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Er than the works of most authors This was I believe the last book Godden Wrote Before She Died Knowing before she died Knowing I found her loving description of India where she was lived for so much of her childhood and young adulthood uite moving Surely this book was her farewell kiss for the country she loved so I liked t but Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 it really felt like a shell of a book a plan that never got finished It could have been three times longer without any change to the plot and I would ve enjoyedt The characters and story felt kind of caricature sh very single faceted and not cared about Why for nstance were the EARRINGS MICHAEL BOUGHT DESCRIBED IN SUCH DETAIL AND LATER Michael bought described n such detail and later over by other characters and then we never even find out f the recipient liked them or even got them It just felt a bit sloppy It would have been a wonderful book Wicked Loving Lies ift were up to scratch Rumer Godden writing Picked La heredera del mar it up on a free shelf I don t know why was expecting something good but REALLY don t know why read the whole thing when t was evident from the first chapter what was getting nto to wit a regular old mystery with a dashing yet proper young hero spiced with delicious exotic colonial orientalism Duh the capable entrancingly beautiful well dressed woman s the love Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One interest and the mastermind thief She had a bad childhood And LOVE makes her confess Blergh If I had no other reason to read this book I would have readt because Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) its a sort of flip side to Godden s previous novel Coromandel Sea Change And I really do love Rumer Godden whose books I have been reading since I learned to read f you haven t read her children s novels you should Your life will become less joyless when you do Anyway Same background some of the same charactersbut a very different Same background some of the same charactersbut a very different This s a tightly written fast moving beautiful noveland Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time it made the Hindu faith breathe for me I ll sayt again A beautiful beautiful novel. Tish police Insisting the statue was not stolen Mr Cromartie takes the case to court and a legal battle ensues Michael Dean a leading young lawyer One Wild Weekend is sent from London to assume the case for the defense the Indian government There hes Forgetful of Their Sex instantly captivated by Artemis an enchanting and graceful archaeologist staying at the hotel who proves to be as elusive as the mystery of the theft hes nvestigati. Cromartie Vs the God Shiva

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A pleasant read and lighter than the other things I ve been reading but a little disappointing for F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby its a very slight story sometimes almost pat compromised by unsubtle characterization I WENT IN EXPECTING TO LOVE THIS in expecting to love this I have every other Godden novel I ve read She writes well but this seemed to lack her usual magic DisappointingWhile I always enjoy Rumer Godden s writing I was disappointed n this her final book I had just finished The Coromandel Coast a marvelous piece of work
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of continuing the journey familiar characters t felt like treading a hard path through the same territory I recognized entire phrases taken directly from Coromandel It was a perfunctory job at best The plot was convoluted and the ending came too abruptly Stick to her other books written when she was younger Then you can t miss Rumer Godden Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany is one of my favorite writers so when I suddenly found myself having deja vu during parts of the book thatnvolved the Patna Hotel and ts staff I thought I must have read t before But the feeling didn t persist and I discovered a plot line that was very new At the end of the book the author explained that Cromartie vs the God Shiva s a Siamese twin with Coromandel Sea Change and that book the author explained that Cromartie vs the God Shiva s a Siamese twin with Coromandel Sea Change and that scenes Tempting Fate in the book are exactly the same Neat I enjoyed Cromartie but I didn t thinkt was written as well as Coromandel or Godden s other books Still t s a decent mystery One Giant Leap involving very well drawn characters Its based on a true story about an Indian god that was stolen sold and eventually sent to a museum More enjoyable than the last one of Godden s books that I read Pippa Passes but not up to the standard I remember of her earlier books However I read them a long time ago and perhaps I wouldn t enjoy them so well nowPretty Apocalyptic Cartography implausible plot but heyt was a uick read A novel about stolen art Right up my alley A twelfth century bronze Nataraja lifte. With a magical story about art love and greed Rumer Godden returns to India the country that has nspired many of her greatest works Set n London and on south India's shimmering Coromandel coast the story s based on a real case that happened ten years ago concerning the ownership of a priceless bronze statue An entrancing modern day morality tale Cromartie v the God Shiva Acting Through the Governm. .
D from a Coromandel Coast hotel s at the center of the plot Godden based this on a true story she clipped from the newspaper The author s descriptions of India are always lyrical but here alas her characters seem paper thin And not to spoil things I ll just say that the denouement Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven is unconvincing and somehow both melodramatic and wooden Well that was a bit of a let down I ll preface this review with a couple of disclaimers thiss by no means Rumer Godden s best work I feel like I can state that fairly uneuivocally although I ve actually only read The Greengage Summer prior to this but I ADORED t and I m just going to overlook this one and carry on reading her earlier works which sound fab she s fairly open n a post script to the story about the fact that whole passages are duplicated from some of her other novels So from the outset you kind of know that the writer s heart sn t really n the story and my goodness t shows The writing abounds with cringe y cliches there s an excruciatingly toe curling albeit mercifully very brief sex scene and n fact all of the passages dealing with seduction and romance feel so formulaic and predictable with a lot of reliance all of the passages dealing with seduction and romance feel so formulaic and predictable with a lot of reliance just feeling drawn to someone and just feeling compelled I suspect to avoid having to produce any detailed characterisation To be honest everything feels a bit rushed characters feel like jigsaw puzzles with some weirdly specific details ncluded but other useful or pertinent pieces left out That said some of the descriptions of the Coromandel coast n particular the references to the sea and to the Hotel where the protagonist stays are beautiful and so evocative and I ll be very excited to read Coromandel Sea Change and The Peacock Spring I just Think This Book Would Have Benefitted From this book would have benefitted from extended and developed Not perhaps Godden s best work but still excellent Even her lesser works are light years bett. Ent of India A Love To Remember is also at heart a touching love story The story opens with the discovery that a revered eleventh century statue of the Hindu god Shiva has gone missing from the old fashioned Patna Hall hotel It ends upn the hands of a Canadian art dealer Mr Cromartie who takes Her Stolen Past (Family Reunions it to London to be appraised by one of the world's chief specialistsn Oriental antiues only to find Fear of Diversity: The Birth of Political Science in Ancient Greek Thought itmpounded by the Bri.