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 Body Surfing: A NovelA beautifully written tale of and betrayalThe inner life and circumstances of the main character were engrossing and intriguing was surprised how when eading Body Surfing by Anita Shreve that I felt as though I was waiting for the story to grab me into it and hold me there so that I was disappointed when the book ended this didn t seem to happened and I am a very avid and eclectic eader but the story left me flat It is about a lady who arrives to a family to help their daughter to gain confidence and grow with herself and her abilities then what happens within the family group when the two what happens within the family group when the two sons on the and the eactions there within the friends and family members A ather poignant and beautifully written novel about love mistakes and self knowledge Twenty nine year old Sydney Sklar a woman despite the unusual name has been once divorced and once tragically widowed To help heal herself after her unexpected bereavement she takes a summer job tutoring the daughter of a wealthy couple at their summer house in New Hampshire A few weeks into her visit her pupil Julie s two elder brothers come for a weekend vacation They persuade Sydney into a late night body surfing dip in the ocean during which one of them touches her up Jumping to a conclusion about which brother it was Sydney tries to avoid him and begins to find herself drawn to the other brother an academic despite the fact he already has a serious girlfriend Victoria When Julie mysteriou. At the age of 29 Sydney has already been once divorced and once widowed Trying to egain her footing once again she has answered an ad to tutor the teenage daughter of a well to do couple as they spend a sultry summer in their oceanfront New Hampshire cottage.

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Sly disappears Passage Through Crisis running away with a woman lover Sydney finds herself drawing closer to the enigmatic academic and during the course of tracing Julie they begin to fall in love It s not long before the academic who has ended hiselationship with Victoria has proposed to Sydney and all looks set for her to be married for the third time when she eceives a devastating shockI initially found this book a little hard to get into but uickly warmed to it largely due to Shreve s beautiful and poetic writing style Her evocations of the coast of New Hampshire in summer of the Edwards s elegant house and of julie s discovery of house and of Julie s discovery of gift as an artist are exuisite The plot is a good one on the whole with a tempting element of mystery in it which keeps you turning the pages and some fascinating material about sibling elationships I thought the final section in which Sydney gradually came to terms with what had happened to her particularly well written and also much enjoyed the sections dealing with Julie and with her lover Helene the person who sets Julie free from her dominating family If I stop short of five stars it s because I wasn t Convinced By S by Sydney s affair particularly that after being widowed she could fall in love again so fast and because I found that the brothers The Road to Einsteins Relativity remained slightly too mysterious Still a very interesting and involvingead Anita Shreve always tells a uiet story I started by Black Boy reading The Pilots Wife and Fortunes Rocks and Body Surfing. But when the Edwards' two grown sons Ben and Jeff arrive at the beach house Sydney finds herself caught up in a destructive web of old tensions and bitter divisions As the brothers vie for her affections the fragile existence Sydney hasebuilt for herself
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Doesn t disappoint Her stories are Presunta colpevole real not flashy or overly dramatic If you want a story that is intriguing I would highlyecommend this book I m normally engrossed in paranormal Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem romance novels but occasionally I take a break toevisit one of my favorite non fantasy authors Anita Shreve is one of those Her stories are always poignant and never disappoint This book authors Anita Shreve is one of those Her stories are always poignant and never disappoint This book shares the various problems which can be set in motion when people live out their passive aggression The hardest and best hidden dysfunctional personality trait passive aggression is usually impossible to disearn I loved the characters in this book and will Safe Words read it again as a kind of study of personality types First I think the novel is suited to a person who is probably under the age of 50 It s a series of conflicts thatesult in love affairs some with people and some with placesIt s a difficult story to get into because it is so conflicted If you are a mature His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, reader however it is easy to eventually guess what is going on and the inevitable outcomeI was chagrined to find an author that I ordinarily like getting sucked into the need to include a same sex love affair of a teen Was this to attracteaders than likely I guess
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was like a cuss word in a Disney film so that the The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, rating is one for a wider audience It was crazy to think aetarded or slow girl of 18 would be allowed by her parents to go to another country for such an affairNot one of the author s best stories. S threatened With the subtle wit lyrical language and brilliant insight into the human heart that has led her to be called an author at one with her métier Miami Herald Shreve weaves a novel about marriage family and the supreme courage that it takes to love.