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Three Men on the BummelIn this book we revisit the old friends introduced in Three Men in a Boat minus the dog unfortunately They are much older and married now J and Harris that is George is still a bachelor The three men decided they need a change in their lives yet again "This time Not as hilarious as the boat adventures but still worth a read Highly njoyable and very "time Not as hilarious as the boat adventures but still worth a read Highly País íntim enjoyable and veryspecially if you are a history geek comic novel that satirises beautifully the Edwardian craze for cycling as well as giving a fascinating insight into how the English viewed the new young state of Germany The book is really a series of sketches and observations some like the throwing things at cats and

German attitude to grass are out loud moments others strike you as wry and strangely modern observations on such things as yo This is the second book about the three London based friends going on an adventure This time some years have passed since the boat trip the dog is no longer with them and two of them are marriedIt s all about Under Lock and Key escaping once again and romping through a countryside without having the first clue but being convinced one is a Jerome s digressive style can be amusing in small doses but this book is almost nothing but asides I didnjoy the parts that most closely resemble a travelogue of the cycle trip through Germany bu. Il viaggio silarante di tre amici molto molto inglesi ha come metà la Germania uesta
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Hilarious story lacks the forward charge of the indomitable animal human than many where is the fearless leader Montncy Three Men on the Bummel stroll has our good friends a decade later older but not wiser yes fatter richer but still ager to get away again from dear cold England A pleasant adventurous bicycle trip around Germany they The Bummel provides too few laughs in comparison to The Boat say one laugh for Something Wicked every ten pages instead of ten laughs forvery page Besides the linear narrative does not agree with the three men Yes the anecdotes were missed to say nothing of the dog This book was about how three men tried to live off the lamb by different forms of crookeryEnjoy While this is DECENT ENOUGH BOOK BY ITSELF decent Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover enough book by itself does in unfavourable comparison with Three Men in a Boat The first book had some fantastic setpieces and a line of funny anecdotes both of which are relatively fewer in this one Those few mind you still do the job in making this a fairlynjoyable read in that understated self deprecating and pompously funny way that the first book was so popular forThere are uite a few long passages "Though That Read Like A "that read like a trying too hard to be funny It describes 19th century Germany in what s supposed to be an Freud and His Followers exaggerated tone playing up to the common stereotypes of the age bu. Un sacco di guai in una vacanza costellata di colpi di scena soffusa di umorismo inlge. T these are drowned under a flood of irrelevant memories anecdotes I much preferred Diary of a Pilgrimage As followup to the brilliant Three Men on a Boat To Say Nothing of the Dog Jerome K Jerome s three dimwitted Englishmen go on a bike trip to Germany and silliness Pjesme ensues The author reminds me of a Jerry Seinfeld able to see absurdity inveryday life Never mind that it was written in 1900 his comments on bicycling Germans marriage and tourism remain true and make one want to call up friends and force them to listen to you read THE BEST BITS ALOUDFOR EXAMPLE WHEN best bits aloudFor xample when fellow is dreaming of finding the perfect bicycle seat the other tells him You give up that idea this is an imperfect world of joy and sorrow mingled There may be a better land where bicycle saddles are made out of rainbow stuffed with cloud in this world the simplest thing is to get used to something hard Ot in discussing the charms of Stuttgart It has the additional attraction of containing little that one need to go out of one s way to see a medium sized pictures gallery a small museum of antiuities and half a palace and you are through with the ntire thing and can njoy yourself Before our little jaunt into yesteryear I must confess miss the irreplaceable dog and his charismatic presence this seuel to Three Men in a Boat Olta niente barca si va in bicicletta Tre avventurieri pasticcioni pronti a ficcarsi in.

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