however Birch revised his thesis isolating job creating companies he called gazelles Characterized less by size than by rapid expansion Birch defined the species as enterprises whose sales doubled every four years By his estimates these firms roughly 4% of all US companies were responsible for 70% of all new jobs The gazelles beat Out The Elephants Like Walmart And The the elephants like Walmart and the corner barbershops When you hear politicians say Small businesses create most of the new jobs they re really talking about young and growing firms They are talking about gazellesAs Salim Ismail explains in his eponymous book an exponential organization ExO is one whose impact or output is disproportionately large at least 10 times larger than its peers because of the se of new organizational techniues that leverage accelerating technologiesThese are its core values accompanied by my brief annotations1 Information Accelerates Everything. Frost & Sullivan’s 2014 Growth Innovation and Leadership Book of the Year In business performance is key In performance how you organize can be the key to growth In the past five years the business world has seen the birth of a new breed of company―the Exponential Organization―that has revolutionized how a company can accelerate its growth by Mes better faster and cheaper than their competition In fact I presume to suggest that a company s greatest competitor tomorrow will be who it is what it does and how it does it today With organizations as with individuals most limits are self imposed Outstanding book for anyone that needs to stay How to Learn a Foreign Language updated whether an entrepreneur or in the corporate old world Very relevant and applicable to multiple situations and organizations I will keep it handy and maybe read it again Essential reading for those wishing tonderstand how organisations can achieve extraordinary growth and efficiencyExponential Organisations provides several examples of real world successes and converts these success stories into clear steps for others to apply Productivity growth a debate going back to the founding "Of Economic Thought Is Tackled Here And Represents A Great " economic thought is tackled here and represents a great for business and academia to consider how much potential there is for extraordinary productivity growth based on this exponential method perhaps this will rewrite the way we think about economicsWhen the public sector embra For me there is a BIG conflict when reading this book regarding resource on demand I 30 lat życia z Madzią Wspomnienia o Magdalenie Samozwaniec understand companies should onlyse the best resource tool available for the job But this also takes the responsibility from big companies to invest in training What the author suggest is great from the entrepreneur point of view but from the employeeresource point of view it means they should not expect the big enterprises to continue to invest in their skills development It s like the Autonomous UBER UBER was created to help people without a full time job to earn money but with the autonomous UBER where will they find their alternative income source Again I nderstand the concept from the entrepreneur point of view is great but from the employee point of view it gets complicated What is the biggest threat to your organization right now Many would answer our competition In the race for sales customer loyalty and market share it s easy to look over your shoulder at easy to look over your shoulder at other lanes and feel like your biggest threats externalThis leads many organizations to ignore a deadly internal threat resisting disruptive innovation That hinders them from adopting the attributes to achieve exponential growth The book calls this the corporate immune system Ismail s book shows you how to disable the corporate immune system so that disruptive innovation can take root and grow your company exponentially Some cool examples and cool ideas Had I read this book in 2014 I would have thought it was revolutionary However given that they are writing about the Leading Edge of technology and it is four years later it is fun to look at just how right and just how wrong the author was While I think the guidelines they set for an exponential organization are good I can t help but feel they are oversimplifying the ability to grow so ickly Having a process is good Following this book is probably a good idea But there s no substitute for having an inc. Menon and documented ten characteristics of Exponential Organizations Here in EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS they walk the reader through how any company from a startup to a multi national can become an ExO streamline its performance and grow to the next level Chosen by Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel to be one of Bloomberg's Best Books of 201. ,