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Interest who cares what obscure Frenchies did in the 1980s but if you realize that what he describes is relevant to any group that is pushing discourse outside the Overton Window it becomes uite insightful and potentially useful His first major claimed flaw is that the ND attempted to apply the principles of Antonio Gramsci by achieving dominance of a society s cultural institutions from which is to follow political power but failed to grasp that all such actions must take place within a political frame not just an intellectual one or they are phemeral He specifically objects to the ND s willingness to Let Freedom Reign endorse Third Worldist and pro Islamic positionsvincing post colonial masochism when those were rejected by any normal people likely to be interested in the ND as well as refusing to Alexandria (Marcus Didius Falco, endorse a coherentconomic plan which is something average people demand The ND refused to talk about concrete things that is and preferred abstractions hoping to influence the upper crust of intellectual culture which focus does not lead to powerHis second major flaw is that the ND when censored by those who held the levers of power in the media and the academy as conservatives are today in America did not fight by implementing disorienting and provocative action but rather was complacent Faye says if they had fought if they had sought to launch provoking debates and formulate radical ideas the media would have had to cover them because the media must necessarily attack and hence advertise The Emerald Peacock everything that opposes their system There is some truth to this Exhibit A is Donald Trump On the other hand Exhibit B is the successful blackout of the Sweden Democrats and any facts that would support them such as thatssentially 100% of the very many rapes now committed in Sweden are committed by young immigrant men by the Swedish Little Book of Impressionists establishment As of yesterday we can see that blackout is not suppressing the Sweden Democratsffectively though And Exhibit C is the opening skirmishes by the American Lords of Tech in their formal plan to totally uash all conservative thought on all tech platforms with proof of concept being the total depersoning of Alex Jones I don t think the ND or anyone Tickle Torture else is Donald Trump there is only one for now so I suspect Faye is wrong here and it is not generally true that talent always prevails over censorship when it is accompanied by daring and intelligence It certainly didn t work under Communism and there is no reason to believe that our neoliberal overlords will be any less censorious in the teeth of rising opposition than Communism wasHis third major objection to the ND is their attempt to turn paganism into an actual religion rather than a mere internal feeling to bencouraged This alienated many potential supporters who are sentimentally tied to local traditions by which he means Catholics And paganism as religion was a silly distraction from real concrete political problems which the ND then failed to address in the Ugly Girls eyes of those who could have added to their power Faye s fourth major objection is that contrary to mainline ND thought actually the United States is better regarded as a rival and opponent inimici than as annemy hostes And certainly it is not the case that Africa Asia and Latin America should be viewed as allies of Europe against the Yankees Finally and related to the first claim Faye strongly holds that the ND should be RSVP... Baby ethno nationalist notthno pluralist The immigration of or rather colonization by other cultures is a disaster for Europe and Faye notes is purely one way It creates rapid thno anthropological alteration the rosion of European cultural roots and strong The Cypress Tree economic and social setback leading to poverty andndemic crime These three factual claims are difficult to argue certainly and it s bizarre to think that when Faye wrote the problem was some tens of thousands of alien invaders not the million in a year that Angela Merkel and George Soros have blessed the continent with recentlyThe weeds show up here though Faye has a solution for the problem of thno anthropological alteration which is to deport anyone who s not of European stock including those here for generations To Madagascar Which you will remember was the Nazi idea before they decided on another not that Faye adverts to that dubious historical precedent I suppose this is a common nough historical action and solution there are no Prussians in East Prussia today but whatever your political orientation it s not something most people could countenance nowadays No observant Christian could stomach it certainly You have to hand it to Faye though he does offer internal consistency My stock objection to Doctor Illuminatus even any attempts to limit inbound immigration has been that they are inadeuate unless the desiccated Europeansxperience a renewal of virtue something they appear far from No point in being Japan a homogenous country that will soon be homogenously mpty Faye thinks this problem will solve itself because as part of the coming catastrophes so many people will die and there will be so much violence started by the undesirables no less that mass deportations won t seem like such a big deal and at the same time those catastrophes will bring out and bring back the natural moral fiber of those of European stock pan European from the Bering Strait to Brest the English do not seem to figure Note that he does not say superior moral fiber as with those on the American right who not very convincingly say they are white separatists not white supremacists Faye is careful to never say that any of the forthcoming thnically based megastate blocs of the forthcoming The Preachers Kid ethnically based megastate blocs necessarily better just different One land one people this is what human nature reuires So he skips the problem of convincing people today that deportations are good idea substituting a magic wand of a future time of troubles Which is as I says consistent if not persuasive as suchStillven with the unpleasant taste Faye s program of deportation leaves the reader keeps getting pulled back to the things that Faye says that do make sense It is true unfortunately that very modern multiracial society is actually "Multiracist It Is For "It is for most part true that Islam is an intrinsically conuering theocratic and antidemocratic religion that seeks as General DeGaulle had foreseen to replace ach church with a mosue It is probably true that Islam in the terms of Carl Schmitt is an objective Gangbang Slut enemy he who identifies you as annemy for the very reason that you One Con Glory exist whatever you may do thoughven Faye admits that part of his objection to Islam is that paganism like his own is still less approved of by Islam than Christianity That said Faye was certain that European multiculturalism would collapse by 2008 and yet Europe staggers along so his actual predictions of disaster haven t been proved rightThe problem I think is Faye s identification of culture with Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows ethnic groups While it is a complete myth that Europe has been in any time in the past thousand years the result of significant movements of people it is true that Europe is the result of many influences under the overarching rubric of Christendom Not only is there far lessthnic commonality among Europeans than Faye suggests a strong vibrant culture has a nearly infinite capacity to absorb those from outside without falling into the The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) error of tribal identity politics as long as those allowed in from outside are forced directly or indirectly to conform to the new culture and to mostly abandon their in the case of non Westerners inferior cultures Needless to say modern Left multiculturalism is thexact opposite For Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, example I am sure Faye loves Alexander Pushkin who is as Russian as they come but after all Pushkin s great grandfather was from Cameroon and served the Tsar as a militaryngineer This conformity doesn t have to be a state coerced adoption of a new culture although it could be and probably has to be with massive immigration informal pressures such as the need to adopt the new culture in order to advance in society can work just as well witness the old American melting pot or the gradual adoption of Islam and Islamic culture across the lands conuered by the Arabs Not for Faye though for him the choice is binary and based on A Fairly Honourable Defeat ethnicity by which he means mostly undefined race Which is both foolish and antithetical to the Christian view of all men as brothers that wasssential to making the West what it wasBut Faye can never admit that It cannot be over mphasized how opposed to Christianity Faye is Like Nietzsche he rejects any inherent human dignity and says that love thy neighbor like thyself is an apology for weakness and a pathological form of masculation and self blame He also blames Christianity for suggesting that science should benefit Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue everyone rather than just thelite resulting in despoliation of the planet Although he does not say so directly Faye basically The Man Without a Face envisions the future as pre Christian Scandinavia with rockets having a certain harshness a resolute frankness a taste for pride and honour pragmatism a rejection of all non selective social organizations along with a willingness to use violence Etc Faye seems to forget that for as much as Vikings fascinate us they were a predator society that produced nothing at allxcept awesome sagas They are not a template for civilizational progressThus Faye claims that the Romans xecuted dangerous criminals and the physically or mentally disabled by throwing them off the Tarpeian Rock I don t think this is correct it was traitors primarily The translator notes not infreuently uotations or minor facts that Faye gets wrong because he was working from memory although he does not note that this claim is incorrect I think this slip is revealing though what Faye wants though he only says it here is for the physically or mentally disabled to be killed The Romans did xpose disabled babies a practice Gone (Gone, ended only by Christianity and which has returned today but I have never heard that they killed disabled adults much less by such a dramatic method Faye s future time of blood is really anternity of bloodSo on the details of how we are getting to Archeofuturism As far as the predicted collapse Faye s belief is that we are facing an imminent convergence of catastrophes There is much florid language surrounding this idea such as the century of iron and fire is looming near but the specific alleged causes of this convergence are three First Threads Of The Shroud environmental collapse of unspecified origin but derived ulti. An analysis of the continuing damage being done by Western liberalism political inertia unrestrained immigration andthnic self hatred; and the need to abandon past positions and dare to face the realities of the present in order to realise the ideology of the future He prophesises a series of catastrophes between 2010 and 2020 brought about by the unsustainability of the present world order which he asserts will offer an opportunity to rebuild the West and put Archeofuturism into practice on a grand scale This book is a must read for anyone concerned with the course that the Right must chart in or. .
What ifThis uestion is the premise on which the uncompromising and sharp toned Guillaume formulates his thesis about a not so futuristic post apocalyptic scenario where a new Euroseberian political All Seated on the Ground entitymerges after a series of converging disasters like climate change continental civil war Untitled. epidemics as well as anconomic crisis which all culminate in the collapse of social order as we know it Not a lot of Authors would Wiring even fantasize about crossing the Rubicon of Political correctness in the way Faye does The first roughly 80% of the book is written as a political tractate and an intellectualmbryo for future cultivation precisely what Faye does with his following works published by Arktos while the second one is about a Fictional State Dignitary of the Empire who while on a train ride with an Indian Against All Odds exchange student tells about the cataclysmicvents happening between 2014 2024 and the Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage emergence of the new Euroseberian Empire its Socio Political system as well as its international relationships with the rest of the global powers and what s left of the United States Way Right of Center and applying to some old ideas instead of looking forward There will be those who will love this and those that will hate it Rating 3 out of 5 Stars A mixed bag of nonsense and a few good and interesting ideas Faye s vision of the future is an incredibly fresh reimagining of mid 20th century pan European ideas from a right wing perspective His critiue of his compatriots of GRECE and FN is delivered with some measure of acrimony but an acute sense of necessity Faye s moral structure and cultural relativism are a distinct low point of the overall idea he delivers in the text but he is also keenly self aware of his own ideas and ideological attachments which robs critics of the opportunity to accuse him of any sort of pretensions As with most Arktos translations the piece is thoroughly readable andngaging albeit in terms of content somewhat fantastical in its The DOS expectations and desires Perhaps its greatest strength is the clear recognition of the danger posed by Islam coupled with the clear import of Christianity to European culture something which seems lost on the greater part of the French New Right This is not to say Faye has any sort of developed sense of Christian morality or theology but rather that he has hung close to Charles Maurras not perfect but goodnough for a modernist alliance with Christianity as an indispensable part of all European right wing politics He could benefit from a parallel reading with Hilaire Belloc I sometimes think of my project to pass Reaction through the refiner s fire as beginning with the raw material of a simple stout tree which has grown straight but has many branches My task is to Against All Odds examine and prune those branches and to plane down the tree to its core creating a smooth and solid piece of wood to which can be fitted a forged head a lance of destiny we can call it This book Guillaume Faye s Archeofuturism is one of those branches and today we will lop it off though perhaps some of its wood can be used to fuel the forging furnace That said this book is mostly insane But not completely And if I am being honest it prefigures in part my own preoccupation with a future that combines the politics of Reaction with the technology of tomorrowI had heard occasionally of this book but very vaguely It s well regarded in circles in which I do not travel One can guess this from the short forward by someone named Michael O Meara who beneath his signature lists two vital books he has written one called Toward the White Republic Veryvidently we are not in Kansas any The author is French of course and not of the American scene George Hawley s Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism excellent Right Wing Critics of Conservatism spends uite a bit of time on the European New Right primarily a French phenomenon of the 1970s and 1980s referred to as the Nouvelle Droit with which Faye is connected It s still around but today has little impact and is dying out Its core leader was and is Alain de Benoist and their thought usually features what is to Americanars an odd blend opposition to immigration from outside Europe combined with anti racism declaimed a bit too loudly to persuade their Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils enemies opposition to America viewed as a cultural andconomic Payment Due enemy dislike of the free market and to cap it all off violent opposition to Christianity and anndorsement of various ill defined forms of what is supposed to be paganism but boils down or less to testosterone laced pantheismAll this overlaps it appears with lements of the white nationalist movement in America there really is such a thing although it s tiny and the term itself has been ruined by its use as a propaganda term of abuse and with other European thinkers that are ven farther afield such as Julius Evola the thought of whom Steve Bannon is famously acuainted with to what Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, endxactly is not clear Bannon is at this moment in Europe drumming up support for a new populist right wing coalition yesterday he signed up Matteo Salvini the leader of the Italian League and according to the New York Times the most important politician in Italy today so we have apparently not heard the last of him The Nouvelle Droit is therefore not right in any recognizably American sense and to compound the confusion de Benoist today regards himself xplicitly as a man of the Left and says he would have voted for Bernie Sanders Regardless of where we "CAN PIGEONHOLE THEIR THOUGHT SOME OF IT IS "pigeonhole their thought some it is now in English due to the fforts of Arktos Press started by a Swedish businessman to spread such alt right works a press of which I heard from Hawley and who published the copy of Archeofuturism that I read though the first translations of Nouvelle Droit works into English were done by Telos Press a left wing publishing house Go figure I will note that the translator here did an Turbulence excellent job with the footnotes without them most references tovents and people would be incomprehensible to an AmericanHowever we are not here to survey the Nouvelle Droit but its second most famous member Faye He was one of the original core members of the Nouvelle Droit but he split from them and mostly disappeared from view around but he split from them and mostly disappeared from view around only resurfacing with the publication of this book in 1998 In the meantime he did things like radio comedy acting and starring in pornographic films Like I said go figure Archeofuturism is a set of somewhat disjointed and rambling Tropical Bioproductivity essays but with a solid core of repeated assertion of what Faye believes and why In fact while it is not well organized to convey a coherent message a coherent message nonetheless comes through uite clearly Two men hover over nearlyvery page Friedrich Nietzsche whom Faye seems to regard as the ultimate seer and Carl Schmitt largely for his vision of the Ernstfall Schmitt s thought about how Elizabeth Ann Seton emergencies justify actions by the state that could not otherwise by justified in particular suspension of the rule of law as Mark Lilla has pointed out Schmitt was fond of the Roman practice of temporary dictators though Faye does not mention this specificallyWhat Faye wants at its broadest level is for humanity to recapture the victorious life which is certainly a Nietzschean sounding phrasing The overall frame of the book is a specific rejection of the modern world the catastrophe of modernity This means for Faye the denunciation of all mainstream political thought Left and Right the former is unalloyedvil the latter traditionalism is just neutered weak and stupid Faye insists that what we want and what we will get is a return to archaic and ancestral values while at the same time Die Postmoderne Konstellation envisioning the future as something than a merextension of the present Against modernism futurism Against attachment to the past archaism Archeofuturism is not a set of recommendations for creating a new world though It s like a future history and in fact it Folk Tales From the Soviet Union ends with a long fiction piece looking backward from 2073 Faye is telling us what is certain to happen and what he is trying to do is prepare us for it not really guide or change the future I ll go through it blow by blow but Faye s claims can be boiled down to theirssence as follows First the Ulysses and the Trojan War entire global political andconomic system is going to collapse before 2020 Billions will die Second from the ashes will arise six megastate blocs consisting of Tall, Dark Rich ethnicallyracially similar people Europeans Africans Muslims East Asians North Americans South Americans which will be autarkic as betweenach other and which will contain within them numerous smaller states organized around sub cultures of the culture that characterizes the megastate bloc The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles each of which will have very high degree of autonomy Migration between blocs will not occur though limited travel will Third 90% of the people inach imperial bloc will live like fifteenth century peasants with ra appropriate technology health care and life xpectancy 10% will live awesome techno futurist lives completely separately from the peasants Everybody will be happy in his sphere The Learning to Dance in the Rain end For Faye says this is the natural state of man and striving for any other state is a fool srrandHere also Faye first formally defines Archeofuturism Faye loves neologisms This seems to be a big thing among radical thinkers who think perhaps correctly that using new words avoids constraining thought He cites Foucault for the proposition that words have a crucial importance to state and describe is already to construct The key philosophy that underlies Faye s thought he terms vitalist constructivism Vitalist constructivism is meant to be the opposite of Rebel (The Change, egalitarianism and tombody a Faustian spirit meant as a good thing of progress to Man of Her Dreams (The Enforcers, embody a will to power that stands for an organic and non mechanistic mentality though he defines it at some further length Anyway Archeofuturism is a future society that combines techno scientific progress with a return to the traditional answers that stretch back into the mists of time It is necessary to reconcile Evola and Marinetti the apostle of Italian Futurism and do away with the notion of modernity produced by Enlightenment ideology The problem I face is that when I hear this it that it sounds pretty good It s in the details that we get lost in the weeds and then realize the weeds are nightshadeFaye begins before we talk about the specifics of the future with a longxplanation or apologetic about his relationship and break with the Nouvelle Droit At first this seems of only modest. Archeofuturism an important work in the tradition of the European New Right is finally now available in English Challenging many assumptions held by the Right this book generated much debate when it was first published in French in 1998 Faye believes that the future of the Right reuires a transcendence of the division between those who wish for a restoration of the traditions of the past and those who are calling for new social and technological forms creating a synthesis which will amplify the strengths and restrain the xcesses of both Archeofuturism Faye also provides a critiue of the New Right;.

Summary Archeofuturism

Mately from overuse of permanently limited resources by trying to give veryone a high standard of living Second Little Sister (Sweet Dreams, economic collapse due to an aging population which is caused by anti natalism a function of Left modernity Third destruction of the European social fabric by colonization by immigrants from the South primarily Muslim ones This is both a cultural destruction and a huge increase in crime ultimately leading to urban revolts which will combine withnvironmental and financial collapse to create a firestorm of anarchy and destruction with the ultimate re imposition of order in Europe by local warlords and righteous Russian invasionReview continues as first comment The first half is a diagnosis of Enlightenment thinking The author manages to say nothing that hasn t already been said better by other 20th century philosophers and makes a particularly heinous misreading of Nietzsche s concept of Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n eternal return I managed to grit my and read on until the fourth chapter but decided to abandon thereafter as Faye indulges 12 still bound to the democratic republican participatory paradigm This is a flawed work a deeply flawed work and in some respects a disgraceful one but flawed and disgraceful works have a habit of becoming historically significant despite orven because of their very flaws if their approach or honesty is not matched by staid and respectable writers of the day So it may well prove with this book Faye relishes provocation Faye used to be a member of GRECE the flagship organization of the French New Right The core of Faye s critiue of GRECE today is a major argument in this book and those unfamiliar with the ideologicalhistorical background may be bewildered It is a paradox and one about which Faye is aware in his book that the European New Right in general has failed to make an impact at the very time that the march of N.76 le Mystere de Job et les preuves Initiatiques events might have beenxpected to play into its hands the nd of the cold war the decline of political Manicheanism East versus West the decline of nationalism as a relevant political alternative to liberalism It is as a counter to this and other failings that Faye wrote his ArcheofuturismArcheofuturism and probably like all his books the only other book by Faye which I have read is Nouvel discours la nation urop The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956 enne which has not been translated suffers from coming from the pen of a man at home before a gathering than a keyboard It is unbalanced and paradoxically given the content in some respectsxtremely provincial and theoretical in its approach and design At the same time it owes nothing to the respectability and detachment from reality which can make cowards of many writers This is not to say that the book lacks structure It has a very definite if unorthodox structure It consists of three theses as Faye calls them 1 the Fresh faith end of civilization as we know it owing to what Faye calls a convergence of catastrophes 2 the necessity for revolution notably in the European mindset 3 propositions for the post catastrophic world and the title of his bookxpresses the ssence of Faye s solution An imbalance in this book consists in the importance which Faye attaches to a number of issues which are of phemeral interest and which do not bring us to the core of the issues which Faye seeks to discuss Many of the ideologically dissident statements are astonishingly provincial that is to say caught up with French internal issues which are already out of date and The New Left the Origins of the Cold War even at the time would not have greatly interested many people outside France This book is nothing if not pessimistic albeit out of disastermerges the new and better world this is a core believe of a man who is happy to call himself a revolutionary and a Nietzschean less a clash of civilisations although he seems to write at times in a similar vein to Huntingdon with his view of Islam The Right Hook of Devin Velma especially as a challenge in itself to the hegemony of European civilization than what he terms a convergence of catastrophes Like Huntingdon Faye regards Islam as a single cultural religious political bloc with a anxpansionist will There is no mention at all in this book of the internal divisions among different Mohammedan nations for Faye there La Fleur du Mal exists just one Islamic bloc determined to destroy the European Whatever Faye s strengths nobody will claim that subtlety is one of them To be politically relevant one had to look forward and not back and to adapt to radically changed circumstances GRECE stressed from the beginning the importance of what it called the right to be different arguing less in terms of European superiority than in terms of European uniueness Europe s right to the nurture of its own identity and destiny The greatnemy was seen not so much as military or political threats as such as the forces which sought to attenuate reduce trivialise and ultimately abolish differences The great Graphic Design Rules enemy in this respect was neither Islam nor communism but the American way of Life the manifest destiny to reduce all peoples to consumers whose sole struggles were ones ofconomic competition There is a problem with any non specific assertion of superiority Superiority can only be understood within a frame of reference It is meaningless for Reckless example to claim that a frog is superior in general to a toad but not meaningless at all to claim that a frog is superior to a toad as a swimmer Whilegalitarians and their opponents may uarrel over whether or not one can be superior to another they are uick to forget the Trickster eually important andssential uestion superior in "what respect The multi pluralism of much writing and given by "respect The multi of much writing and speeches given by of GRECE and their supporters in the 1980 s rightly noted an ambiguity in the word without pursuing adeuately the obvious point that superiority of one culture to another makes abundant sense when the terms of reference are properly Killers Prey (Conard County explained That European civilization has been superior in terms of transport to other cultures to take one simplexample is hardly subject to debate Faye spends no time in fleshing out his arguments about superiority and in what respects the European is superior This is a pity because it would provide the book with a stabilising Mr Big effect As it is Faye assures us that he believes the European is superior and rushes on the next point Rights to be different are likely to conflict with the rights of others to be different The right to conflict is therefore the right to survival of identity and it is Faye s point that such a right can only be preserved by those who activelyngage in the politics Faye stresses that GRECE and he willingly includes himself here ignored the reality of the Islamic threat and that Flori în păr ethnopluralism paved the way for an inactive head in the sand response to the long term significance of massive Mohammedan immigration into Europe Like in the Middle Ages or Antiuity the future reuires us tonvisage the Earth as structured in vast uasi imperial unity in mutual conflict or cooperation p77 Seen in this light Faye s admiration for atomic power implied in this work and Kansas State explicitly indicatedlsewhere dramatically in his comic book notre avant guerre where he gleefully depicts a degenerate Europe being destroyed in mushroom clouds and futuristic technology in general is the ghost in the machine of Faye s project However unlike most modernisers Faye does not duck the dilemma of reconciling a world of modern technology with a world of tradition be it racial political or other Faye s solution is what he calls archeofuturism the title of his book and the project to which he believes European revolutionaries and Faye believes we must be revolutionaries to save European civilization and not conservatives the assimilation of the future with the past building a future not as modern or post modern but archeo modern a modernism acutely aware of and with its roots in a deep and profound past There will be a small Sexy Cosplay Anime Girls (Bikini, Military, Scifi Costume, Japanese Import, Asian Babe, Picture Book) (Xena Kai Book 3) elite of rulers with access to the highest forms of modern technology while the majority of less gifted will make do with crude forms of technical accomplishment a completely two tier society in fact This seems difficult to reconcile with Faye sxpressed support for populist initiatives Faye cites the unlikely figure of Peter Mandelson as an archeofuturist without knowing it as someone who has recognised that democracy as we know it from the Mother of Parliaments is tired and no longer able to cope with the challenges which Europea Another Humiliated Husband entry into the mad bastard political theory genre this time combined with the schizo Frenchrraticism that makes jumping from a page about how neoliberalism doesn t work to one about why we need to reopen state brothels to one insisting normies haven t taken REAL drugs and don t understand them make senseI think this might be the most dangerous genre of writing intellectually because it s Warehouse Management extremelyasy to sprinkle in a few names and seem superior You can First although this book is far from perfect it is certainly an important revolutionary work Faye looks to the future of Europe while analyzing what led to failure in the past Faye is also symbiotic of our times openly admitting in the book that he has acted in pornographic films and indulged in hard drugs That being said Faye certainly understands the I Little Slave epidemic diseases that are polluting the Occidental work Archeofuturism is also an important works because Faye covers all aspects of culture from cinema to the self masochistic behavior of modern Europeans Faye has also studied the important works of hisnemies as well as the great minds of the west Archeofuturism also provides an The Stall (Pony In Training eclectic collection of important figuresevents that will give the reader a lead into other important worksEssentially Faye hopes to use the EU when things reach an all time apocalyptic low toventually from a United States of European Long gone are the days of petty disagreements and wars between European nation states If Europe is to survive the colonization of individuals from the South Africans Asiatics THIEME Atlas of Anatomy etc all countries will need to unite and resist Naturally the Slavic nations will play an imperative role in thisArchefuturism is anxcellent work to consume after first reading Yockey s ImperiumIt is ok to look for heroes from the past but when it comes down to it the only thing that really matters is the future Individuals like Faye know this and are forming theories that are practical for today s world Anyways I highly recommend Archeofuturism to anyone that cares about preserving Europe and European cultur. Der to deal with the increasing crises and challenges it will face in the coming decades Guillaume Faye was one of the principal members of the famed French New Right organisation GRECE in the 1970s and '80s After departing in 1986 due to his disagreement with its strategy he had a successful career on French television and radio before returning to the stage of political philosophy as a powerful alternative voice with the publication of Archeofuturism Since then he has continued to challenge the status uo within the Right in his writings arning him both the admiration and disdain of his colleagues. .

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