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Er Devil and The Exclamation Mark creative fun colourful and full of uniue stimulating thoughtsA Nightmare a story that was humourous yet not so much so thoughtsA Nightmare a story that was humourous yet not so much so its sharp social point was dulled The title story filled me with a mixed response after reading another reader s response i After reading another reader s response I struck by a psychological truth we may all understand a story at the same nomothetic general level that s how we can discuss it and now we are all talking about the same story but how wide the difference in our response at an idiographic individualspe Don t you hate it when you re haunted by punctuation Makes me want to sleep with Strunk White under my pillow i ve only recently fallen in love with some of the great russian masters after reading two short stories of there s within the last 6 months in paris we stumbled upon shakespeare and co and i felt compelled to buy something if not for the cool stamp on the inside cover than just to support them the first author that came to mind was chekhov the selection was a tad limited but i ended up with this small collection of short stories so far though i m enjoying it uite a bit I thought Chekhov would be too advanced for me but this is actually a fun book There are some funny stories some sad stories and others that just discuss Russian life during that time There s a story that s literally just a character trying to make a phone call Everything is just bloody brilliant I noticed The Exclamation Mark Hesperus Classics 2008 in my local library so decided to read it as a start to my Chekhov reading for 2015 It consists of twenty one stories all published between December 1885 and June 1886 as well as a later version of one of the stories For the record here is the total listingThe Exclamation Mark A Christmas Story New Year Martyrs Competition A Failure On the Telephone Kids Grief Conversation Between a Drunkard and a Sober Devil The Reuiem Bliny A Little Joke In Springtime A Nightmare The Rook Grisha On Easter Night A Tale The Literary Table of Ranks Romance With Double Bass Superfluous People A Little Joke 1899 revised versionI wasn t sure what to expect with this collection from his early period as I d only previously read stories from his later period A uick look at the first story when I was in the library suggested that they were short frivolous pieces and some of them are just that some of the stories are little than one page comedy sketches that were written for a comic weekly called Oskolki but there are also some surprisingly mature stories in. Veryday objects transform into malevolent exclamation marks Written when Chekhov was on the verge of becoming a literary celebrity this is an enlightening new selection that reveals the author’s often neglected comic talentsContentsThe Exclamation Mark A Christmas Story; New Year Martyrs; Competition;. Odd but enticing A Christmas gift from my dad Of Primary Interest To Confirmed Chekhov Fans Or Those Interested In interest to confirmed Chekhov fans or those interested in development as a writer Despite the short period covered Dec 1885 June 1886 a vas Perhaps not the best way to get acuainted but this short story collection was my introduction to Chekhov The strongest impression I got of Chekhov s writing was his incisiveness using was my introduction to Chekhov The strongest impression I got of Chekhov s writing was his incisiveness using society and characters as a foil for the human experience in generalI particularly enjoyed the humor freuently featured in his writing from his jibes at the sycophantism and expediency of civil servants in The Exclamation Mark and Conversation between a Drunkard and a Sober Devil to the slapstick in Romance with Double Bass to the ridiculous elevation of the Russian dish bliny a type of pancake to a mystical object essential to Russian societyA touch of sentimentality also recurs in this short story collection The despair of a grieving father who s recently lost his son comes through poignantly in Grief And one can t help but wonder from the nostalgia in the ending of A Little Joke 1899 revised version if this mischievous story was in fact an episode from Chekhov s own youthIn "any case this tantalizingly short short story collection has left me curious to read of Chekhov s writing which I will "case this tantalizingly short short story collection has left me curious to read of Chekhov s writing which I will to do soon Well I m sure now I made up my mind I don t like Anton ChekhovI m shocked as wellBut you now I read one of his most famous plays years ago The Three Sisters and I didn t like it then Now after reading this anthology of some of his short stories I made sure that he s not my type I don t like his writing style and I don t find his ideas that impressiveThe first story The Exclamation Mark was very good and two other stories were good But most of the stories were just boring I can t understand why so many people love his stories that much Maybe there is something wrong with me The Exclamation Mark is a collection of just over twenty short essays by a master of that genre Anton ChekhovMost of these compositions are just a few pages in length one or two are just half a page all but two date to 1886Strange little tales from Anton that often left me with a wry smile Sadly although he was a ualified doctor tuberculosis took him in 1904 aged just 44 35 overall but the majority of the stories had me glazing over so I had to nock the rating down a bit On the Telephone ah how new technology frustrate us no matter what era we are born to a laugh out loud storyConversation Between a Drunkard and a Sob. A civil servant stands accused of not understanding the rules of punctuation He begins to go through the correct use of commas and semicolons before arriving at the exclamation mark which he realizes in 40 years of writing he has never used From here he develops a bizarre and paranoid fantasy in which

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This collection as well In the introduction Rosamund Bartlett mentions that this period was significant for Chekhov as he received a letter from a fellow writer Dmitry Grigorovich urging him to concentrate on serious writing However the comic works Are Still Uite Amusing For Example We still uite amusing For example we the title story The Exclamation Mark A Christmas Story in which a civil servant goes to bed feeling insulted after a young work colleague declares that he doesn t now how to use exclamation marks properly in New Year Martyrs we get the amusing account of another official Sinkleteyev who has collapsed in the Street After Making His after making his on New Year s Day drinking the health of friends family members and colleagues my favourite is the farcical Romance With Double Bass in which a double bass player Smychkov goes for a swim on a warm summer s day meets a beautiful girl asleep whilst fishing decides to play a prank on her which misfires He then notices that someone has stolen his clothes The girl also has her clothes stolen and well they meet up naked under a bridge he offers to hide her in his instrument case and then promptly loses her and believes that he s inadvertently illed herit s all very silly but funny nonetheless I enjoyed The Kids as well it s a five page story that is just about a group of children alone playing cards whilst waiting for their mother to return home from a christening There are also two versions of the story A Little Joke the original version was published in 1886 and the revised version is from 1899 It s A Little Joke the original version was published in 1886 and the revised version is from 1899 It s simple and repetitive tale where the narrator encourages his reluctant fiancee to go tobogganing when he does convince her he says in a low voice I love you Nadya but Nadya is unsure whether to believe her ears under the noise of the wind and the toboggan runners Her fear of tobogganing is overcome by her desire to hear the narrator declare his love to her The early story has an optimistic ending whilst the later version is less so It s interesting seeing the two different versions and although there is nothing wrong with the original version I feel that the later version is better One of the longer stories is On Easter Night which didn t seem to go anywhere but I was impressed with A Nightmare which centres around a businessman Kunin and the impoverished local priest Father Smirnov Not much happens but Kunin who is initially contemptuous of Smirnov begins to feel compassion for the young priest In summary this book contains a good variety of early stories by Chekhov. A Failure; On the Telephone; Kids; Grief; Conversation Between a Drunkard and a Sober Devil; The Reuiem; Bliny; A Little Joke; In Springtime; A Nightmare; The Rook; Grisha; On Easter Night; A Tale; The Literary Table of Ranks; Romance With Double Bass; Superfluous People; A Little Joke 1899 revised versi. The Exclamation Mark Hesperus Classics
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