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Additional four months of field work with Anutans in the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara in 1983 #Richard Feinberg Here Provides A Thorough Study #Feinberg here provides a thorough study Anutan seafaring and navigation

In Doing So He Gives 
doing so he gives insights into the larger picture of how Polynesians have adapted to the sea This richly illustrated book explores the theory and techniue used by Anutans in construction use and handling of their craft; the navigational skills still employed in interisland voyaging; and their culturally patterned attitudes toward the ocean and travel on the high seas Further the discussion is set within the context of social relations values and the Anutans' own symbolic definitions of the world in which they live.

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Without seafaring canoes deep sailing skills and the ability navigate #By Eye Observations Of #naked eye observations stars and sea and bird life there would have been no Polynesian people as we know them today These islanders are as much a creation of their voyaging technology as they were creators of it Had they and their ancestors not developed this technology and associated sailing and navigational skills the ancestral Polynesians could never have ventured out into the middle of the pacific to find and settle so many islands and thereby develop into a sizable and culturally distinct peopleThere are a few out of the way Polynesian islands where some facets of the old maritime tradition apparently survive to. Day One such island #is Anuta a tiny volcanic island which though located the Solomon #Anuta a tiny volcanic island which though located within the of Melanesia is populated by Polynesians Because of the small size of the island its remoteness and its lack of commercially viable resources Anutans there still live close to the traditional pattern of their ancestors They make and sail their canoes in or less the same way that their ancestors did and the sea so pervades their lives that much can be learned of the way Polynesians have adapted to their oceanic environment by looking at how Anutans interact with the sea from the Foreword by Ben Finney Professor of Anthropology University
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Polynesian Seafaring and Navigation