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Philosophy of Religion rEverything about trees An absolutely beautifully illustrated information packed fun filled book for all ages This book is A3 size which is great for young kids but also inviting for the nature loving adult and inside it is packed with a heap of information about trees obviously and how they have been used how theye still used how they grow how to identify trees different types of leaves the seasons oot systems seeds and the spreading of seeds different species of trees and where they grow the worlds seasons oot systems seeds and the spreading of seeds different species of trees and where they grow the worlds trees and so much The illustrations are just beautiful They The Spirituality Revolution re very large and colorful and the writing in the book is a great size This book has been very well thought out and gives information on trees from all over the world and from different times in history This is a book that isecommend to any child nature lover of any age teachers nannies etc As a nanny I ve ead this book to my little charges ages 2 2 and 5 and we ve all myself and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed it We Ve All Learnt A ve all learnt a and we ve all eally enjoyed looking at and studying the illustrations in the book 1010 I love trees And I almost love this book It s well written and beautifully illustrated Trees are shown not only as their biologic and botanic selves but as art buildings historically as homes for animalsin so many aspects and dimensionsWhy did I not give this lovely book 5 stars Because the for animalsin so many aspects and dimensionsWhy did I not give this lovely book 5 stars Because the system is SO ANNOYING The numbers are assigned arbitrarily from left to Economies and Cultures right but when you come upon them in the passages theye out of order and so annoying to match up I know it was done for artistry and if I had Designing with Web Standards read the book slowly it probably would have worked but to look at a picture and try to find out its significance was difficult This oversized book will delighteaders with its massive colorful illustrations and its clear straightforward text It covers a lot of ground without ever feeling Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, rushed it explains science and history and different cultural traditions without getting too bogged down in details Informative fun and lovely did I mention lovely this coffee table book for children brings a sense of wonder to this nature study Why we chose this bookWe loved Bees by this team and were excited to see that a new title was coming out Abrams Books for Young Readers provided aeview copy in exchange for an honest Structure Of The Nucleus reviewMom s Review VThis is another oversize treasure by a brilliant team and it truly. Part botany part history part cultural anthropology Trees goes beyond the basics to telleaders everything they might want to know about this particular branch of the plant kingdom Trees explores the important oles

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Sms that depend on or live symbiotically trees Trees as a graphing image genealogy and evolution Trees as symbols in eligion and mythology The importance of trees in ecosystems and nature Trees as a source of wood used for buildings vehicles objects Totally comprehensive approach which I wasn t eally expecting Also I love that this book is oversized oom for illustrations and it s physical #heft and size make it feel emotionally weighty as well Beautiful book but beyond my kiddo for now I ead #and size make it feel emotionally weighty as well Beautiful book but beyond my kiddo for now I Science, Technology and Culture read English translation A beautiful book which is both tactile and almost alive the paper pages connecting with the topic and each double spread full of information and aliveness Beautiful hand drawn illustrations and pics that would be hard not to appeal to all and almost all ages and so many interesting facts and information Seems to connect me to nature Heritage people and practises over the years Large and a beautiful large coffee table book to share escape into They are absolute to life on the planet providing much needed oxygen They supply homes food vantage points and protection for a multitude of beings Water is necessary for their survival but they in turn protect the land when there is an overabundance of moisture If we watch theyeflect the status of our weather and of our climate Numerous countries around the world at various times during the year set aside a day to celebrate the planting of these plants for the planet The Arbor Day Foundation in the United States has an initiative The Time for Trees to plant 100 million trees by 2020 This week the country of Ethiopia made headlines when they planted 350 million trees in twelve hours Trees A Rooted History Abrams Books for Young Readers April 9 2019 written by Wojciech Grajkowski with artwork by Piotr Socha and translation by Anna Burgess is a captivating exploration Of Everything About And everything about and to trees My full The Road to Einsteins Relativity recommendation My friend and I accidentally found this book in a souvenirshop of a castle during our holiday in Austria Both of us being biologistseally fell in love with the books style It combined the biology of nature history with beautiful artworks My friend bought the book and I immediately looked up the name of Piotr Socha the illustrator because I wanted to learn about his work And I can only say that he is a very very talented personOverall I can only say that this book is beautifully and easy to understand wri. Ees Looking forward Trees also addresses the deforestation crisis Heavily illustrated in the same style as  Bees A Honeyed History Trees A Rooted History serves as a beautifully packaged celebration of trees of all kind. Trees by Piotr SochaIs a history of trees Beginning with an explanation of trees their importance in the ecosystem and their Black Boy relationship with humankind Trees progresses into specific topics Readers can move straight through or hop around We do the lattereading a page or few at a time From oots to seeds from lumberjack tools to famous
and modes of transport and bonsai to baobab we journeyed around the world and back to prehistoric times Fans of Sorcha s other books can expect Trees to flow in the same vein Newcomers to Sorcha s work will see enchanting illustrations depicting myriad trees tree parts and tree elated whatnot think da Vinci s ornithopter and Tolkien s TreebeardThere were so many appealing sections of the book for T but he most consistently liked the tree house tree monster and vehicles pages It certainly helps that we were both delighted by the pop up ornithopter in Leonardo Pop Ups and that T has an appreciation for Greek myths and Vikings Seeing a Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire recognizable da Vinci invention the Trojan horse and a Viking longboat fostered his connection with not just the transportation topic but with the book as a whole In fact whether youreader is an aspiring botanist musician or architect I expect that he or she will find something special in these pages The final sentiment that Sorcha and Grajkowski leave us with is one of preservation and Safe in My Arms respect for nature Deforestation has fareaching impact and while planting trees is important preserving what we have provides greater protection Future generations deserve a forest like the one is important preserving what we have provides greater protection Future generations deserve a forest like the one ancestors had a forest of trees that will live for centuriesSon s Review T Age 4On favorite pagesI like a few the monster page and the treehouse page I wonder if we like the same one Did you know there is one only for tea parties There is one that holds so many people And The Forest Page Where It Says the forest page where it says gingerbread house On what he learned I liked learning about all the monster storiesOn wooden vehicles I would want to Presunta colpevole ride all those I wouldn t be afraid I d like to own all of thoseThere was a definite theme to T s preferences the familiar Absolutely fascinating book I loved the informational text and I adored the illustrations a balance betweenealism and cartoony that I Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem really appreciated I like that the book covered so many different aspects trees leaves and trunks andoots trees around the world trees through the seasons the animals and other organi. Rees play in our ecosystem takes an up close and personal look at the parts of trees from oots to leaves and unpacks the cultural impact of trees from classification systems like family trees to art forms like bonsai tr.

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