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Uvoir s own experiences during the German invasion and occupation of France in World War II According to Wikipedia Simone herself thought the book had somewhat thin characterisation of France in World War II According to Wikipedia Simone herself thought the book had somewhat thin characterisation suffered from an overly didactic approach Partly wish I d read this statement prior to reading this novel as I had a hard time connecting with the charactersThe story also suffers from a too abrupt switch from the existentialist theme that both our actions and inactions affect other people and our personal responsibility for the conseuences to a stronger focus on the relationship between Helene and Jean Blomart A thought provoking worthwhile read though with a particularly evocative section on living in Occupied France and the nascent french resistance Recommended Ultimately a satisfying story although the disjointed narrative techniue ets some etting used to At first you it feels like you missed a page or a paragraph also it may sound strange but every sentence matters and you need to read with care An austere The Blood of Others is a startlingly evocative demonstration of the struggles of France leading into the Nazi invasion and armistice It delves deeply into the problems with class political power and philosophical disassociation of the time while also managing to paint a heartrending but hopeful image of love Simone de Beauvoir digs so deep into the psychology of her characters that at times it feels indecent At times the characters act irrationally even despicably at a few moments in search of an end which is not always noble Yet the reader can t be angry at them because the reader understands that it was the only thing they could doToo often books which take place in this setting are written by Americans who have no relationship to the culture and the history that caused the attrocities Books far too often focus on the travesty without addressing the actual psychological state of the country at the. Procura analisar a maldição original ue constitui para cada indivíduo sua coexistência com todos os outros. ,
Al action The story begins SPOILER Alert and ends with Jean Blomart sitting by the deathbed of his irlfirend H l ne who has been mortally wounded in Resistance activity The characters are depicted unsparingly and this can make them seem unsympathetic but as the main ones nd up working for the French Resistance they must surely be admirable than characters depicted symapthetically with a softer lens whose aims are SelfishTo My Mind A Brilliant my mind a brilliant of moral responsbility the uestion of violence in fightng inustice and The Issue Of Meaning issue of meaning our lives This is a book that cannot be read once only every sentence needs its own book of analysisIt was just mind blowing I want to read this book again I felt like I was in wartime france with these characters Excellent writing Hard to put down Simone is brilliant I love the way she writes it s so poetical you find so many beautiful sentences while reading her books At the beginning I thought I was not oing to fancy the plot so much it seemed just chitty chat about the complications of entangled love lives but as it moves further you understand the context all of this Was Written On WWII written on WWII occupation of France by the nazis and the revolutionary communism and it makes it all so freaking interestingIt s amazing to see how Helene s character rows and Fragile Eternity grows throughout the novel and how she starts to recognize that her life can be of such value to help a cause and I loved the tragedy of it all I ve lately been reading Simone de Beauvoir s novel The Blood of Others Ineneral I seem to be able to et a better feel for French existentialists from their fiction than their essays and lectures at least where Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre are concerned De Beauvoir is considerably less coy than they were in their novels about making her fiction primarily a way of illustrating existentialist philosophyFor example Loosely based on Simone de Bea. ê forçado a optar entre o engajamento social e o dever pessoal Seguindo o pensamento existencialista a autora. ,

Le Sang des autresThe Blood of Others is a long contemplation of the subjective experiences of a few French intellectuals caught up in the moral vagaries of World War II occupied France This novel isn t particularly notable for its plot per se a bourgeois man Cum Revolutionary Holds Love At Arm S revolutionary holds love at arm s for the sake of his political cause and supra important principles until he finds himself at the woman s deathbed as she is dying a and supra important principles until
he finds himself 
finds himself the woman s deathbed as she is dying a s death As this is de Beauvoir the lens through which the plot and its prose unfold is an existentialist one the ethical dilemmas that arise at the crossroads of identity integrity and class revolution are repeatedly cast against the brute reality of singular subjectivity and the imminence and permanence of deathThe novel seems unable to resolve the issue of whether sacrificing our life moment for our ideals and principles is worthwhile but perhaps that s not the point We are cursed with freedom to choose and at the end of the day iven that the end result is Nothing is happening I have just read this incredibly unusually for me for the third time Usually only Shakespeare Jane Austen and a few others have that honour from me The disjointed style is challanging but I can see that de Beauvoir s beleif in existentionalism shape it Sometimes a character is seen from inside and sometimes from the outside Jean Blomart is sometimes I and sometimes he Events which took place earlier or will take place later in the text intrude in the form of flashbacks or flash forwards without introduction Events are drawn together This is my last review written in2014 My views are or less the same I still have this uestion why ever did H l ne s bourgois parents agree to her engagement to the communist factory worker Paul This is never explained and is an extraordinary contrast to Jean Blomart s own parents reaction to his becoming a Marxist in the days before he becomes disillusioned with politic. Segundo romance de Simone de Beauvoir O sangue dos outros narra o conflito de um membro da Resistência ue se .