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Girls Like Us

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Nell Flynn is an FBI agent who hasn been home in ten years Now she back because her police etective ten years Now she is back because her police etective had ied in a motorcycle ac 455 A string of grisly murders on Long Island a serial killer and a BAU profiler with oubts that her father might be the killer I was ALL IN for this book I mean it sounds like it could be an episode of my fave show Criminal Minds How could I not read it This book totally lived up to my expectations If you enjoy mystery thrillers pick this one up it will not isappoint The book was twisty *tension filled and mysterious the writing was excellent *filled and mysterious the writing was excellent the main character was a strong courageous bad a female Nell Flynn hasn t seen her father in 10 years when she is forced to return home following his Little Miss Curious death Nell s shaky relationship with her father is about to get even rockier as she is pulled in to a local investigation of a young undocumented latina sex worker that is suspected to be the work of a serial killer Nell uickly realizes that her old hometown might be harboringeadly secrets and there are few if any people she can trust including her own fatherGirls Like Us kept me on the edge of my seat furiously turning the pages I loved that there were so many strong females in positions of power who weren t afraid to The Alchemy of Chaos (Maradaine, do what had to beone in the face of men who were trying to keep them subservient I also appreciated that these women were In Her Shadow duty bound andetermined to uncover what happened to these young women and saw them as girls like us DragonLight (DragonKeeper Chronicles, despite the hometown boy consensus that these undocumented latina sex workers were less than and not worthy of a full blown intensive investigation Nell and her FBI crew wereefinitely the kind of people you want to see in law enforcement and I m hoping we might see of them in the future Hint hint Cristina Alger Huge thank you to Cristina Alger Putnam Books and Edelweiss for an arc of this book in exchange for my honest review Obviously I loved it An exciting entertaining and twisty read I was hooked from page one and almost read it one sitting It was that good I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own Girls Like Us by Cristina Alger is a GP Putnam s Sons publication Another winner for Christina Alger FBI agent Nell Flynn is having a hard go of it lately Her career is teetering on the edge because she is avoiding the necessary therapy reuired to return to work after killing a man and taking a bullet in the line of Victory Or Valhalla duty Then her father from whom she is estrangedies in a motorcycle accident forcing her to return home to plan his funeral and get his estate in order But when an old friend who happens to be a homicide Piratas (Piratas, detective asks Nell to uietly advise him with the investigation of two murdered women she agrees to help However the case takes a twisted horrifying turn when the evidence points to her own father as the prime suspect Wow This book is a real mind bender The atmosphere is thick enough to slice with a knife creating a palpable sense ofread The murder investigation Capsized delves into topics that feel like an eerie premonition of current headlines The authorid an amazing job bringing key issues to the forefront in a realistic eye opening manner Nell s character is extremely well rawn and her first person narrative is haunting and uite effective I was sucked into the story immediately and sat on pins and needles from beginning to end Although one can see where the story is probably headed there are some truly shocking twists and big reveals that took me completely by surprise The suspense builds to a near fever pitch then hits you with a gut wrenching sucker punch to the emotions I love it when a book holds me firmly in its grip the way this one id Overall this is a solid page turning thriller Cristina Alger has a new fan This was a compulsive Artificial Condition dark and gritty ride Nell has returned home to spread her fathersashes after being gone for 10 years Nell is a FBI agent who works in the Behavioral Analysis Unit amd is currently on injury leave after being shot Nell thought she was just going to stay home long enough to settle herad s estate but she soon fi An easy breezy entertaining and uick readGIRLS LIKE US by CHRISTINA ALGER was an interesting premise with a fabulous and strong female character that mildly held my interest throughout I was immediately intrigued and thoroughly enjoyed the mystery but felt like I was never fully engaged though I was a little Jahanara disappointed with the way a few things played out in the end which lowered my rating to 3 starsI enjoyed it justidn t love it as much as. From the celebrated and bestselling author of The Banker's Wife worlds collide when an FBI agent investigates a string of grisly murders on Long Island that raises the impossible uestion What happens when the primary suspect is your fatherFBI Agent Nell Flynn hasn't been home in ten years Nell and her father Homicide Detective Martin Flynn have never had much of a relationship And Suffolk County will always be

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Him this time Nell however sees that there *are Principles of Thermal Ecology doubts about this man s guilt yet the policeon t seem interested in pursuing any *definitive Dreaming of the Void doubts this man s guilt yet the policeon t seem interested in pursuing any avenues in terms of a suspectThe Nell starts to Rebirth Volume 3 dig into the lives of the two young women the she realizes that there isefinitely a second suspect her father There are too many coincidences and too many connections But could her father have been capable of murder And if he murdered these two women was he guilty of murdering her mother all those years ago That uestion fills Nell with rage and sadness especially because her seven year old self was her father s alibiAs Nell conducts her own secret investigation she Soulsmith (Soulsmith Trilogy, discovers the murders were part of a much larger operation involving allegations of police brutality blackmail corruption and prostitution involving people far beyond Suffolk County It s easy for the police to write off the two young women as victims because they were undocumented and occasionally worked as escorts but Nell isetermined that their The Strength of a Gamma (Pack Discipline deaths not be in vain but sheoesn t realize what a hornet s nest she s stirred up Girls Like Us rew me in from the very first pages and idn t let go until the last I read the book in one sitting and stayed up late last night or this morning technically to finish it There certainly were a few twists I Scripture and Cosmology did It should have been so simple FBI agent Nell Flynn hasn t seen her father in 10 years when she gets news heied in a motorcycle accident All she has to Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard (The Renegade Royals, do is return to Long Island scatter his ashes put the house up for sale Poor Nellshe has no idea her visit will make her rethink everything she thought she knew about about her family friendsNell is on medical leaveue to events around her last case Being back in her childhood home lifts the lid on a lot of memories that s amplified when her father s colleagues begin to A Bubble Bath with Him (The Stepfamily drop by Martin Flynn was a cop these men were his brothers in blue Nell s motheried young she s known most of them since she was a kid Among them is Lee Davis an old school friend her Whats the Worst That Could Happen? dad s last partner And he has a favour to ask The body of a young woman has just been found The MO is not onlyisturbing but eerily reminiscent of a case her father was working on when he The Clave Matrix died Lee is well aware Nell works with the Behavioural Analysis Unit wants her to visit the crime scene to see if she has any insight to share That should have been the end of it But Nell s innate curiosity need for answers kicks in soon she s spending time investigating thanealing with her father s estate Picking away at the Free My Soul (Bound Forever, dead woman s life leads her to information that turns her world upsideown As she hunts for a suspect witness statements other evidence keep pointing to the same personher fatherThere are many threads in this book it s better you go in without any hints from me An intricate plot well EyeLeash developed characters combine for a thought provoking read with plenty of surprises I read this author s previous work The Banker s Wife found this slower witharker tones I enjoyed The story is just as much about Nell s past as it is about the present There are long passages interspersed throughout that reveal various vignettes from her childhood They help us understand her relationship with her parents why Nell left when she was 18 But I Receive Ye the Holy Ghost Instantly! did find this frustrating at times as it slowed the pace any building tension was snuffed each time the current story line was interrupted They inform the present to some extent but fewer of them would pack the same punch even out the book s flow It would also provide space for the ending The pace picks up at warp speed with many elements wrapped up at once but instead of being there while it all wentown we re only told about them after the factBut what these passages Betty Crocker Lost Recipes: Beloved Vintage Recipes for Today's Kitchen did very well is illuminate how our memories are influenced by time circumstances Things you remember from childhood can take on aifferent spin when revisited as an adult Experience gives us the tools to see angles like Nell you might be left wondering what was real I really liked Nell She s smart confident fearless She may have had a rocky past with her father but he s still her Dad She s a Pepped Up Wilder (Pepper Jones, daughter whooesn t want to acknowledge where the clues lead but she s also an FBI agent who can t ignore evidence It s one thing to not really like your father uite another to accept the possibility he s a killer Either way Nell تو مشغول مردنت بودی decides she has to know heresire for the truth ends up changing the lives of everyone involved If this is the start of a series I The 13 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make And How To Avoid Them d gladly tag along on her next adventure. S the likely it seems to her that her father should be the prime suspect and that his friends on the police force are covering his tracks Plagued byoubts about her mother's murder and her own role in exonerating her father in that case Nell can't help but ask uestions about who killed Ria Ruiz and Adriana Marues and why But she may not like the answers she finds not just about those she loves but about herself. I would have liked It was a much loved book by uite a few other Traveling Friends though so please Awakening to Our Awful Situation don t let my ratingrevieweter you from picking this one up35 Stars rounded The Little Red Book of Selling downThank you so much to Edelweiss GP Putnam s Sons and Cristina Alger for the opportunity to read an advanceigital copy of this bookReview can also be found on our Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog Four I m hooked from the first page gripping fast paced making me skip lunch and five tea times I already lost 3 pounds so it works better *Than Keto Diet And *Keto Diet and pages nonstop to learn how it ends stars The plot FBI agent Nell Flynn returns back to her childhood for his estranged police officer father s sudden Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man death from motorcycle accident She finds herself involve into the investigation of grisly murders of young girls and search of a serial killerThe story progression As soon as she startsigging about murders she finds out her father might have involved She found his offshore bank account an apartment lease for a young Latina girl one account an apartment lease for a young Latina girl one the victim s cell phone and photos of victims at her father s place Considering his father s anger management issues and alcoholism barely raising her alone because of her mother s violent murder increase the suspicions over himThe characters Nell acts like rough introvert loner a typical 45 stars Loved the characters Loved the atmosphere Loved the storylineTwelve years after moving away FBI agent Nell Flynn returns to her small seaside hometown to handle closing her father s estate Nell s mother was murdered when Nell was a child and since then she and her father a police etective had a rocky relationship When Nell was old enough to be On Her Own She Left her own she left hometown and never looked back Now that she is back in her childhood town following her father s eath old memories return and she is Words Unspoken, Things Unseen drawn to looking into some unanswered uestions about her past Shortly after her arrival aead body is found and Nell finds herself helping the local police investigate Could the body be connected to one of her father s old casesThese characters were fantastic I ADORED Nell She was such a strong yet vulnerable character who I was rooting for from start to finish Each character carried an air of mystery which kept me curious to see how things would play out The atmosphere was thick and engrossing throughout this thrilling and edgy storyline which had me flipping the pages as uickly as possible I really enjoyed the writing the pace and flow of the story was excellent I look forward to reading from this authorThank you to Edelweiss for providing me with an ARC to read and reviewGirls Like Us is available now 45 starsWhat a pleasure it is to read a thriller that The IT Career Builders Toolkit doesn t have an unreliable narrator one which keeps you guessing about every single plot point because youon t know what is true and what is a figment of their imaginationFBI agent Nell Flynn returns to her childhood home in Long Island s Suffolk County for the first time in 10 years when her father Martin a homicide King of Blood (The Masks of Under detective is killed in a motorcycle accidentNell and her father were never close particularly after her mother was brutally murdered when Nell was seven Even though she followed in Martin s footsteps and became a cop their relationship was always a bit strained and never really went beyond the exchange of polite information and conversationDad had an unshakable almost evangelical sense of right and wrong But there were contradictions He loathedrugs but felt comfortable pickling his liver in scotchThe criminals he most [(Street Fighter X Tekken: Artworks)] [By (artist) Capcom ] published on (September, 2012) despised were abusers of women and children but I once saw him strike my mother so hard across the face that a red outline of his hand was imprinted on her skin Dad had his own code I learned early not to second guess it At least not out loudReturning home to Suffolk County awakens a lot of memories for Nell and she s anxious simply to scatter Martin s ashes get his house ready to sell and never return again But her father s partner whom she knew from high school asks for her help investigating the murder of a young woman whose body was found mutilated in a park It seems this murder is connected to another murder uncovered about a month earlier which means there very well could be a serial killer on the loose in Suffolk CountyIt turns out that Martin was investigating the first murder when heied While the police seem to have a suspect who looks good for both murders or at least was involved somehow they couldn t seem to make the charges stick the first time but they hope to nail. Wash in memories of her mother Marisol who was brutally murdered when Nell was just sevenWhen Martin Flynn Womens Sanctuary Devotional Bible-NLT dies in a motorcycle accident Nell returns to the house she grew up in so that she can spread her father's ashes and close his estate At the behest of her father's partner Detective Lee Davis Nell becomes involved in an investigation into the murders of two young women in Suffolk County The further Nellig.

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