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Onest review Representation ueer plus size Latinx main character ueer Black main character multiple ueer andor POC side characters Content warnings for MAJOR SPOILERSview Spoilerviolence Death Transphobia Hate spoilerviolence death transphobia hate several mentions of sexual assault all challenged in text hide spoiler 41 of 5 for another than interesting Hill House horror comicsLow low woods is LGBT mpowered six issue 5 for another than interesting Hill House horror comicsLow low woods is LGBT Blood Runs Green empowered six issue horror comics I know it sounds sketchy because many LGBT inclusion comics is annoying because too much attention is directed to LGBT inclusion than to the uality of the comics But not his time The LGBT aspect is included in a way which feels natural normal and part of the setting That feels alright making it normal not privileged Bend it around the story not the other wayBack to the story it is good supernatural kind of Stranger Things in witch town and I appreciated how the art supplements the theme and vice versa I won t go into details because I do not want to spoil anything to anybody but I must say Injoyed young witch character And there is a lot of other clever ideas too Two teen age girls leaving a movie theater without any memory of watching the movie One very angry El and the other not wanting to know Vee They both are very much aware that something happened What Charting an Empire exactly DID happen to themEl and Vee are best friends inseparable since they were young children They met in the woods The woods they were not to go near El rescued Vee from the skinless man The reason they were to stay away And the human deer figure that El saw on a camping trip Vee chose to ignore her Guess what El was telling the truth There first and last fight at the time Their friendshipndured but something is trying to tear them apartSkinless men the strange malformed animals the fire raging beneath them and those women with a void that opens in their middle sucking in all that is around them And the witch Did I not mention the witchThis graphic novel is about women taking their power back Women choosing to remember Women willing to fight to regain the lives they had lost When El Vee and the witch begin working together tables are turnedWhat xactly happening "to the women of Shudder To Think Pa You are about to find "the women of Shudder To Think Pa You are about to find and oh boy what a rush The beginning of this graphic novel had me confused I wasnt uite sure what was going on I held in there and was glad I did Those that abused their power got what was coming to them The story at times brutal does not stray from the harder topics Although the supernatural is a huge part of this graphic novel the story could very asily play out in our world There are many monsters walking around with human faces Thanks to NetGalley DC Black Label and Carmen Maria Machado for an ARC in return for an honest review I really didn t njoy this as much as the other two Hill House collections currently on NetGalley Basketful of Heads and The Dollhouse Family Two female friends who live in a dying Pennsylvania coal town uncover a big secret that changes their lives It s certainly artistic but the story is just a bit too surreal for me deer women sinkholes opening up in people burned men periodically coming up out of coal seams This just wasn t for me. Their lost memories they realize the stories of their town hold dark truth than they could've imagined It's up to El and Vee to keep their town from falling apartto keep the world safe from Shudder to Think's monstersCollects issues #

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I hated how this was put together Four issues of watching these two girls live a high school xistence with the occasional weird occurrence like deer women or skinned men appearing Then in issue 5 it s all info dumped into our lap It just wasn t at all satisfying I didn t care for DaNi s loose scratchy art The Exiles Gallery either There were times where I couldn t tell what was happening due to the poor art Creepy art dark and moody and perfect for this time of year Dark feminist story centered on a town that s perpetually on fire based on Centralia PA This short story has almostverything I look for nowadays in a comic book diverse LGTB female lead characters with a well defined personal agenda witchcraft gender issues and a dark grimy and thrilling atmosphere And girl it really pays off Only the last two issues start to feel too rushed looking for an nding that feels not totally ready or well developed That s the only low in this comic Apart from that the artwork feels really good attractive but not so much that it will steal protagonism from the plot or its characters A not too pretentious plot with a well defined mystery that At Least Gets A least gets a solution by the nd But what is really going to make me remember The Low Low Woods are its teenage protagonists They both grew in me from the very first issue They are charismatic but terribly relatable Their friendship is crafted carefully and it s what really moves the whole bookIn the Childerley end I would havexpected a little bit cathartic resolution to the plot but I don t complain that much It seems like Cultural Excursions each day it s complicated to find comic books that I findnjoyable and this one was clearly one of the best I read this year I would highly recommend giving it a chance In Small Mining American Town the women are having Cruelty and Laughter episodes of memory loss Well it s gotta be the men s fault hasn t it Teenagers El and Octavia set out to find out what s what because apparently only teenagers can crack this one I ve never heard ofither Carmen Maria Machado or Dani really artists are still going by single name monikers and I can see why The Low Low Woods is a low low uality comic The book is full of bad storytelling where all the disparate lements don t mesh or come together as a coherent narrative Deer monster child witch literal magic mushrooms skinned men appearing out an abyss coherent narrative Deer monster child witch literal magic mushrooms skinned men appearing out an abyss whatever It s coupled with really ugly scratchy art throughout that often looks like thumbnails that got coloured in A totally unimpressive thoroughly boring and unmemorable horror story The Low Low Woods is the worst one of DC s Hill House range so far and that s saying something because they re all terrible I njoyed this one and it had some moments of real beauty but unfortunately it fell short of what it could have been The story was a little too loosely packed at times left a little too open on occasion I liked the impressionist art but it too didn t uite reach the heights it aspired too There was an obvious Bill Sienkiewicz influence but it didn t manage to get to his level too many times I felt like the abstraction was covering up shortcomings in the artist s technical draughtsmanshipI would probably check out future works from this creativ. When your memories are stolen what would you give to remember Follow El and Vee as they search for answers to the uestions Cultural Aesthetics everyonelse forgotShudder to Think Pennsylvania is plagued by a mysterious illness that Class and Conformity eats away at the memorie. E team though as I believe that withxperience under their belts they could well reach the standard they so clearly aspire to 2 stars Having only read Carmen Maria Machado s memoir I wasn t sure what to xcept from The Low Low Woods The summary promised a creepy tale we have the classic small town setting here called Shudder to Think strange creatures deer women skinless men and an old mysteryThe first issue begins with our two protagonists El and Octavia waking up in a movie theatre and not being able to recall the previous hours Something happened they know as much but finding out the truth behind their missing memories might stir up some trouble While I appreciated the story s atmosphere I didn t find it very unsettling We have random monsters that seem to appear only because reasons Our two main characters weren t very interesting or likeable One of them is secretly dating a popular girl and that storyline felt very unexploredThere were many vents that had unconvincing High Tide at Midnight explanations The author seemed intent on making the story as mysterious as possible by leaving loose strands Each issuesnds in a cliffhanger that is often not directly resolved at the beginning of the following issue And then we have the 5th issue which is basically info dumping There was no suspense The two girls discover the truth behind the town s past in a very anticlimactic way The feminist angle wasmeh The story doesn t have anything interesting or insightful to say about men who abuse or control womenThe art I uite liked I saw other reviewers criticising it for being scratchy but I personally thought that it fitted with the story s aesthetics Plus there were some very stunning pagesWhile I didn t particularly like this graphic novel s writing we had clich d uasi wisdoms such as Sometimes you have to listen to someone Education and Equality else s story the characterization or the storyline the art was pretty good and both main characters were ueer Holy shit Holy shit I just finished this graphic novel and friends I truly do not see myself as someone who gets legitimately rattledasily books may make me motional but rarely do they get under my skin and stay there but I feel like The Low Low Woods is going to linger in my bones for a long long time to come That
"s not because "
not because s scary but because it is Horrifying Not In The not in the houses and ghosts sort of way but in a sinister nauseating manner that I never saw comingThere is so little I can say without spoiling the ntire thing so instead I ll just tell you that Carmen Maria Machado is one of the most brilliant creative minds I ve Dangerous Work ever seen and I cannot possibly recommend this story highlynough It carries her signature speculative taste and bleak outlook on the world despite following characters you can t avoid loving and rooting for and naturally It Features Ueer Women Of features ueer women of as the main characters because we can always count on CMM to give us beautiful diversity in her dark little tales All of my appreciation not only to CMM for crafting this story but to DC and the Hill House Comics team for helping this twisted creation come into being Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this review copy in xchange for an S of those affected by it El and Octavia are two best friends who find themselves the newest victims of this disease after waking up in a movie theater with no memory of the past few hoursAs El and Vee dive deeper into the mystery behind. ,

The Low Low Woods