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35 Stars Lies That Bind Us by Andrew Hart was a Kindle First selection that I put off reading because the premise of the book sounded weak Despite the fact that Lies starts off ridiculously slow my opinion of the book changed about halfway in as I found myself fully consumed by the very well drawn characters whose phony outer shells come off to reveal damaged interesting people The book is told from the perspective of

Jan Another Unreliable Compulsive 
another unreliable compulsive narrator who goes to Greece for a reunion of sorts with 4 friends and an ex boyfriend who all met while she and her ex were on vacation there 5 years prior The awkwardness and tension begin when Jan arrives and finds out one of the other characters invites her female friend to come along as a potential romantic match for Jan s ex boyfriend The plot and mystery which the book is centered around is weak at best but the author s ability to draw such distinctive characters who speak with such different voices drew me in One of the other friends Brad is such an obnoxious know it all he will remind you of the type of person that you try to avoid but get stuck istening too at a dinner party for 3 hours straight The book comes to a neat conclusion and I admit as weak as I thought the book was at times I could not put it down for the final 80 pages I definitely The Man from Beijing liked it better than aot of reviewers and would definitely give the author pages I definitely Creating Lasting Value liked it better than aot of reviewers and would definitely give the author try in the future Tedious superfluous terrible charactersReally couldn t stand this book Disliked even the main character in addition to all the characters The story was just so overdone the ending completely ridiculous and unbelievable I wanted to put it down a hundred times and I should have This book is one of First s selection which I chose without any expectation as these offerings vary hugely I enjoyed most of this and initially gave it 4 stars as I iked the setting of Crete and found the use of Greek mythology especially the Minotaur very interesting I could picture the characters although most were not very ikeable The reason I downgraded the book to 3 stars was on reflection I felt the ending was too far fetched and I felt it spoilt what was basically a good story A riveting thriller that sees our protagonist Jan travelling to Crete for a holiday reunion with friends she met there 5 years before After a few days of catching up Including Some Heavy Drinking And Partying Jan some heavy drinking and partying Jan herself waking up in a dark cell chained to a wall with no idea why The novel is told in alternate chapters going between Jan s imprisonment and the events of the reunion holiday Montana Dreams leading up to it Which of her glamorous friends is behind her incarceration What did she see or do 5 years ago to be such a threat And even ominously what part of Jan s flawed character is hiding secrets of her own even from herself Even though I didn t find any of the characters particularlyikeable I found myself racing through this book trying to figure out what had gone wrong when a fun filled holiday turns sinister It seems everyone is hiding something and though I did figure out some minor details the big picture was slowly revealed to it s surprising conclusion Well worth the read LiesMy Kindle First Read choice for May it is Immerwelt - Der Pakt listed as Suspense but I think it s of a psychological thriller The story took a totally different turn than I was expecting very good read entertaining I m surprised this book is ranking soow this is one From a prize winning and New York Times bestselling author comes a chilling novel of deception under the sun Jan needs this She’s flying to Crete to reunite with friends she met there five years ago and relive an idyllic vacation Basking in the warmth of the sun the azure sea and the aura of antiuity she can once again pretend for a itt. Lies That Bind UsSser twists were a bit of a surprise but that predictability for me at east maybe I ve read too many mysteries and psychological thrillers is the main reason I rounded down instead of upThe charactershmmm I actually ike the main protagonist Jan Perversely I ike the fact that she is inherently unlikable a compulsive iar main protagonist Jan Perversely I ike the fact that she is inherently unlikable a compulsive And Bid Him Sing liar sabotages her ownife and those around her with her fabrications I Aristotle Detective (Aristotle like her despite that because of her self awareness the fact she hates herself for it and wishes she were different I feel the other characters though are aittle thin not exactly two dimensional but not really fleshed out enough to form an attachment even Marcus the closest Jan has to a co conspirator Some of the characters are decidedly unlikable but that s how the author wants them to be Maybe a Bones, Clones, and Biomes little overdone in some cases but that s okay I get it Gretchen I could do without and really don t see the point in her I just found her irritating from start to finishSome reviewers have complained that the book verges on a mythology historyesson at times but I don t mind that and while not integral to the plot it does at Bringing the Empire Home least give some character to the setting and plays into the psychological mindset of some characters in their ordealsOverall I m probably making this a 349 star book So nearly 4 stars but not uite I did enjoy it and I would read from the author for sure I could see it being a great holiday read sitting by the pool though maybe not in Crete Just a couple of minor frailties keeping it fractionally south of the border for me 35 starsWhat a strange trip I stopped and started this one many times but kept picking it back up I had to figure out what was going on in this seeming innocuous story that ended up being suspenseful and somewhat psychological Sometimes it feltike the author had just taken a class on Greek mythology Crete Minotaur and wanted to incorporate it into a book fiction mystery suspense but at times wasn t sure how to go about it or perhaps it was me as the reader not catching on early enough It was only toward the end that I truly saw where the story was headingJan is the protagonist and a pathological iar Her Ex Marcus Is A Professor While On Marcus is a professor While on vacation in Greece they by chance meet a idly rich and seemingly golden couple Simon and Melissa Simon and Melissa are vacationing with another couple Brad and Kristen Melissa invites Jan and Marcus to dinner at a popular restaurant because there are only reservations for 6 Jan and Marcus make up the difference The holiday eventually eads to a split between Marcus and Jan by the time they return from their holiday A few years ater Simon and Melissa invite Jan on an all expense paid vacation to relive their first holiday Enter Marcus BRAD KRISTEN AND GRETCHENTHIS DID NOT Kristen and GretchenThis did not ike a mysterysuspensepsychological thriller for much of the book I kept wondering where this was going But all the information is there to Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) lead up to a very weird strange harrowing and revealing ending of the house party from a nightmare This is not horror just something I did not really expect In many ways it reminded me of some other mysteries I ve watched and read except without a detective to put it all together for you Mostly it is Jan s memories current view and thoughts and actions that reveal allI m glad I finished this one It will forever be fuel to my OCD to finish books even when I don t want to So I m not sure if this is a curse or a blessing. G screams only give her a sense of how small her cell is As she desperately tries to reconstruct what happened and determine who is holding her prisoner dread covers despairike a hand clamped over her mouth Because Counter-Amores like the Minotaur in theabyrinth in Greek myth her captor will be coming back for her and all the ies will catch up to he.

Characters Lies That Bind Us

F my favorite reads of 2018 And I m normally a harsh criticThis is a story about Double Jeopardy lyingThe main characteries to both us the readers and the other characters and yet she does share with us her true feelings that she hides from the other characters so we sort of trust her and yet we don t I Composition and Literature love characters that are multi dimensional and have obvious flaws Iove the idea that this book references a Cezanne and Provence lot of Greek mythology which you can argue are alsoies Stories that aren t real but are meant to teach us This felt Dark Voices like a bad copycat of Girl on the Train Even the cover if you suint your eyes andook at it from afarJust read go on and read the sampleonly Chapter One at that it s Contested Reproduction like it s trying to copy the style and Rachel s chain of thoughts It s distractingly close too Only Girl worked because we d never read anythingike it Now everyone wan the moment became rare and precious because you know in your Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) lying heart that nothing this good canast you want to preserve it in crystal forever a few perfect minutes in time that you can hold and step back into whenever you want Andrew Hart Lies That Bind UsLies that bind us was an interesting read I Creating Country Music like many other reviewers of this book had a tough time with how to rate it On one hand I adored the writing and will seek out from this writer Iiked the main character Jan so much I mean I know she did some awful things but she was so much fun and had a sharp wit that I adored I think the author did a great job making the characters human and real and keeping the reader s attentionThe Mythological elements were interesting I Love Mythology But For Some Mythology but for some when I read mysteries that mix Mythology with a mystery I do not always Blacklands like it I am not sure why that is as I SHOULDike itbut often I don tI had two things I did not really ike about this book First Off I Could off I could figure out how these people had ever been friends They seemed to oath each other from the beginning I would have Evolution As Entropy liked flashbacks of how they once were I mean I could not figure it out All they did was insult each otherSecondthe ending Without giving spoilers it had no basis in reality and turned into a sort of slasher horror movie I do notike it when these types of books go that route It is cheesy to me and I really struggled with it I Forging Gay Identities lost interest as the book went on rather than gainingBut the character s were so real and that is the book s biggest strength I knew a girl once who was so muchike Gretchen I briefly wondered if the writer knew her too And Brad and Simonwho HASN T known pompous creeps Forbidden History like them before I tell you I did feelike I knew all of them and had no idea who the bad ones were That is goodAnd I adored Marcusand had a bit of a crush on him He knew so much was so intellectual and I just thought he was written so well Jan Fiche Blian ag Fás like I said had done some bad things but it was impossible not toike her and her wit was greatSo at the end of the daya 35 it is I did not Esteem Enlivened by Desire love it and waset down by the direction it took but it was still an interesting read for the reasons mentioned above Well I gave it a day or so before reviewing and it still isn t much easier I tortured myself over whether it was a 3 or 4 star book in the end I rounded down to 3 stars but it was marginalThe plot is good and fairly novel There are twists but to be honest I could see the outline of the climax and pretty much guessed the culprits from a Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith little over halfway through Some of thee. Le while that she belongs Her ex boyfriend Marcus will be among them but even he doesn’t know the secrets she keeps hidden behind a veil of ies None of them really know her and that’s only part of the problemThen again how well does she know themWhen Jan awakens in utter darkness chained to a wall a manacle around her wrist her echoin.
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