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Who could walk away from this opening line They found a body in the Salford Cemetery but aboveground and alive It sounds like the start of some gruesome murder mystery but then the wackiness worms in The gladstone bag beside her contained one abandoned corset one small bowling ball one slender candlepin and under a false bottom fifteen pounds of gold Death and life frosted with macabre comedy It s why we ve enjoyed Elizabeth McCracken since her debut novel The Giant s House appeared than 20 years ago She never promises us freedom from pain but she always offers just enough heart to endure itHer new novel Bowlaway is a rueful family saga that begins at the start of the 20th century and revolves around a bowling alley in the small town of Salford Mass north of Boston Our subject is love the narrator announces because our subject is bowling But not ordinary love and not ordinary bowling nothing is ordinary in this story The people of Salford play candlepin bowling that smaller harder version peculiar to
England a game of purity former To read the rest of this review go to The Washington Posthttpswwwwashingtonpostcomentert To watch the Totally Hip Video Book Review of this novel click here httpswwwwashingtonpostcomvideo I loved the breezy whimsical writing This book is often touching and funny and wise Unfortunately it got bogged down with too many characters and a lot of the book was focused on characters that weren t even the most interesting ones Overall though it was charming and she s a great writer 35 Actually 25 because it isn t often that a novel has an incident of human spontaneous combustion If you like sprawling generation spanning tales brilliantly written in the vein of John Updike or Lauren Groff then Bowlaway by "Elizabeth McCracken Is The Book "McCracken is the book you However if you like poorly written tales full of misspellings irregular capitalization a meandering plot and a peculiar fixation on flatulence all written in pencil then I have to say my son Willoughby s report on Fennec foxes that he wrote last year in 2nd grade would be the recommendation to take McCracken s Bowlaway takes place in the world of candlepin bowling in the New England town of Salford Massachusetts It starts at the turn of the century when a mysterious woman Bertha Truitt is discovered unconscious maybe napping in the middle of a cemetery Willoughby s tale Felix the Fennec Fox takes place in the Sahara of North Africa Or at least I believe it does This id has spelled Sahara with three h s and a backwards r for God s sake and the page is covered in either chocolate stains or maybe the droppings of a bloody nose Everyone who A sweeping and enchanting new novel from the widely beloved award winning author Elizabeth McCracken about three generations of an unconventional New England family who own and operate a candlepin bowling alleyFrom the day she is discovered unconscious in a New England cemetery at the turn of the twentieth century nothing but a bowling ball a candlepin and fifteen pounds of gold on her person Bertha Truitt is an enigma to everyone in Salford Massachusetts She has no past to speak of or at least none she is willing to reveal and he. ,

BowlawayNows Willoughby nows the boy is mentally unable to stop using his pudgy fingers to excavate crusty Booger Lodes From His Nasal lodes from his nasal story in Bowlaway is odd serpentine sad and funny populated with many compelling characters McCracken s writing is a marvel She uses words like Paula Deen uses a deep fryer With just 26 letters McCracken constructs sentences that will wobble your ulnar nerve one moment and then the next completely pulverize your heart like an industrial car crusher To say she can write is like saying the Fennec fox has sensitive hearing On the other hand Willoughby s writing while informative is uite possibly one of the hardest undertakings to interpret since Champollion deciphered the Rosetta Stone in 1822 If you can miraculously make out the words he is writing the paths his logic takes often leads to confusion debatable logic and even lunacy God I really hope you chose Bowlaway over my id s scrawling catastropheBowlaway will be sure to eep you up reading well into the night like the nocturnal Fennec foxes and you will devour the story uicker than a Fennec will devour an appetizing rodent A sprawling delight Like reading John Irving circa Garp and The Hotel New Hampshire but written by a woman What a big sprawling novel this is It reads like an anecdotal history of a bowling alley and the family who starts it grows with it and feels trapped by it It S About The s about the branches of a family tree and the stories we tell about them But the best part is McCracken s writing every few pages a line or a passage will sneak up on you and nock your socks off My first novel from McCracken and probably my last if the others are like this Sprawling is the best word for this book It spans like 15 different lives all "Stemming From One Bowling Alley "from one bowling alley Massachusetts in the late 1800s It s weirdly untethered despite everyone being related in some way to each other and I found myself getting and bored as the book went on There just isn t a point I ve had this same reaction to books like this before and had I Velva Jean Learns to Drive known that Bowlaway wouldn t have a point I wouldn t have read it It s just lots of random occurrences in people s lives They don t grow or reflect or overcome anything Sure it s a nice homage to everyday lives but why would I want that If I wanted to read about an everyday life where nothing happens I d just go experience my own This was an ARC I received from a publisher I had loved one of Elizabeth McCracken s short story collections Thunderstruck so I thought I would enjoy this book However it turned into one of those slogs that I ended up forcing myself to power throughI don tnow how. R mysterious origin scandalizes and intrigues the townspeople as does her choice to marry and start a family with Leviticus Sprague the doctor who revived her But Bertha is plucky tenacious and entrepreneurial and the bowling alley she opens uickly becomes Salford’s most defining landmark with Bertha its most notable residentWhen Bertha dies in a freak accident her past resurfaces in the form of a heretofore unheard of son who arrives in Salford claiming he is heir apparent to Truitt Alleys Soon it becomes clear that even in her.

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To describe this novel because it made no sense to me but story mostly revolves around a bowling alley in a small New England town The bowling alley is founded by the mysterious Bertha Truitt Eventually it is run by her son his wife and various other family members The plot is so dull I can barely remember it Characters are mentioned in plotlines that are trickle away only to be brought back to life a hundred pages later The language falls over itself with its perceived cleverness The whole book just drags and drags Nothing very exciting happens So much of the story is about characters who are supposed to be full of mystery but they are mostly just frustrating and ridiculous I was sick of everything by the end of this book but I was also extremely disappointed I loved Thunderstruck and was thrilled when it won literature prizes I wanted this novel to be great but it was so terrible I can t see myself recommending it to anyone This is a story spun around a bowling alley the first Rising Strong kind back in the northeast corner of the US hundreds of years ago Before picking this book up I had no idea there was than oneind of bowling each with its own pins balls alleys and experts Had no idea Ten pin Candlepin Duckpin Nine pin Five pin just to name a few Generations of characters hover around the old place in Salford The story if you can call it a story is filled with races families types mix and mingle just like families do with all the uirks and uerulousnesses for which they are Το Ωρολόγιον του Αγίου Σουλπικίου known Thrown in for someind of commonality is bowling the place the process the history the people such as they are passing through anchored for generations or accidentally falling out of the sky It is a rather loosely organized chaos of free association The writing reminds me of one of my aunts who finishes sentences and closes conversational loops no sooner than hours laterand because we ve all grown up with it we totally understand her The delay only adds to the charm of the taleMore a catalog of characters than a story or maybe a genealogy of a community rather than one family I was charmed by this It was hard to stay focused and I must confess to being lured away a number of times to compelling books between breaks but I finally had to come back and finish itI will seek from this author 3 stars a nice autumn read I loved this book a million reasons the language the characters the storytelling but most of all for the way it "expresses a love for Massachusetts the candlepin bowling the Peggy Lawton cookies the great molasses flood the Mary Jane candies it "a love for Massachusetts the candlepin bowling the Peggy Lawton cookies the great molasses flood the Mary Jane candies it like reading a book made straight from my childhood obsessions A total delight. Death Bertha’s defining spirit and the implications of her obfuscations live on infecting and affecting future generations through inheritance battles murky paternities and hidden willsIn a voice laced with insight and her signature sharp humor Elizabeth McCracken has written an epic family saga set against the backdrop of twentieth century America Bowlaway is both a stunning feat of language and a brilliant unraveling of a family’s myths and secrets its passions and betrayals and the ties that bind and the rifts that divide?.