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So clearly hear while I am reading It is a pretty fun experience Plus he is very funny in an incredibly dark way The other thing he does which I really like is he uses the same Characters In A Lot Of His Stories in a lot of his stories are all set in the same place among the same Group Of Friends So The of friends So the in this collection have some of the guys from Trainspotting including a great story about Begbie coming to his mother s for Christmas dinner Terry Lawson is also in it and he was also tangentially in Trainspotting and much significantly in Glue It s a complete world and a pretty fascinating if horrifying one The stories here are kind of hit and miss some are much better than others but it s always worth the trip ridiculous and super fun I read the whole thing on a plane trip from Durham to San Diego layover Kansas City I didn t even realize the christmas dinner story was about begbie but of COURSE it was i think i am miami was my favorite the whole collection starts off with a real bang with the fault on the line which is so over the top with the completely heinous unbelievable husband and father Also I realized that I missed deciphering the way Irvine Welsh sounds out all unbelievable husband and father Also I realized that I missed deciphering the way Irvine Welsh sounds out all words so ou can really hear the characters It sometimes happens that story collections turn out to be a bit lumpy in the sense that the pieces not always complement each other smoothly This is one of those However each story on its own is great especially the first what a masterpiece I have never laughed so much about such a tragic event It s all in how ou tell it. Ld nemesis under the strobe lights of a Miami Beach nightclub'The stories combine sly humour with the tang of lived experience It makes for a terrific collection showcasing a writer whohas blossomed into one of the most distinctive and distinguished observers of British life' Sunday Telegra. ,

D Terry is made all the by the reappearance of their former nemesis Mr Black from their schooldays He s not uite the imposing figure that he used to be in fact by the end of his story ou ll just want to give him a hug Extremely entertaining collection Like many others I was a Welsh obsessive as a mid 90s teenager many of the pieces collected here are welcome reminders of the thrill I experienced first reading him Only one The Rosewell Incident is a misstep hated it back in 96ish when I first read it and it hasn t improved with age But the rest were gross vulgar energetic A delight How do people who are not Scottish or brought up in Scotland manage without a glossary Some of the truncated rhyming slang Would Be Impossible To Guess Eg The be impossible to guess eg the is hampden roar scotland s national football stadium and therefore means score zorba zorba the greek seek how some say the word sick how someone would figure that out i cannot imagineGod i feel guilty whenever i laugh at something the psychos within say or do But Zu schnell you know the hampden with welch seek bastard that he is This book was great I ve become a huge fan of Welsh and I really enjoyed these newold stories involving various characters in his universe The novella at the end I am Miami is like a seuel to both Porno and Glue Juice Terry is one of Welsh s best characters and I found this new adventure of his to be very entertaining I am a committed Irvine Welsh fan I think what he does with the Scottish dialect is incredibly creative I have never read another author who I could. Levised Hibs v Hearts game than his wife's life and see two guys fighting over a beautiful girl agree after a few pills and pints of lager that their friendship is actually important Andou will be delighted to welcome back 'Juice' Terry Lawson and to watch what happens when he meets his ,
A reeking heap of a treasure Excellent collection of short stories Of course I Am Miami was my favorite 26100 2018 Reading ChallengeI am a sucker for my favourite authors plus even attempted unbiased interviews have bias creeping through This was a reread the highlights "are definitely the Begbie story the Juice Terry one I tend to lean towards the returning characters Yet " definitely the Begbie story the Juice Terry one I tend to lean towards the returning characters Yet rest are still enjoyable classic IW If Sleepless (Bird of Stone, you re a big fanou can t go wrong here Welsh is back It s time for me to blather aboot this eminently readable collection of Welsh s short stories spanning from 1994 2000 AND WHAT A CRACKER IT IS what a cracker it is in Welsh s typical vernacular complete with his idiosyncratic sense of spelling and grammar Reheated Cabbage captures with his idiosyncratic sense of spelling and grammar Reheated Cabbage captures essence of Welsh s early writing in a fantastic collection of short stories which cover everything from pills and pals to aliens addicted to Embassy cigarettes who ve learned the niceties of human culture from a Scottish geezer who s hiding out from the police on board their shipThere s death too of course the collection starts with the story of a man who s so keen to catch the Hibs vs Hearts game that he leads his wife into the path of an oncoming train and ou can expect to witness the death of a junkie in the sad surroundings of a Scottish house partyBut above all else Reheated Cabbage offers ou a chance to catch up with old friends whether ou re eating Christmas dinner with Begbie or ou re catching up with Juice Terry and Carl N Sign Ewart in MiamiMeeting up with a middle aged Carl an. Hilarious shocking and hugely entertaining Reheated Cabbage has all the classic Irvine Welsh ingredientsIn Reheated Cabbage ou can enjoy Christmas dinner with Begbie and discover how aliens addicted to Embassy Regal have Midlothian under surveillance You will meet a husband who values a te. Reheated Cabbage