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OPTP The Psoas Integrating Your Inner Core yLd Trump I didn t really connect with any of the characters and none of them had that personality spark that makes me want to read the next book immediately The mystery got solved too easily and while we re given a hint about Rory s father at the end of the book I get the feeling that this mystery is going to get dragged out to the end of the series I might give the second book a try to see if it gets into a groove but this one felt like it was trying too hard RTCI feel like there was a pretty big disconnect between the language suitable for 6 and the story 8 or 9 due to content and there were a lot of cringey momentsOn the plus side it s illustrated and in a similar silly style to the Treehouse and WeirDo booksBut ifou re looking for a silly book about investigating aimed at readers 8 I d much readily recommend Greta Zargo and the Death Robots from Outer SpaceIt could be good for older readers with lower reading ability but it smacks of obvious pandering which might bug those same readers It was a fun read I liked the style of writing and the plotHighly recommendedMany thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss for style of writing and the plotHighly recommendedMany thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss for ARC all opinions are mine Rory Branagan Detective is the first in a new seven book series featuring ten The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire year old Rory Branagan his neighbour the intrepid Cassidy Callaghan and his best friend Wilkins Welkin the sausage dog Rory is driven to become a detective by a uestion that s been hanging over him his whole life what happened to his Dad Rory s Dad disappeared one day when Rory was just threeears old but no one will tell him anything about it not his Mum his older brother or even Auntie Jo The Lodger Jo the Lodger Tells Rory ANYTHING tells Rory ANYTHING s first adventure begins when his friend Corner Boy Gilligan s Dad Guinea Pig Gilligan is poisoned The police are on the case but Rory thinks someone else could also be in danger so it is up to him to put on his detective hat and take on the case The book is jam packed with entertaining illustrations of Rory s friends and family and Rory s imaginative flights of fancy which often seem to take the form of undersea scenarios fishes sharks statues deep under the ocean and even a puffer fish with hair like Donald Trump s Andrew Clover s offbeat characters and Ralph Lazar s whimsical illustrations have a slightly Charlie and Lola esue feel to them but this series is obviously aimed at an older age group so there are higher stakes and plenty of dangerous situations for Rory to faceWith some help from his accomplice Cassidy Rory solves the mystery of the poisoned neighbour but the mystery of what happened to Rory s Dad I assume will continue to be unraveled throughout the seven books of the series Robin Stevens s success is convincing proof that kids love detective stories and this is great series and an exciting adventure for slightly Dragonbusters? Give Me a Break! (Camp Princess, younger kids who are not uite ready for Hazel Daisy or Alex Ryder Review originally published on wwwarmadillomagazinecouk Rory Branagan has basically an amazing life But there is just one Bad Thing about it NO ONE TELLS ME ANYTHING Why did my dad disappear when I was threeAnd so when new neighbour probably the best looking girl I ve ever seen and she is definitely the most CONFIDENT Cassidy Callaghan arrives and befriends him they set out detecting just where Rory s dad is whilst uncovering other mysteries that need solving along the wayWhat makes the book great is Rory s fanciful imagination which is always going into interesting places all of which are illustrated along the way For example he imagines he would be some kind of super Detective who flies round the world solving crime or that his brother could not have been surprised if a unicorn had come in which was tap dancing and singing the songs of Justin Bieber And the illustrations make this book great too Fans of Tom Gates will love as there is plenty going on with the illustrations It makes the 300 page book very readable for childrenTrue there are bits at the end which are unfinished there are books in the series which will presumably pick these up but this book was a work of art with a funny story suitable for children and adults who like a visual fun story. E RORY BRANGAN DETECTIVE series and this is the first in whichou meet Rory and his accomplice Cassidy as they investigate the poisoning of Rory’s next door neighbour Rory’s adventures are all highly illustrated so ou can see everything he gets up to in glorious black and white. Y meets Cassidy who is his age very bold and also very attractive When he tells her about his father s disappearance she encourages him to become a detective and investigate Of course she goes about this in a rather ill thought out way going through the bedrooms of Rory s family and getting him in trouble When Corner Boy s father is poisoned by take out from the Deadly Pirate the two start to investigate in earnest and come up with some alarming and dangerous findings Will the two be able to solve the mystery and et stay safe Perhaps we will find out in book two The Dog SuadStrengths This is a notebook novel that also has a mystery sort of like The Platypus Police Suad Rory has a lot of crazy ideas but some of them are actually helpful This was funny despite the missing father and had a lot of non seuiturs like a tap dancing unicorn and a guinea pig Olympics The text is large the illustrations plentiful and the story fast paced and there is an ACTUAL PLOT The evil villains actually are pretty evil which gains this extra bonus pointsWeaknesses Really Elderly lady Mrs Welkin is nice enough to loan Rory her dog but she is drawn with chin whiskers Just unnecessaryWhat I really think Definitely purchasing to use as Wimpy Kid methadone and just wish that all four books were available in the US First in a hilarious seven book comedy crime series for readers of 7 In fact the books have mainly been told to Andrew Clover by Rory Branagan himself who is now in hiding Rory is a frustrated boy who believes that no one tells him anything especially no one will tell him why his dad left when he was three On the suggestion of his new neighbour Cassidy he decides to become a detective so he can find out information for himself In this first book the reader meets Rory and his accomplice Cassidy as they investigate the poisoning of Rory s next door neighbour You are also introduced to his 14 ear old evil villain brother Seamus his mother Siobhan who Rory secretly suspects is a witch the elderly babysitter Mrs Welkins and her sausage dog Wilkins Corner Boy Gilligan and police detective Steven Maysmith The fabulous black and white cartoon style illustrations will make this story appealing to the most reluctant of readersFor information the trailer Rory Branagan was three when his father left He s now ten and no one tells him anything Rory lives with his mother older brother Seamus who kind of looks like a banana with stick figure arms and legs and Auntie Jo who isn t really an AuntieRory s best friend is Wilkens Welkin a sausage dog owned by elderly neighbourbabysitter Mrs Welkin Rory is also friends with Corner Boy who stands on a corner spear in hand ready to hit ou with it if ou go near him without asking first Corner Boy s father seems to make a living by selling unpackaged goods that may have fallen off the back of a truckCassidy Corrigan that may have fallen off the back of a truckCassidy Corrigan Callaghan depending on which of the two surnames she uses to introduce herself ou believe and her parents have just moved in next door Their house was previously empty for three Travels with a Tangerine years and this empty home used to be the biggest mystery on Rory s street After spotting Rory spying on her parents Cassidy and Rory strike up a conversation and then hang out for most of the rest of the book I get the feeling Cassidy is supposed to be strong smart and mysterious but she annoyed me a lot She s a brash know it all who seems to do as she pleases including rummaging through Rory s mother s bedroom looking for evidence just minutes after meeting RoryWhat begins as Rory and Cassidy deciding to solve the mystery of Rory s MIA father turns into their first case as detective and accomplice when it appears that Corner Boy s father may have been poisonedThis new series the first of seven books is marketed as comedy crime but I didn t find this first book funny With a lot of series already established that are pretty much half story and half illustration there needs to be something special to make another new series a must read for me The illustrations weren t the type I d usually pick up a book for However I was partial to the sharks and the huge puffer fish that has hair like Dona. I say ‘Ahhhhou don’t just FIND YOURSELF suddenly sneaking up on baddies or diving out of the way as they shoot or hurtling from an open plane towards the ground You have to want it’And what made ME want it I needed to find out whathappened to my dadThere are seven books in th. RORY BRANAGAN DETECTIVE Full disclosure I only review books "I LOVE AS A KID I SNAPPED UP MYSTERY "love As a kid I snapped up mystery detective series like Harriet the Spy In fact I wanted to BE a real life version of Harriet the Spy and I still dream of writing a funny zesty child detective series I adore Rory Branagan Detective and his loyal companions some human some dogsThe Rory Branagan books I dole them out currently on Book Two in the series are perfect for children who love graphic novels laughter and actual mysteries They re also perfect for grownups who love the same things Illustrations by

Ralph Lazar Are Hilarious Full 
Lazar are hilarious full motion and propel ou from page to page because they re irresistible I mean just look at the coversGobble up one of these books in an hour or pace ourself to make them last Five out of five stars Go forth and enjoy Rory Branagan will forever hold a specical place in my heart After reading a couple of dozen pages of this goofy illustrated tale about a kid detective I passed it on to my almost 7 ear old grandson who is reading pretty well but has never previously attempted anything thicker than a picturebook or slim easy reader Over the next week he read all 352 pages about Rory Branagan s first case and then demanded to know about getting a copy of the second book in the series Sneaky Deadpan FunnyAt first I wasn t sure if I could get into 350 pages of stick figures Well Excuuuuuse me for being such a drip This book was an engaging hootFirst off as to the art these aren t really stick figures They re like sneaky minimalist sketches that once ou get on track are clever and expressive Sure the kids don t have hands or feet and the arms and legs are sticks but the secret is in the faces and the secret is in the faces and the eyes Name an emotion an attitude or a thought and this illustrator will give ou the right eyes This book is for oung readers and these illustrations just guide A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers Summary Study Guide you right through the narrative It s uite an accomplishmentAs to the narrative it is as antic asou might expect You have the kid hero detective who starts out sort of confused and a bit gormless You have the smart as a whip slightly acid almost a know it all spunky kid girl hero This follows the tradition of kid detectives who don t uite know what they re doing never fully understand exactly what s happening and stumble around with lots of high energy and good intentions until inspiration strikes and the mystery gets solvedBut apart from the mystery and the action the most fun is just following the mind of our hero Rory The narrative is in the first person so what The Mens Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts you get is pure Rory tellingou a story It jumps around it ebbs and flows the mood is haphazard and the whole thing is an energetic rollercoaster ride Since Rory is a decent relatable kid the overall effect is upbeat and authentic in an exaggerated and manic way And since the overall story arc for the six books in this series has to do with how and why Rory s Dad disappeared there s some shameless heartstring tugging going on as wellI have no idea where to put the reading demo here It could be for ambitious Alex + Ada, Vol. 2 younger readers who are willing to let some of the bits go over their heads or it could be for older and confident readers who don t mind the sketchy art and theoungish main characters Either way this was enough knuckleheaded fun that I d be happy to try this first volume on any kid just to see if it clicked As I said I thought it was a goofy hootPlease note that I received a free advance will self destruct in x days Adobe Digital copy of this book without a review reuirement or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or Copy provided by the publisherRory s father disappeared suddenly with no explanation ever forthcoming from anyone in his family He has a good friend Corner Boy Gilligan whose father breeds guinea pigs and his older brother while annoying is helpful There is also Auntie Jo who is renting the family s attic and working at the Deadly Pirate restaurant and Wilkins Welkin a neighbor s dachshund and Rory s best friend When a new family moves in next door Ror. Meet RORY BRANAGAN – he eats bad guys for breakfast Well not ACTUALLY But he IS the best detective in town First in a hilarious seven book comedy crime series for readers of 8Hello I am Rory Branagan I am actually a detectivePeople always say ‘How do ou become a detective’And.

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