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Cezanne and Provence jEw I look forward to digging further into this book As with some of Peter s earlier books I find myself actually going back to the Bible to reread certain passages and thinking how did I not see that There will be some that will be put off by the title There will be some that will leave negative reviews without reading a single pageust because they feel like they re doing God s work by protecting the Bible as they interpret it Take the time to study and find out for yourself Disclosure I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion which I always enjoy giving and frankly would have shared for free HarperOnePartnerI came to this book already a fan of author Peter Enns I had already read his book The Bible Tells Me So and I subscribe to and love his podcast The Bible for Normal People with Jared Byas My prior experience with this author led me to expect very scholarly Biblical study shared with dry sarcastic wit and that s exactly what this book was To be fair this book will not be for everyone in fact some will hate this book I recommend it specifically for two groups of people Those who are becoming frustrated in their spiritual Dark Voices journey Why would God say this and then allow that Why doesn t this work the way it s supposed to and secondly to those who have already deconstructed To those who are frustrated I would say It s notust you I grew up as a pastor s kid in a very conservative evangelical denomination and I have spent nearly my entire adult life trying to reconcile what my church says I should believe faith and what actually makes sense logic Enns earlier book The Bible Tells Me So was very instrumental in helping me to find peace in holding the two in tension It IS possible to love Jesus and still use your brain and if that s what you are trying to do this book will help you with that Enns entire premise is that the Bible is not meant to be read as a black and white rule book Instead God has given us the sacred responsibility of seeing the overarching purpose of God From the book Jesus is not about teaching correct thinking but realigning minds hearts and motivations to act well to live in harmony with the kingdom of heaven That may mean re interpreting the scriptures for our lives today Enns very thoroughly demonstrates that this re imagining of the scripture is not sacrilegious On the contrary this is how faith has always been done beginning thousands of years ago Here Enns biblical scholarship really shines through especially through his enjoyable and rampant footnotes Now some info for those who have already deconstructed This book could be housed with similar books such as What is the Bible Rob Bell Inspired Rachel Held Evans and Enns own The Bible Tells Me So all of which I have read and appreciated In comparison to What is the Bible and Inspired this book is scholarly and laid out as legal argument ie establishing incremental blocks which build his case slowly but surely I don t mean to say that How the Bible Actually Works is boring because it absolutely isn t In both his books and his podcast Enns does a remarkable ob of making scholarship both accessible and enjoyable But it s definitely not as whimsical as What is the Bible nor as lovely as Inspired isIn comparison to Enns prior book The Bible Tells Me So I felt like How the Bible Actually works was hopeful and forward moving Perhaps it s because I was still at the beginning of my deconstruction when I read The Bible Tells Me So but I ended that book feeling as though something had been torn down in me while after reading How the Bible Actually Works I felt like the purpose of the Bible was re Having been raised Methodist in the Bible Belt I carried always an awareness that I read the Methodist in the Bible Belt I carried always an awareness that I read the differently from many of my neighbors of the sola scriptura tradition whose various Statements of Faith insist upon *the book s inerrancy and infallibility i have *Book s inerrancy and infallibility I have watched some Evangelical fundamentalists raised in that tradition awakened by cognitive dissonance as they confront social issues in a postmodern world or when they encounter ambiguity and contradictions in the Bible abandon it as a no longer reliable record of God s truth purpose and actions Reading How the Bible Actually Works may indeed cause apologists for the Bible as inerrant and infallible rule book to suirm uncomfortably even become enraged as Enns masterfully illustrates the many absurdities one must accept in order to take the Bible literally With eual mastery he supports and fleshes out his proposition that the Bible s purpose is to steer us away from absurdity toward wisdom The again Methodist writers of the Junaluska Affirmation wisely and after all Enns writes here about Wisdom as the Bible s endgame rejected the words inerrant and infallible in favor of the statement The authority of Scripture derives from the fact that God through His Spirit inspired the authors causing them to perceive God s truth and record it with accuracy Since my youth I have mainly approached the Bible accordingly It seems to me that Pete Enns has gone and done likewise The Bible Tells Me So Enns earlier book in this trilogy with The Sin of Certainty was an affirmation for me and others who love the Bible yet hold loosely to certainty over its every nuance In How the Bible Actually Works Enns offers insight into how perceiving God s truth reuired the writers to update or upgrade the record over time as their perception of God s truth developed and shifted Feeling as if I Was Already Very Much On The Same already very much on the same as Peter Enns this book doesn t change how the Bible actually works for me I found rather that it offers wisdom for approaching discussions about the Bible with those who have been conditioned to expect it to work infallibly and inerrantly I cannot help wishing others of my acuaintance would read this book and take at least some small something away from it that would make it easier to have a conversation I would definitely recommend this book for those who find themselves in a period of deconstructing traditions as they try to reconcile their beliefs about scriptural inspiration with what they perceive to be God s truth for a rapidly changing world something Enns says is already happening within the Bible itself In a nutshell By understanding the Bible is not a set in stone rule book we let it shepherd us toward wisdom as we accept its ambiguity By embracing the Bible as a book of wisdom perhaps all of us who love it might come into a greater understanding of how it brings the faith story of the past into the present and helps us discern what God is doing here and now PeterEnns style footnotes which may or may not be an effort at humor or contain sarcasm you decide PS Pete scored the last half star needed to raise my rating to five. Ent for study that not only offers an abundance of insights but provokes us to find our own answers to spiritual uestions cultivating God’s wisdom within us“The Bible becomes a confusing mess when we expect it to function as a rulebook for faith But when we allow the Bible to determine our expectations we see that Wisdom not answers is the Bible’s true subject matter” writes Enns This distinction he points out is important because when we come to the Bible expecting it to be a textbook intended by God to give us unwavering certainty about our faith we are actually creating problems for ourselves The Bible in other words really isn’t the problem; having the wrong expectation is. How the Bible Actually Works

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I m not an expert theologian a professional writer or someone who has a significant impact on determining the course of others faith as in being ordained or a teacher so it was a privilege to be included in the launch team for which I received a complimentary advanced copy of How the Bible Actually Works There are so many detailed reviews with excerpts and analysis I won t compete I m a regular ordinary Christian Catholic to be exact and that s ok this book is for people like me I have an insatiable curiosity to learn and understand different perspectives even if in the end I don t agree with everything I don t even agree with myself some o How we approach the Bible is perhaps the most critical issue facing Christianity today After decades of falling in line behind the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy people are leaving the church in droves because the tension between the world in which we live and this hard line approach to the Bible is too great Churchgoers are finding that1 The usual explanations for Biblical contradictions are intellectually inadeuate when you dig beyond the surface and challenge the pat answers given by popular authority figures2 The topics of evolution same sex relationships and women s roles are being treated like elephants in the room to be gingerly skirted around at best3 They feel as if they can t call themselves Christian any if they don t line up behind the right answers being given from within the church How the Bible Actually Works helps to cut this tensionIt aims to demonstrate that the Bible actually works to lead people into wisdom the ability to act right for our time place and situation instead of being a static never changing rule book Enns accomplishes this using his insightful knowledge as a Biblical scholar in a way that s clear and easy to understand As a bonus his dry sarcasm and aptly placed footnotes will make you involuntarily chuckleThis wisdom approach to the Bible invites readers to accept a sacred responsibility Enn s terminology to discern the right and it s not as easy as simply following the rulesIf you re struggling to reconcile your Christian faith with the world you live in How the Bible Actually Works will be a helpful and encouraging tool for your ourneyBring your sense of humor The first time I bought Pete s book The Sin of Certainty I was so frightened by it I threw it away Not kidding I had to go buy it again after my heart stopped skipping beats so ka ching Pete you sold that one twice I have now read all of Pete s books and this is another gem Pete s very funny and easily accessible commentary on how the Bible leads us to wisdom and not a list of facts we must believe is a refreshing view of Scripture My main takeaways from this Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) journey 1 we are to love the Lord with our minds don t put your intelligence on hold to conform to some doctrine 2 uestions are nothing to be afraid of and are actually encouraged by God and 3 Jesus is so much amazing than I had been lead to believe Buy this book if you have a sense of humor are open to having your views challenged Full disclosure I received an advance copy of this book from HarperOne Over the last couple of years there has been a profound shift that has occurred with how we understand the Bible it s applicability for our day and age and the lasting value that it continues to have Books like Rob Bell s What is the Bible and Rachel Held Evans Inspired have sparked a renewed interested among notust those who have possibly walked away from the Bible or those who struggle with the balance of ancient documents in a modern day world but also among those who are not familiar with the wisdom found within it s pages Pete Enns brand new book How the Bible Actually Works brings continued life to the discussion of allowing the Bible to help us understand the ways of GODLIKE NO ONE ELSE ENNS USES no one else Enns uses uniue ability uniue ability dig into the weeds of Biblical information in a way that everyday normal people like myself can understand exactly what he is attempting to communicate without feeling as if the depth of information has overtaken them like uicksand His snark and humor is able to diffuse the tension of harsh critics and cause raving fans to reach for a box of Kleenex to dry tears of laughterMore than anything else one will seldom find such a learned scholar that displays the humility and passion for sacred text that Pete showcases If you re looking for a book that demonizes groups of people attacks believing Christians or belittles those who see things differently How the Bible Actually Works is NOT the book for you This book is filled with compassion and a goal to help readers with the ever present task of understanding a collection of documents books and letters thousands of years old in a 21st century worldThe book does not shy away from the task of grappling with differences perceived mistakes and varying discrepancies but helps to bring clarification that propels the reader forward on their Creating Country Music journey with God and the BibleIn a world that sees reading of the Bible in steep decline this book has the ability to turn the tide and help all of us recognize that we are on a continualourney to discover who God is and the pages of the Bible demonstrate this path of wisdomNote I did receive a free advanced copy of this book as a part of my participation with HarperOne and the launch team of How the Bible Works The author s approach of using examples from the Old Testament to demonstrate how Judaism evolved over time makes a lot of sense Well done First of all I am part of the launch team for How the Bible Actually Works by Pete Enns so I received an advance reader copy from HarperOne I have engaged with Pete s work for the past few years and am a regular listener to his podcastThis book definitely achieves its goal of taking the listener through a fast paced and humor laced overview of how the Bible reveals itself to be an ongoing conversation about God a conversation that is contained within and constrained by the varying cultures and worldviews in which the books were written Enns does a masterful ob of walking his readers through the key points of that conversation and shows how the Biblical writers found the wisdom to repackage the truths about God to speak to their own time Learning how to obtain the wisdom to repackage those truths is according to harperonepartner wisebible howthebibleactuallyworksFor the purpose of full disclosure I received an advance free copy of this book from HarperOne as part of the launch teamI have to admit I fully expected it to be The Bible Tells Me So Part 2 I was wrong I am only a couple of chapters in but How the Bible Actually Works is about how to find the wisdom in this ancient ambiguous and diverse book that many of us grew up thinking we kn. Controversial evangelical Bible scholar popular blogger and podcast host of *The Bible for Normal People and author of The Bible Tells *Bible for Normal People and author of The Bible Tells So and The Sin of Certainty explains that the Bible is not an instruction manual or rule book but a powerful learning tool that nurtures our spiritual growth by refusing to provide us with easy answers but instead forces us to acuire wisdom For many Christians the Bible is a how to manual filled with literal truths about belief about God that must be strictly followed But the Bible is not static Peter Enns argues It does not hold easy answers to the perplexing uestions and issues that confront us in our daily lives Rather the Bible is a dynamic instrum. .

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