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Wholly UnraveledTRIGGER WARNING Detailed escriptions of child abuse and rape If these are triggers "For You Think Twice " you think twice reading this bookThis book was extremely frustrating to read I understand that people Die sanfte Zen-Atmung: Das Anti-Aging-Geheimnis der Japanerinnen do not remember everyetail of their childhood but when you are writing about it you need to provide some reason for the things that happen The first section of the book is a series of unrelated incidents connected only by the abuse meted out by Kathleen s father Kathleen is her birth name so she uses it through the book she Monster does not explain how she comes to call herself Keele noroes she explain how it is pronounced which I found frustrating Although there are four girls in the family and later twin boys one of whom Tamako Sia died as an infant apparently from SIDS but this is notiscussed nor explained Kathleen is the chosen scapegoat for the family She alone is beaten whipped with a belt made to sleep in the garage etc And she alone is blamed for something that very likely was not her fault and view spoilerher father shot at her twice and missed it is not clear whether he missed on purpose or if he was just a bad shot Considering how far he took her into the esert it seems likely that he really id intend to kill her hide spoiler This was a Hermit in the Himalayas The Journal of a Lonely Exile difficult read and left me with too many uestionswhy why why I found it ironic that she ran away from the abuse in one cult to only then find herself seeking help in another Io understand everyone has their own journey and Kathleen s journey was a tragic onevery tragic I m giving 25 stars for the unclear writing and lack of connecting the World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War dots This is an unbelievable story of survival Kathleen if you were here right now I #Hug The Heck Out Of #the heck out of I wouldn t speak just hug because I have no words Again unbelievable There aren t enough words to Bernardijeva soba describe Kathleen s father Mean Too small a word Cruel Nope not big enough Heartless If this were fiction I say C mon that would never happen But it s non fiction and it Courage Under Fire (Silver Creek, did happen It s just incredibly cruel that a parent aad could inflict so much pain on their child Kathleen s story is remarkable Congratulations That s all I ll say since I on t want to include a Spoiler Congratulations on surviving and living Thank you Ms Burgin for allowing me to read this very raw and honest memoir that "Reveals Glimpses Into Your Life A Life "glimpses into your life a life I cannot even imagine i was caught up in this book from page one i read it in 2 ays took my kindle to bed with me reading page after page under the covers fell asleep with it put most of life on hold today and just finished it i saw so much of myself in her wordsi admit as others have reviewed and stated that there are so many parts of her story left unknowing but those are her memories stories and nightmares. Sometimes all that it takes to start over is the courage to say you willIn Kathleen’s home red jeans were a sin Parties were punishable with violence Fear was part of the aily norm Growing up in a Catholic cult under the unforgiving eye of her abusive father Kathleen knew from an early age that if she were to survive she’d have to o it on her ow. Ment is confinement to the pool house So a legitimate crime she was actually arrested for legitimate crime she was actually arrested for this soft treatment while wearing jeans gets her beaten with a stick Not saying it Skyfire The Seven Signs didn t happen this way but some kind of explanation would have been interestingAnd howid such a controlling family agree to send her away to college with no supervisionI also The Idea of Propaganda A Reconstruction didn t understand why she later chose to enter aifferent cult like environment Did she really overcome addiction by Shadowplay doing laundry in silence and being locked up in a cabin in the woods After the outburst with the priest I expected some kind of revelation that she was just running from one oppressive religion to another but instead this is what shows her the way forwardAnd whyid her father never contact her to bring her back into the fold before she went to live in the Madonna House How One More Theory About Happiness did he even know he would find her thereUltimately a somewhat interesting read but it left me with too many unanswered uestions Free from as part of the March First ReadsTheepictions of abuse are seriously rough and Kathleen s To Serve a King destructive behavior in the second section of the book is tough to watch But overall it s an uneven book Howid she grow her life after leaving Madonna House What is her current relationship with Shirley With her siblings Her parentsI read the acknowledgements just to "see if there was some mention of her current life and if I could ascertain anythingHow id you make it out "if there was some mention of her current life and if I could ascertain anythingHow id you make it out o you live now ARGH So many uestions This was my First Reads pick for the month of MarchI m honestly not sure how to feel about this book On one hand it Was An Engrossing Story That an engrossing story that onto me and idn t want to let me go until I finished it On the other hand there was so much self Saving CeeCee Honeycutt destruction and bouncing from one to cult to what sounded like another that I found myself getting annoyed Reading about her growing up was hard because she had no control over that Reading about her adult years was also hard because sheid At the end I felt like we were told a half story A story about a horrible childhood that turned into a Velva Jean Learns to Drive dreadful adulthood with many uestions left unanswered I m glad that it sounds like she finally found peace I just wish she would have let us into that part of her life like sheid the rest of it This is a gripping memoir and I read it in about 24 hours The abuse trauma and self Rising Strong destruction Kathleen Burgin writes about is vivid and shockingThe struggle for me is that it all feels a bitisjointed It s storytelling without a resolution I want to know how she moved from one phase of her life to the next how she became an author why she cut off ties with her whole family etc I m not looking for a happy ending necessarily but just some type of closure on the stor. R step in her unraveling Instead with her Το Ωρολόγιον του Αγίου Σουλπικίου demons uieted she emerged with a fresh understanding of self an empowering new purpose and a sense of worthiness that she would never let be challenged again Wholly Unraveled is Keele Burgin’s gripping and inspiring journey of selfiscovery and of finally finding her voice against nearly insurmountable odds. I m sure they will make it to print for our hungry eyes at some point but that s what i like about her her random bits of reflection and which layers of the onion she ecides to peel back for us when i was reading her first moments of abuse i noticed my body flush and my heart start to race i was carrying the anxiety in me thru her thru me it made me feel than i thought 5 stars all ay all night long bravo for a brave womans voice thru vulnerability i appreciate it Keele Burgin went through a childhood that made mine look like 18 years at Disney World My father was an authoritarian Catholic man who always had to be right and we children were little bundles of Original Sin that needed to be corrected and molded into good people But he loved us He was consistent He played with us We just learned or tried to learn not to push his buttons Keele s father was self righteous vindictive and mean Her mother read frightened and submissive Keele acted out rebelled and got kicked out She spent years self abusing and hating herself until she ended up at a remote retreat center where she was forced to reckon with her anger and hatred This book is a tough read But it made me think something When I was a kid and things were bad at my house and my parents were yelling and screaming at us at the tops of their lungs "and saying awful things why idn t anyone ever say something or come to our rescue Maybe it was "saying awful things why idn t anyone ever say something or come to our rescue Maybe it was worse things were uietly going on in other houses Totally engrossing but there s just too little resolution for the reader Researching the author after the fact it seems she goes on to Windy City Blues Tunnel Vision 2 VI Warshawski Mysteries in 1 VI Warshawski Novels Audio do absolutely incredible things which prove the most amazing self growth and healing But how Howoes she leave Toronto and accomplish all these things with no family or money Does she ever meet up with her siblings again Why oes she take her son to meet her father Did she ever make amends with Logan What happened to Grace There are just so many holes that make it a struggle to have closure I kudos the "author for sharing her horrible tale and hope she publishes an after note with some This was an First "for sharing her horrible tale and hope she publishes an after note with some This was an First for MarchThis was such an odd reading experience on the one hand shocking escriptions of abuse leading to addiction and self estructive *behaviour on the other all the characters including the narrator are so one imensional large parts of the *on the other all the characters including the narrator are so one Chipper dimensional large parts of theon t ring uite trueI couldn t get a grip of her family was she the only child being abused and if so why Why were the parents ok with the Monster daughters going to parties but not with her wearing jeans Has the author come to any kind of understanding of her familyynamics One specific episode that bothered me was after she gets arrested for having a party in the neighbours house her punish. NBut when the time came to escape she found herself in a A Sudden Fearful Death William Monk damaging spiral of selfestruction At rock bottom and with nowhere to go Kathleen stepped off a bus in the last place she ever thought she’d find peace a remote and very Catholic community Spending a year in almost complete silence Kathleen feared this experience would prove to be just anothe.

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