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Ere incorrect throughout the book But maybe my pedantry from fact that I am a Linguistics graduate and so I don t think anyone should be put buying Linguistics and so I don t think anyone should be put off buying book if they are a little interested in strange wordsIt is a very humorous book and a wonderful insight into other cultures Despite its flaws I would recommend it Although I didn t read all of it it s a really funny book from which you will learn a lot of funny words and all kinds of languages words that you will probably never use I wish there was a way of remembering verything I wanted to I started taking notes at the beginning but I gave up pretty soon Unfortunately the last third when you re really pissed by its length is subjectively speaking the most interesting This book is a combination of the 3 books by this author and is basically a hodge podge of uniue words or phrases that we have us. Illuminating words and xpressions that will improve absolutely verybody's uality of life All they need is this bookThis bumper volume gathers all three of Adam Jacot de Boinod's acclaimed books about language The Wonder of Wh. ,
Ed over the course

of human xistence 
human xistence their origins One of the books is foreign phrases which were difficult to read since I didn t know how to pronounce the words I think having the pronunciation next to the words or phrases would have been a little helpful but would have been Threads Of The Shroud even like a dictionary than it already wasCute and informative tho I don t rate Jacot de Boinod as a writer He s sort ofnthusiastic about language but seems a bit under informed Lots of the words in the book already have an English word for the concept like giving someone a look that tells them you re annoyed As IN LEERING OR SCOWLING SOME OF leering Or scowling Some of linguistic terms he uses are misused tooThe thing is I read it cover to cover I actually put it down went for a job interview then came back and picked it up again Glad I ve only loaned it from the library though because I can give it back. Iffling The Meaning of Tingo and Toujours Tingo their fans include veryone from Stephen Fry to Michael Palin their fans include veryone from Stephen Fry to Michael Palin one highly ntertaining keenly priced compendium As Mariella Frostup said 'You'll never be lost for words again'.

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I Never Knew There Was a Word For It