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The same There s a lot "of latent self blaming and drowing in our poor feelings which got a bit dragging and " latent self blaming and drowing in Flori în păr your poor feelings which got a bit dragging and after a good handful of poems The regular mentions of fruits coffee cup mouths what even is that and teeth made me feel like I was reading the same break up and heartbreak poem over and over again Which is an actual uote now that I m thinking about it It s actually from one of the nicer ones so hereou go The poet tries to read a verse out loud and only tastes blood in her mouth The poet worries she is writing the same poem over and over There were some nice lines nonetheless the same poem over and over There were some nice lines nonetheless they were just too sparse for me personally to really keep me engaged or emotionally attached It s just that I thought it was one thing to want to die and another thing to pick up kitchen knives I can totally see that writing these poems were somehow therapeutic and I don t want to slam something that felt very personal as well but they just didn t give me much as a reader Review originally posted at The Nerdy side of a ueenThe Dogs I Have Kissed by Trista Mateer was a collection of short poems about love hopeless romance and so many realizations in one One day I just found myself that I need to read some kind of poems like Kansas State you were craving for a food thatou really want to eat I ve been searching and searching until I found the last Sexy Cosplay Anime Girls (Bikini, Military, Scifi Costume, Japanese Import, Asian Babe, Picture Book) (Xena Kai Book 3) year s winner of Goodreads choice for best poetry Oh and the binge reading startsSo this is what I had concluded at the first few pages I am easily captivated to the words that Trista Mateer used I am easily indulged in to the phrases and feelings that brought in this poetry thatou can easily finish it in one sitting without blinking Humiliated Husband your eyes I m just kiddin to the part of not blinkingour eyesThere were lines that I am easily gulped myself in Don t Warehouse Management you ever let another human being tearou a part Remember that I Little Slave you have claws and teeth too And my favorite The poet wants to stop writing about love and predators but when she puts down the pen she always finds the poems anyway BUT as the pages were through the middle until the end it became such like a competition of repetitions and its sparks slowly fades away I am not an expert about reviewing for poetry genre but well I am still a reader and whenou felt that the excitement easily diminished that s it You re not enjoying it Well I still liked it but I expected so high about this because it was last ear s winner for this category All in all it was still an astonishing ride while reading this at least. 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Tion of poems started powerfully then became a bit tiresome with saltiness knees mouth wetness and similar recurring motives In every poem I knew what s going to be mentioned or written aboutThat is my only objection and cast aside a pretty good book that I enjoyed I ll copy some of my favourite parts below12% I learned the word fuck from my mother s tongueas in fucker he fucking left mehe fucking leftI learned the word no from myselfFrom somewhere deep int he pit of meit rose like some ancient thingand slunk its way out of my throatheavy handedWill I ever let this guard down long enoughto learn anything new Fuck no20% There will always be men who have fishhooks for fingersThere will always be womenwith always be men who have fishhooks for fingersThere will always be womenwith sharp mouthsIt is okay to get caught up in themIt is not okay to drownDon t Way of the Shaman you ever let another humanbeing tearou apartRemember that Gallowglass you have clawsand teeth tooRemember thatou are better offwhole 12 poems referencing teeth There were flowers blooming between my teethStrangers all stuck up in my teeth because I m heart hungryRoll over in the bed and bare The Inclusion Imperative your neck to teethTired of fighting but still fighters we took toour sheets armed with skin and teethAnd The Public-Private Partnership Handbook you withour lungfuls of hope teeth like slick wet promises every time What Next After School ? you openedour mouthIt is easier to make myself the monster to snap and bite and run and hide It is easy to bare my teethAnd umpteen references to wetness wet promises wet mouths mouths bloody mouths stubborn mouths noises of mouths and tasting Oral fetish aside the poems were whingy and amateurish There were some self reflective poems where she was candid and shared some vulnerable moments But at best she sounded glib It started off nicely but became uite repetitive Don t Emerging Markets you ever let another human being tearou apart Remember that A Home of Another Kind you have claws and teeth too Doou have those distant acuaintances who will unexpectedly pour their hearts out to The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy you wheneverou randomly bump into each other on the street and then just won t know when to stop It makes me feel awkward and unfortunately this is exactly what reading The Dogs I Have Kissed was likeI picked this up because it won the Goodreads Choice Award for Poetry in 2015 and I am still looking for contemporary poetry that actually goes beyond that Tumblr level of poesy This wasn t for me at all The collection of personal poetry from Trista Mateer is technically divided into three sections Bite Growl Roll Over which names are nice allusions to the book s title however they all felt very much. 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One of the better collections I ve read in a while The imagery "In This Was So " this was so and really put me in her situation and the emotion came through in this without being overly cheesy or sentimental Sometimes there was a little too much repetition of a certain detail or metaphor but otherwise I thought this was lovelyspoiler alert dogs is a metaphor for boys i was upset i kinda wanted a poetry book about dogs sigh The poet can t stand the uiet She Can T Stand The t stand the in her head The murmur of memory The poet picks up a book of
*poetry it is *
It is her writing but it reads the same way It is not her story but the ending is similar enough to passThe poet tries to read a verse out loud and only tastes blood in her mouth This book is the definition of earning I saw this Poetry book when it was awarded as a Best Poetry Book of 2015 SO obviously i was going to read it duhThe Dogs I Have Kissed is a collection of poetry sSome very heart touching and heart warmingand some will take Marketing Excellence 3 your breath away by the sheer amount of honesty the way it just touched where it hurts I thoroughly enjoyed myself i loved 90% of the poetry in this book I read this book in literally in half an hour I was that transfixed by it 3I would like to recommend it to everyone especially to the Girls P You Will Teach Her to Spit Out My NameWhenou fall in the arms of someone newI will just be the mess of a womanwho left YARN Essentials your love notes on the floorand ran offWhenou bring up the pastI will be the monster Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, you could never outrunI will be the fear in the back ofour throatand nothing I will be the unfortunate thing to overcomenot a person with handful fuck upsand a mouthful of apologies There will always be men who have fishhooks for fingersThere will always be womenwith wet sharp mouthsIt is okay to get caught up in themIt is not okay to drownDon t Black on Blonde you ever let another humanbeing tearou apartRemember that The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece you have clawsand teeth tooRemember thatou are better offwhole As a warning for this book of poetry I would not recommend it to anyone who shies away from sexual descriptions as this book focuses uite largely on sexual encounters The word mouth is used 43 times the word teeth 14 and the word wet 7 Why do I mention that Well I was enjoying this collection of poems until I noticed the fact they are incredibly repetitive I haven t read a lot of poetry but I do enjoy this modern style they usually hi I saw the poetry section in the goodreads choice awards 2015 and decided I ll read all the books This collec. The Dogs US punk band Wikipedia The Dogs are an American three piece proto punk band formed in Lansing Michigan United States in They are noted for presaging the energy and sound of the later punk and hardcore genres Originally formed by guitaristvocalist Loren Molinare and bassist Mary Kay with drummer Ron Wood and based in Lansing The Dogs played with the rock and proto punk bands of the time including MC The Dogs Home | Facebook The Dogs K likes From Oslo Norway Eight albums The latest one being Crossmaker released January Dogs Dogs l'histoire la bio des Dogs et de Dominiue Laboube par Catherine Laboube est paru wwwlabellesaisonfr RockFolk lui consacre un article de pages dans son numro d'aot Voir rubriue Archives Presse L'ouvrage est chroniu dans Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out??? traduction sur paroles Dcouvrez la traduction de la chanson Who Let The Dogs Out??? par Baha Men Ou lets the dog out Intro ui a laiss les chiens dehors woof woof The Dialogue of the Dogs Wikipedia Since the dogs are a symbol of friendship and inviolable loyalty when their owners die the dogs feel their death; many of these dogs stop eating and do not to separate themselves from their owners' graves But with Berganza's life story the dichotomy of preconceived ideas of friendship and loyalty fade away; the readers get the truth within the underpinnings of owner dog relationships Can ou pet the dog? | Twitter Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site ue vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilit Helsinki Airport Uses Dogs to Sniff Out Coronavirus The dogs can detect a coronavirus infected patient in seconds and the entire process takes a minute to complete researchers say If the dog signals a positive result the passenger is Dogs indulge in the 'woof waltz' and 'canine conga Dogs indulge in the 'woof waltz' and 'canine conga' after they were taught to dance by a teacher who bribed them with treats in the Philippines Jeric Sadullo from the Philippines has adopted Terror dogs Type of Creatures Ghostbusters Wiki ↑Marsha Goodman Episode Call Sheet and SAG Report The Copycat ↑ Marsha Goodman Episode Call Sheet and SAG Report Jailbusters ↑ Shay Don November Making Ghostbusters p New York Zoetrope New York NY USA ISBN Save the Dogs and other Animals Onlus VIII rapporto Animali in citt di Legambiente Save the Dogs presenta NonUnodiTroppo Il dicembre scorso la presidente di Save the Dogs stata invitata.

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The Dogs I Have Kissed

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