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Northanger AbbeyNorthanger Abbey is probably the most ignored and easily forgotten Jane Austen s work I myself while eally enjoying it the first time I work I myself while No Limits (Brutal Master really enjoying it the first time Iead it must admit I had forgotten most of it So this second ead felt a little like eading it for the first time and overall it was a great surprise The story is mostly a parody of the gothic genre but the first part is full of the usual Austen irony about the society of the time and she as a narrator often intervenes with amusing comments

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the part in Northanger Abbey is probably the most entertaining if you ead it after having ead famous gothic books like Ann Radcliffe s works The heroine Catherine is just adorable She is incredibly naive but she is so sweet that I was never annoyed with her and she mostly made me smile I also eally lked Henry He is often overshadowed by other Austen s heroes in my case Darcy and Knightley but he is a delightful character I loved his behaviours and his irony and I can totally see why Catherine is so fascinated with him His speeches were my favourite parts of the book The other characters were less impressive however the false manipulative and smart Isabella is very entertaining True she is awful but she is still very funny especially in contrast with the naive and honest CatherineWithout a doubt this is not Austen s masterpiece but it is still a lovely and entertaining book and if you like her works this one will not disappoint you This is my second Austen book and I eally enjoyed it Yes I enjoyed it but there are parts that bore me to death like trying to force me down to bed I enjoyed how Austen wrote every conversation the characters trying to deliver they are graceful with intent and very uniue I m not used the way they speak and maybe if somebody heard me talking like Catherine maybe people will laugh at me or get annoyed easily But one thing that eally attract me most was Austen s Catherine she s not girly like the other girls and by eading her text you can usually identify her from the other main characters she s not flirtatious she likes gothic books and a funny little gi. An alternate cover edition can be found hereDuring an eventful season at Bath young naive Catherine Morland experiences fashionable society for the first time She is delighted with her new acuaintances flirtatious Isabella who introduces Catherine. .

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Rl For short she s just an ordinary girl in our generation Northanger Abbey delights me most but not as best as Emma both books were written beautifully by a lady her experiences although from her writings she also included a true manner of a true in their time I don t know if those manners were still applicable
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the present know some guys don t like Austen but I think most of them liked it because of the protagonists that ideally loved by man in my own opinionAs I said before sometimes I liked it because of the protagonists that ideally loved by man in my own opinionAs I said before sometimes I bore eading this book Not intentionally but there are parts that I m not particular with especially when you are eading books that composed of almost conversation of the characters in the story But over all it was an awesome book Austen will tour you to the dark world and her short fancy imagination through Northanger AbbeyCatherine a 17 year old girl who lives with her father a clergyman and a mother who taught her everything she needed to be a loyal sister to her brother a tomboy a normal pretty girl and very vulgar lady of her age She was invited by her neighbor to come to Bath to have a short vacation with them while having fun partying with the other socialites or maybe some people who only wanted her own material belongings She met a sarcastic but clever man named Henry Tilney she fall in love easily She also met a very fine lady Isabella Thorpe and soon she develop a very tight friendship with her In the story both character develop a special elationship sharing their desires and their fond of gothic storiesWhen Catherine discovered the feelings of Isabella to her brother James She was in a great joy to accept such delightful engagement Unfortunately all secrets evealed when her brother told her that Isabella only wanted to marry her because of their wealth Such distasteful attitude of her put Catherine to ealization to grow and to become a fine ladyShe was invited to stay to Tilney s place and met several characters that scares her touches her and suddenly change her feelings to gothic novel Such funny verdict and being childish made her world go ound like somebo. To the joys of Gothic omances and sophisticated Henry and Eleanor Tilney who invite her to their father's house Northanger Abbey There influenced by novels of horror and intrigue Catherine comes to imagine terrible crimes committed by General Ti.
Dy is trying to pull her spirit down What s next well is it you eaders that will discover everything before I spoil the treasure and the dark secret of the Northanger Abbey will discover everything before I spoil the treasure and the dark secret of the Northanger Abbey eally happened to Catherine well that s made her happy in the endAusten wrote the ending in a hurry I don t have any idea why but the narrator already explained everything what happened to Catherine after her visit It was like eading a summary of the ending and that disappoints me a lot but never fails the eaders to enjoy it If we consider the main characters age and the conclusion of the story this book can be categorize as YA Its publication date might be too old but the story always glow inside out image error 35 starsRereading this 20yrs after the first time was uite a different experience I wish I had time to eread a lot of other books Catherine s nativity was pronounced John and Isabella Thorpe made my blood pressure ise the Gothic satire portion didn t play as big a part as I emembered Henr Wit humour and charm all landmarks of Jane Austen s writing that I personally felt were notably lacking in Northanger Abbey It did have Austen s trademark sardonic tone and mockery of popular omantic expectations but that aside I Could Barely Believe That barely believe that same woman who created the dreamboats that are Mr Darcy and Mr Knightley was even capable of creating a love interest as limp and charmless as Henry Tilney It also felt as if I was eading two separate books the first half seemed to have little to do with the second Catherine only arrives at the eponymous Northanger Abbey around page 150 and it s a 240 page book Maybe this is because it was published posthumously and therefore still needed work I know I need to judge Northanger Abbey by its own merits and not constantly compare it to Austen s famous novels hence I m Everyone seems to leave poor Northanger Abbey to ead last out of all of Austen s novels Why is this For me I still have Emma to go I eally don t like the sound of Emma as a character and yes I have been a little influenced by the movie and mini series adaptations Perhaps it is because. Lney isking the loss of Henry's affection and has to learn the difference between fiction and eality false friends and true With its broad comedy and irrepressible heroine Northanger Abbey is the most youthful and optimistic of Jane Austen's wor.

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