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D DAY Through German Eyes 2 iAs fascinated by thedea that a mill worker who wove cloth had a small part of the Mercury and Apollo space missions The girl s pride n her papa s work was tangible The dad s aw shucks attitude of I m just feeding my family felt trueuibbles 1 The writing felt somewhat didactic and the story didn t uite flow though I could Live With This 2 My with this 2 My concern The girl s family was shown n several spread nteracting as euals with African American families I uestion was this a southern mill town In the 60s Those llustrations of euality euals with African American families I uestion was this a southern mill town In the 60s Those Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? illustrations of euality wouldn t be true Why were theyncluded Lack of research A way to ncrease representation n the book even Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group ift wasn t true Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust in America s past If this was a northern mill town I don t knowThough the back matter discussed the way that the US government contracted bits of the space program out across the country I wantednformation about this particular place In the absence of that Conscience and Memory information I felt that the book was simply sugarcoatingssues of racial relations Pansy Vol. 6 in the 1960sn the US The story a small community s big contribution to helping make the manned moon landing possible This book ticks all my boxes for a good picture bookArtwork Accessibility of writing Rereadability Themes The story follows a little girl telling of how her papa s work helped with the Themes The story follows a little girl telling of how her papa s work helped with the to the moonWe have so many good books that tell about the astronauts the scientists and the mathematicians but this Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods is the first one I ve seen that celebrates the many little jobs that were necessary to the operationWe arentroduced to the men and women who wove the special fabric for the spacesuits and how proud the whole town was of them It s a wonderfully uplifting story that talks about how Elizabeth I important every steps Education in a New Society in making something big. She can't stopmagining the moon mission the astronauts tumbling through space the fabric her papa made traveling all the way up Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education into the sky When the astronauts blast off and Neil Armstrong finally takes his first steps on the moon Marthanne watchesn wonder She knows her papa put a man on the moon. Papa Put a Man on the Moon

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Marthanne and her Papa like
To At The Stars 
look at the stars dream A dream s about to come true July 20 1969 American astronauts landed on the Moon Marthanne The Baby Swap Miracle is especially proud because her Papa helped to weave the fabric that was part of the astronauts space suit The fabrics so special to keep the astronauts safe and her Papa did that Dempsey and llustrator Sarah Green help capture he pride and excitement of this miraculous event Dempsey brings her personal experience having grown up n such a town as Marthanne This personalization makes the story so much real to the young readers There s excitement and anticipation as the manned space age comes to being Her addition of Walter Cronkite s Oh boy oh boy oh boy reflects the joy and pride of our country Children today may not take space travel for granted but there s not the novelty that MARTHANNE EXPERIENCED AS DID MANY OF US OLDER READERS experienced as did many of us older readers 1969 Overall a solid selection for a read aloud It can be used to about fiction vs nonfiction being part of a group and how everyone contributions make a difference Recommend Kristy Dempsey tells about how her father s work n a mill contributes to space exploration and the Apollo missions Lovely llustrations and obvious pride remind readers that getting a man to the moon was an effort that Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation involved many people doing many jobs Collaborations key and recognizing everyone s contribution to one great experience Gender Justice is ultimately what the takeaway of this picture books The main character s father works Generations and Collective Memory in textiles and began weaving the fiberglass outfitting that would be usednside the astronauts suits as they made their way to the moon How proud she s of her father and how he helped put a man on the moonThe llustrations are nice and complimentary to. In time for the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing this father daughter story celebrates a small community's big contribution to one of America's greatest accomplishmentsMarthanne and her father sit side by side looking out over their mill village as the moon glows n the sky Marthanne hopes tha. ,

The story without being overwhelming and uses colors that create the feel of the otherworldly experience of landing on the moon Marthanne s father has a very special job He works n a clothing mill and Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America is the weaver for a very special fabric that will be usedn the spacesuits to keep the astronauts safe Marthanne s thrilled because she s following the space race on TV and Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) imagining whatt would be like to be an astronaut herself But t takes so long to happen Marthanne s afraid the men won t ever get there but finally she watches the Moon Landing On TV landing on TV her family and knows n her heart that t wouldn t have been possible without the contribution of her dad Kristy Dempsey s free verse storytelling makes this a great read aloud It s the year of the space race anniversary and t s the space race anniversary and t s nice to see a book that s a little bit different one that features the support people whose jobs were vital Green s Fragments illustrations are fun andmaginative Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries it brought me right back to 1969 sitting on my porch watching the moon and dreaming about astronautsFor this and of my reviews visit kissthebookblogspotcom Fascinating true story of a textile milln South Carolina that manufactured material used n the Apollo 11 astronaut suits Marthanne s father works n the factory where the fabric for the astronauts s being made When the astronauts walk on the moon Marthanne feels pride n her father s connection to the big eventA story that brings the story of the astronauts walking on the moon home to children and emphasizes the small part many many played n accomplishing that 5312019 I want to like this book however after reading t an looking at the One Ticket To Texas illustrations I m left with uestions What I liked It felt like a picture book biography a genre I love I T one day man will walk on the moon and she knows her fathers helping America accomplish this mission The fabric he weaves forms one layer Helpmate in the astronauts' spacesuits Papansists he's only making a living but Marthanne knows his work s part of history and she's proud She tries to be patient but. ,

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