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Chronexia and the Eight SealsE horses and wagons Why don t they just take a wagon Why doesn t anyone from the surrounding towns go there in wagons to see what is going on After all THE BLACK SMOKE COULD BE SEEN black smoke could be seen hundreds of miles And even if they do walk all the way to the next town what exactly is their plan They are weaker than the enemy way slower than him since he can fly there is no way to warn anyone before he arrives and even if he waits for them to arrive before he does his shit they are only heading towards a trap What is their freaking planWhy are they speaking Greek This is a fantasy setting it has nothing to do with Earth nobody speaks earth Linux Networking Cookbook languages Holy shit you can also travel in time That s the ultimate plot devise But you can t save someone sife Marcus Garvey like that What does that mean If you go back and stop that meteor from beingoaded what will be the result The town will be unharmed but all its citizens will drop *dead from a heart attack What kind of ogic is this Why do you need *from a heart attack What kind of ogic is this Why do you need color code all the seals on the map You think we are too stupid to recognize the elements without colors Why is everything in this world named after elements Why did this horrible book sell a thousand copies while my superior book with a much better map sold a hundred Whoa explaining how strong someone is with numbers instead of showing it through their actions You make Toriyama so proud How honestly my opinion is a Amok little bias because i watch the authors YouTube channel and support him on patron but i really enjoyed the book it did have typos but they seemed to weed them selves out further into the book and i reallyiked the characters but he isn t the best at his descriptions in the book and it could of had some work done but still in my opinion pretty good also hes making an anime off of this Based on what the author has said he wrote this novel when he was a teenager From that standpoint he did a good job writing it especially since he states that English is not his first anguage However the editing problems get in the way of the story It is a decent idea but the tropes are numerous which makes reading it tedious It does get better as the story progresses but it is still in need of careful editing and rewriting. Isty's new ability will help them along the wayA compelling novel that juggles action adventure plot twists and cliffhangers masterfully A story that's been tightly twine and where the smallest details can create tremendous impacts.

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O matter how dramatic make it seem to be We know nothing about that character you never mention her again for the rest of the book you didn t bother to flesh her out through flashbacks therefore she was a book you didn t bother to flesh her out through flashbacks therefore she was a character Also how can a corpse still be moving WTF Mathieu she wasn t a zombie and she wasn t dead yet A goddess appears out of nowhere says she won t revive the woman and Crochet leaves immediately Why did she even bother to appear if all she did was saying no beforeeaving That s what happens when you don t know what to do with a character One of the heroes calls his team Playhouse lame because they just saved billions ofives but failed to save a single civilian What is this a war with only one casualty This is unacceptable you all suck There shouldn t be repercussions or sacrifices in an empowerment fantasy story The editing is horrible since entire paragraphs are constantly repeating throughout the book I pointed this out to Mathieu and he didn t bother to fix it I mean why would he It s not ike this is his passion project and people pay money for it Don t give a fuck about your own stories and never correct spelling and grammar mistakes ike I do Feedback is for fools The first thing you read about one of the major characters before she even gets to appear for the first time is a stupid sex joke The first shot of her in the adaptation is her ass That s how you make your audience to instantly Desire and Deceive lose respect for herHow can the impact of an explosion be small when it shakes the whole house Also why do the people inside immediately jump to conclusions and assume it s an invasion It was just a single explosion not the war cries of an army of orcs How do youoad a meteor in your hand Why does it instantly change its name to a burning ball The villain Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, loves to torture people and a fewines afterwards he says that he Household Gods loves to kill people Make up your mind Also why do youeave and invite your enemies to chase you by revealing where you will go next when all you want to do is torture them or kill them Make up your mind Why do the heroes need to walk for half a day They have giant flying birds with which they can travel to the other side of the planet They were also in a village full of peopl. School Unfortunately his travel begins a bit abruptly than he originally planned it when an enemy from the past makes its returnIt's now up to Tom Misty Noemi and their traveling companions to put a stop to this madness Hopefully Absolutely a testament to how NOT to write a coherent fantasy Concepts are of the run of the mill variety making their presentation of info dumping feel utterly pointless The book is riddled with grammatical errors and typos Logic is simply not a concept in this story whatsoever and certain situations are just to pander to his audience and would never happen in unless this was the case Want to know why Because he thought that he was writing a Light Novel not some fantasy of grandeur that amateur writers still manage to mess up I encourage Mathieu To Continue His to continue his but the fundamentals of coherent writing need to be taught to him first video version a cover that is totally otaku bait and ideals aimed at elementary school children when the book is otherwise a teenage geek s fan fiction Chronexia and the Eight Seals is a perfect example of what happens when you don t give a shit about uality When you begin your story by infodumping the basics through narration only serves to prove you are incapable to wave exposition through the plot Also narration becomes meaningless when your world building is basic as fuck The most generic setting with the most generic fantasy races doing the most generic magic stuff You might as well not bother at all with such descriptions The anime adaptation was so
"Fucking Boring When Trying To "
boring when trying to that it had to resort to fan service for preventing the weebs from zoning out Also there is nothing wrong in trying to have some sort of reasoning in your fantasy world The thing that sustains the planet is a huge unprotected sphere in the middle of nowhere How the hell this world was not destroyed a few days after its creation when enemies are constantly attacking it and there is absolutely no protection around its weak spot Even those who protect it don t ive next to it they fly there from the other side of the planet every time it gets attacked Where is the Der Persönliche Erfolg logic in that And the thing is I pointed that out to Mathieu and told him to fix it in the damn adaptation only for him to not give a fuck and keep it the same Because he didn t give a shit about his own story If you plan to kill someone two pages after she is introduced don t expect the reader to care Days were pretty average for Tom Watson a seventeen year old swordsman in training Along with his best friend Misty and his aunt Noemi he bored himself to death That's why Tom has wanted to travel the world once he'll be done with.

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