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The Name Jar1 Text to Self This story reminded me a lot of when I went to college for my undergraduate degree and there was a large group of Hmong students from Minnesota who also came to attend our small liberal arts college One of the students I came to know fairly well just asked us to call him A as in the letter Just like in this story with Unhei wanting to choose a different American name because she thought her name was too hard to Love Unexpected Unexpected pronounce A just settled on choosing something that he knew others would be able toronounce I always wondered what his full Hmong name was but he never said It seemed to be very ersonal to him and I wondered what might have happened

During His Public School 
his ublic school for him to be so بحر الفوائد المشهور بمعاني الأخبار protective of it2 The students who read this book will be exposed to theerspective of coming into a school with a uniue ethnic name and how that can be a challenge Students may not realize that when they make such a big deal about a name or laugh even if not maliciously about the sound of a name or word that is important to somebody else especially something as important as a name it can have a lasting effect on that To the Eastern Seas (Kydd Sea Adventures person s confidence andride in their heritage Unhei had a very difficult experience on the bus to school with kids their heritage Unhei had a very difficult experience on the bus to school with kids about her name Zarlah the Martian pronouncing it in funny ways and turning it into silly chants or funny rhymes I think it is also important for our students to realize that these students on the bus were not necessarily intent on making her feel bad They were certainly being insensitive but mostly because they were notutting themselves in her shoes We always need to measure our words and actions carefully because one careless word can destroy another erson in an instant It was wonderful to see that a kind boy and class eventually helped Unhei embrace her name despite her initially wanting to choose a name for herself3 Remembering When did Unhei decide to choose a different name for herselfUnderstanding How would you describe Joey from the storyApplying If you had met Unhei on the bus the first day what uestions would you have asked herAnalyzing How would you compare Unhei s name to the other names in the jarEvaluating What is your opinion on how Unhei s teacher handled her first day of school Could he have done better Why or why notCreating If everyone in your class was given a Korean name using a name finder website that tells the meaning of names tell what name you would give five eople from your class and why Remember we are working on building others up just as Unhei needed to be built up so the names you choose should reflect this Names are important in all cultures but they take a Farm at the End of the Road particularly higher level of meaning foreople who are immigrants from countries that make the racial minority Discursos de sobremesa pool of the USI loved how Unhei Youn Hye eventually came to terms with the value of her name and by default her identity The story was written straight to theoint without any flourishes or unnecessary explanations You feel the way she gets hurt when other children couldn t be bothere. The new kid in school needs a new name Or does sheBeing the new kid in school is hard enough but what about when nobody can ronounce your name Having just moved from Korea Unhei is anxious that American kids will like her So instead of introducing herself on the first day. ,

D to learn to Bold Seduction The Hornsby Brothers pronounce her name and taking it as far as teasing her Then you feel her surprise and joy when other children showed her they actually cared than I suspect she expectedAs an adult and immigrant in the US I related to this book on so many levels it actually brought back some uncomfortable memories related toeople s reaction to my name This is definitely A Book I Would book I would to own Cute children s book I m not sure where I saw this title but I like to read children s books occasionally The story is a good way to help children learn about other cultures Neat illustrations too I love to read books that students can learn about cultural diversity stories that will spark the reader s curiosity to ask uestions about the real world Also books that teach about tolerance in the classroom and outside the classroom So when I read The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi I thought what an awesome book to read aloud to my students on the first day of class As a teacher this book gives me an opportunity to have conversations with my students about welcoming new students into the class community and being sensitive toward students from a different country Choi is an International Reading Association s Children s Book Award winner and is known for her beautiful story illustrations This realistic fiction is recommende Moving to the United States from foreign land will always be frightening and terrifying New customs and a new language everything is so different And that s exactly how Unhei felt on her first day of school Completely embarrassed by her name that she told the other students that she didn t have a name Instead of bullying they made a name jar for her filled with slips of Closing the Asylum Mental Patient in Modern Society paper with new and exciting names In the end stick with what you got Don t let anyone change you be who you are and regret nothing It s always better to be uniue and different Being the same is boring Second Book in the Text Set second read aloudOpeningTeacher Good morning everyone Let s start today by taking a look at our culture map simple but large world map hanging near reading circle The main character in today s story journey comes from Korea Please stay seated and with the help of just your eyes and yourair share al try to locate Korea on the map When you think you have it give me on the map When you think you have it give me thumbs up On the count of three let s oint our fingers in the direction of Korea I count to three and cheer on all those correct Fool Moon points I am going to mark Korea on our map with our mini book cover stick smallrinted cover on map Now whisper the answer to my next uestion into your hand and hold it closed tight This week we are working on making On the count of three throw it at me123 students throw answer out of their hands and yell the answer Students CONNECTIONS Teacher Yes we are making connections As I read be thinking about ways you can connect the story to yourself other books and the world We will make stops along our journey to chat along the wayOpening MovesMy opening moves consisted of activating thinking by drawing attention to the se. Of school she tells the class that she will choose a name by the following week Her new classmates are fascinated by this no name girl and decide to help out by filling a glass jar with names for her to The Procedures of Love pick from But while Unheiractices being a Suzy Laura or Amanda one. Tting I also invited students to make connections our LA standard focus for the theme I reminded them of our theme focus by asking them to look for and recall information by roviding a Las 7 Leyes Universales De La Creación: Domina el arte de crear tu propia realidad. (Spanish Edition) physical responseRationaleThe rationale for this book fitserfectly with our theme of family in a historical and The Practice of Public Relations personal context It also mirrors the topics of the other books in the text set The Name Jar beautifullyortrays a young Korean girl trying to maintain her cultural identity while trying to fit into her new home It must be so difficult to grow up in a culture not your own This book is about a Korean family that moves to the US and this little girl is trying to figure out her name On the bus to school boys tease her when they can t Sumario de Derecho Procesal Penal Puertorriqueno pronounce her name and she is embarrassed The teacher asks her name and she says she does not know Unhei is different but not that different So the studentsut names into a jar so she can El periquillo sarniento pick a new name but through therocess she decides to keep her name which means grac Charming story of a newly arrived immigrant to the USA a Korean girl and her uest to fit in by choosing an American name What name will Unhei choose The first day of school is hard for anyone because of all its strangeness but this icture book about a girl from Korea depicts how much harder it is for someone new to this country or whose name different from the names of her classmates When she introduces herself to the other children on the school they make fun of her name mispronouncing it and making jokes Thus Unhei decides not to reveal her name to her classmates instead she lans to adopt an American name from the jar of names her classmates fill with suggestions Still Unhei takes comfort from a gift from her grandmother when she left Korea a wooden block with her name carved in it When she decides to keep her own name she explains her reasons why to her classmates and teacher The softly colored illustrations and text raise many discussion uestions and food for thought about cultural identity names and roper behavior toward anyone new to a classroom The Name Jar was a good story to share in the rimary grades articularly at the beginning of the school year It was about a girl whose family had just moved from Korea to America and she was attending her first day of school Initially she was teased about her name by kids on the school bus and then became intimidated about sharing her name with her classmates It also made her feel embarrassed about being different than the other kids Unhei learned that her classmates were a much kinder groups of kids And They Immediately Made they immediately made feel welcomed and comfortable with sharing her name and some of her culture This was a delightful story that would help to make any child feel comfortable about coming to a new school articularly if there are cultural and racial differences It displayed the warmth and welcoming spirit that could be created in a classroom environment and would be a great resource for a teacher starting the year with a diverse group of students. Of her classmates comes to her neighborhood and discovers her real name and its special meaning On the day of her name choosing the name jar has mysteriously disappeared Encouraged by her new friends Unhei chooses her own Korean name and helps everyone Desert Royal pronounce it Yoon

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