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Cted and Latin botanical names are used confusing this truly amateur gardener Plenty of people neighbors are introduced as the Eldridges settle into their new neighborhood providing ample opportunities for future mysteries And Bill s undercover ob for the State Department is another tangent for storylines A teenage daughter at home and another at college further the possibilities But about this murderLesson 1 don t collect other homeowners bags of leaves You might get than you bargained for body parts not as uickly biodegradable as leaves In

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this first the series was setting up many subseuent possibilities and the immediate storyline was a bit short shrifted I have to say I am torn between two or three stars The thing I dislike is knowing who the killer is and the storyline going back and forth from killer to heroine Invisible (The Curse of Avalon just lost interest I love the Gardening aspect of the book but to be honest it s hard to write a review when I got lost as some points and the storylineust did not catch me I found myself rereading some pages Louise is a likable character but idk maybe reading it on kindle is different than a hard copy Good effort for a first novel The story was a little shallow for *me but held my interest well enough for a vacation read I liked this book *but held my interest well enough "for a vacation read I liked this book the style of writing was different for meI will " a vacation read I liked this book the style of writing was different for meI will the next in series to see if I get into it better than this time around. Yellow police tapeAnd Louise cultivating the rich and restless wives of the neighborhood and their hothouse secrets must find out who has gone missing For only then can she root out a rare species of killer who could soon be digging her grave.


First in series of gardeningmystery books Like the read setting in Leafy VA suburbs of DC Establishment family of Louise Bill with daughters Jane Martha Escapist reading into a world of characters up down the socio economic scale yet there is a simplicity in the main characters their way of lifeThe murder in this book was too grisly and awfully described for my reading pleasure If you re up for a light read this late spring and summer Ann Ripley s Gardening Mysteries are the cozies for you In Mulch she introduces us to Louise Eldridge and her family They moved to a ritzy Washington DC neighborhood from Bethesda Maryland They make waves and new friends while Bill works for the government and Louise is an organic gardener and freelance writer When they discover body parts in mulched garden bags her family s under suspicion But one of their neighbors has in it *FOR THEM TO KEEP IT UIET LOUISE S DAUGHTER *them to keep it uiet Louise s daughter has a crush on a local neighbor s kid This is a uick and easy read with a delightful gardening mystery 1 in the Louise Eldridge series Very good series debut with an appealing main character and organic gardening as the series hook This first entry does an excellent ob of using the organic gardening in a logical way to uncover the crimeLouise Eldridge is settling her family into their new northern Virginia home in the neighborhood where Peter Hoffman a candidate for undersecretary of. Rooting out a killer can dig you a grave Amateur gardener and housewife Louise Eldridge has big plans for her family's new Sylvan Valley home situated among the flower of suburban Washington DC society Some Japanese iris here some skunk cabbag. Defense lives Louise an organic gardener collects bags of leaves from her neighbors curbsides to fill in a low spot Concurrently Peter realizes he must *jettison his mistress in order to stay i I don t know what I expected *his mistress in order to stay i I don t know what I expected gardener Louise and her spygovernment worker husband Bill move into their new home near DC It s a mix of neighbors that they easily settle in with until Louise in her eco desire to reuse the neighbors bagged leaves as mulch in her yard happens to find some neatly wrapped #Body Parts In The Debris Teenage Daughter #parts in the debris Teenage daughter and neighbor boy Chris set out to do a
bit of sleuthing 
of sleuthing notice a few irregularities around the hood Suave and sinister the dismemberer raises red flags galore but how and why A uick read with good writing but little in surprise I like Louise and look forward to reading about her again Mulch by Ann Ripley is the first book in the gardening mystery series Organic gardener Louise Eldrick has collected several bags of oak leaves to fill in a low area on their new property and when she starts to spread the mulch she finds body parts in amongst the leaves This is not your typical mystery as we are told from the start who the murderer is It is an introduction to Louise and her family and how they get caught up in the murder It was still an interesting and uick light read which didn t involve any brain work to solve the crime It wasn t as cozy as I expe. E thereand her own cozy cabin for her horticultural writings But barely has she turned the topsoil when her organic mulching unearths the unidentifiable remains of a murder victim Suddenly her elegant garden is a crime scene blighted by garish.
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Mulch By Ann Ripley

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