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The Kiss A MemoirDenial once twice okay a few times and her admission mirrors my thoughts when I refuse to believe the truth times and her admission mirrors my thoughts when I refuse to believe the truth C I m frightened I want to avoid contemplating the enormity of what we re doing an act that defines me that explains who I am because in it is all the hurt and anger and hunger of my past and in it too is the future It s anger that frightens me most I sleep to escape my rage So those feelings she can remember in vivid detail but the feelings that accompany penetration have vanished completely And the peace de resistance sleep to escape my rag Not at him but at my mother To avoid owning a fury so destructive that I would take from her what brief love she has nown because she has been so unwilling for so long to love me just a little The other of my anger is

myself at her 
AT HER don t give a flying fuck if her mother was an abusive crack whore which she wasn t The affair between Kathryn and Daddy Dearest started when she was 20 years old her mother did not instigate their affair in fact her mother suspects something is going on between her daughter and ex husband so she takes Kathryn to speak with a psychiatrist Oops one She gets to the point without preamble I think they re having sex she says The doctor turns to me his eyebrows raised and I lie as I have never lied before or since I m a bad liar generally but on this afternoon wearing what I m wearing I am brilliant It just looks bad I tell him I now why she s worriedBut it s just that I falter See I never new my fatherI m going through a stage like all little girls just later than most I pause at exactly the right moments My performance is so good that I m frightened Is my personality so unformed that putting on a dress is enough to change it Or is this shameless sexual purple clad girl someone I can t imagine as a friend a part of me She s right I say nodding I am in love with him but it I m not I d never I wouldn t do that The doctor looks at me sitting before him in my vulgar dress and he believes me I Les Cendres de la victoire: Honor Harrington, T9 know it Does this sound like a 20 something victim to you I found the memoir as a whole to be rather distorted I m still uncertain if Kathryn lost her virginity when she was 17 to a dildo or to her father Mrs Harrison s recollection of events are in no particular order and we are arely given dates so I had no idea how old Kathryn was when incidents took place I do have a few opinions but I feel like I m teetering the line towards assholism so I m going to stop while I m still considered a respectful reviewer I hope Special thanks to Carla Ashlee and Lucy for listening to me talk shit vent via phone text and personal message Hey I never said I was an angel MWAH Kinda creepy to craft your own shame into MFA style writingLike theiss is the first tongue Maria Callas a Greek Myth B kiss her dad gives her which becomes a neat poetic catalyst and central event brought throughout the narrative Rather than a thing that makes you go EWWWWWWWWW EWWWWWW EWWWW right I found an example uote In years to come I ll think of theiss as a El almacén de las palabras terribles kind of transforming sting like that of a scorpion a narcotic that spreads from my mouth to my brain Theiss is the point at which I begin slowly inexorably to fall asleep to surrender volition to become paralyzed It s the drug my father administers in order that he might consume me That I might desire to be consumed It s just not the time or place for well crafted aloof sentences of pontification Even creepier that it s some chosen turning point or denouement Like what did that shortlist look likeSimilarly she rambled a bit about touching baby ittens before they were ready to be touched and they get their eyes infected and she s milked this one moment because no lady s memoir is complete without a bit of random symbolic animal torture Isn t there a bit in Cheryl Strayed s memoir about shooting a horse I skipped it because I could feel how much it was trying to make me cry Is that what they teach them at the Iowa Writer s Workshop Hey Kath loved this first draft but did you ever hurt a small animal in your youth You could really make this chapter popSo as I say the creepiest thing about this book is how it s been constructed Kathryn Harrison was a pretty big deal in the 1990s At the time she d written three literary novels Of these three one was about a sexual relationship between a father and his grown biological daughter Another was about a woman whose father a famous photographer had taken inappropriate pho Somewhere out there in the South a retired ex minister a great Don Juan who was told by God personally to fuck his own emotionally needy daughter and God nows who else he was a children s missionary overseas after all. Er draws my face toward his own He touches his lips to mine I stiffen I am frightened by the iss I now it wrong and its wrongness is what lets me now too that it is a secre. .

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G candles He asks that we cherish the Memory My Grandfather Who of my grandfather who during the feast of lights that for him we go forth brightly as possible and make our lives those of illumination not of darkness I am currently in mourning for my mother and father As I move forward I will remember her words and make my own life a life of illumination not of darkness Thank you Kathryn This is a bold fearless extremely well written but given the material I cannot say I really liked the book On writing merit alone Harrison has five stars from me Her writing structure choice of words really the lack of words causes this to be the most in your face honest confession I Truly Admire Her For Writing Publishing Her Story I truly admire her for writing publishing her story I t say that lightly like others do for almost any memoir because with her children husband this was uite a brave move The father of course is a pastor He is clearly fcked for doing this Further he has sex with her for the first time in his mothers Harrison s grandmothers home He then proceeds to have sex with her in the church Of course What is it with these religious should I say religious men It is again very well written Harrison doesn t hide from the truth She doesn t use the victim card like most would in her position though she would not be completely wrong if she had She doesn t take a wholly innocent position in regard to her love affair sexual escapades with her father What makes this worse is that she new exactly what she was doing although obviously clouded by various familial relationships etc She was twenty years old when this love affair began Essentially she is saying that it was some complicated way she used unknown to herself at the time to exact revenge on her mother the person she loves the most in the world but failed to give her the love she deserved as a girl The fact that she sits in the same room as her mother father all three of them nowing although not voicing the fact that both women are having sexual relations with Harrisons father is truly appalling Harrison in the interview at the end of the book says this She says she is still shocked by her past appalled Thus I cannot say I actually liked reading the book because I didn t It was actually a little hard for me to read it straight through as I found myself so offended by the story but as this is the truth I whole heartedly support Harrison telling her story We now that this occurs in this world the fact that someone so successful beautiful who has a family now is willing to share her exceptionally well written account without using the Poor me Victim card is pretty much all I need to say NO RATING Hmm where do I begin Believe it or not I AM a cautious reviewer I do not wish to offend dismiss nor ignore Mrs Harrison or any authors feelings for that matter We are all human beings and words can be universally hurtful stepping down from my soap box With that being said I am going to try and state my opinions the best way I can without channeling my inner assholeHere goes While I commend Mrs Harrison s bravery in sharing such a difficult time in her life her memoir left me confused and struggling to characterize her as a victim Why the uncertainty Great uestion As it just so happens I highlighted the passages that puzzled meExhibit A In years to come I won t be able to remember even one instance of our lying together I ll have a composite generic memory I ll Awakening Ariella James An Abriya Clarence Series Spin off Book 1 know that he was always on top and that I always lay still as still as if I had in truth fallen from a great height I ll remember such details as the color of the carpet in a particular motel room or theind of tree outside the window That he always wore his socks and that I wore whatever I could I ll remember every tiny thing about him I will be able to close my eyes and see the pattern of hair that grew on the backs of his hands the mole on his cheek the lines each one of them at the corners of his eyes This sounds like photographic memory rather than generic Exhibit BBut I won t be able to remember what it felt like won t or can t No matter how hard I try pushing myself to inhabit my past I ll recoil from what will always seem impossible Asleep There s the cottony somnolence of my days There s the little trick of selective self anesthesia that leaves me awake to certain things and dead to others There are drugs and alcohol and there is food too much or too little with which to bludgeon the senses Over time I make use of each of these and perhaps others of which I am still not aware Sleep in response to unbearable desire I have learned this from my mother Now I m no expert on the human psyche nor have I suffered from selective self anesthesia but I ve been in. Ber who Not my mother I'm young enough that I take the words to mean he has magical properties and that he is good better than other people With his hand under my chin my fath. .
The Kiss is one of the few books that I can find within the subject of consensual incest yet the author seems unaware consensual incest yet the author seems unaware she fits this category It is as if she isn t twenty years old but five and indeed the way the book is written I would tend to agree She leaps around her lifetime with no discernible pattern Sometimes she is young sometimes the relationship is over and it was incredibly hard to followWe now that the author has control issues because she reveals that she has anorexia which often follows a sense of control loss She tries to vilify her father for entering into loss She tries to vilify her father for entering into relationship with her though from the way it comes across I don t think that she ever indicated to him that it wasn t what she wanted She just sort of goes along with everything so he must have thought himself very lucky The incest itself is biological only since she was not raised by him and only met him a few times before they started their affair So it is hard to imagine her being taken advantage of by him as a father since she has only nown him as an acuaintance Any adult relationship has the potential of being emotionally abusive which is what she claims this was for her but if it was it seems to have been caused by her own hang ups than any actions on his part She is such a head case by the time she is twenty that I think practically any relationship she entered into would have been detrimental Yawn Admittedly she didn t have the best childhood but on the other hand she grew up in a stable household with her grandparents enough money education etc And I don t buy that her father manipulated her into a relationship She was 20 years old she could make her own choices at that point especially when it involved voluntarily travelling long distances to meet him Not that I was looking for details yuck but I also don t buy that she doesn t remember any of the times that she had sex with himI didn t find this memoir disturbing or harrowing in the least just pointless A very disturbing book in its taboo subject matter fatherdaughter incest The Kiss is an incredibly honest and well written memoir As a therapist reading such a sad dysfunctional narrative I couldn t help but feel a sense of deju vuthe narrative of The Kiss paralleling those of similar stories I ve heard within the office walls of client sessions over the years Tragic that this incest happens than society is aware Power control and shame are a potent formula for instilling secrecy in the trauma survivor Finding the words to express the unspeakable to anyone is daunting enough whether telling a trusted family member friend or even a therapist Kathryn Harrison goes above and beyond blowing the reader out of the water with her courage to make a traumatic experience public nowledgeand in the process conveying both a sense of hope and resiliency for incest survivors everywhere Update This book was brought to my attention this morning Have others read it This is a book I d re read again today I always wondered why I never saw great novels from this author d re read again today I always wondered why I never saw great novels from this author way she wrote this book I was hanging onto every word This is an older book I still remember it clearly I still own it It s one of those books that you can t put down yet when you are finished you re not sure what the hell you should tell others Not the type of book I like to rate It s very well written extremely engaging I also think it s a test to the reader to see if their own judgments of the content will get in the way of really just hearing the story the author has to tell Thought Provoking to say the least This book was difficult to read The subject of incest is torturous but Harrison s writing was beautiful exuisitely distinctive Some critics said she was a fully grown adult when the affair began She was twenty and had an eating disorder that diminished her breasts and stopped her period She had not seen her father since she was ten and even then it was brief She was a child Having had no father daughter relationship with him she had to be even childlike in his presence Though she was not technically a child she was his childHer father asserted that their relationship was different unlike that of any other father and daughter It was indeed different because he was monstrous My heart broke again and again for Kathryn Harrison as I read this book Part of me worries that to this day she might not realize how innocent she was Despite the tragedy of her story with it Harrison gave us a beautiful gift It has been an especially timely gift for me as I read it Her real transformation came at the death of her grandfather She writes The service takes place just after Hanukkah and the rabbi reminds us of lightin. We meet at airports We meet in cities where we've never been before We meet where no one will recognize us A man of God is how someone described my father to me I don 't remem.