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Y time the action picks up a *New Character Leaps Into The Story Including *character leaps nto the story The Anathema Cell including dossier to slowt downFour or five chapters nto the story Lourdie and Abbey fly off to England and every supporting characters we ve had to memorize drops from the story Completely Dawn drops readers nto a new story a new organizational chart and the process begins again The good news Once she finishes the chart Dawn finally plunges nto the real story the romantic jousting between Lourdie good news Once she finishes the chart Dawn finally plunges nto the real story the romantic jousting between Lourdie Templeton the netherwalkers psychic assault on Lourdie her frustrations as she tries to train the knights When she sees signs that the netherwalkers might be gathering at the gates to nvade for the first time n centuries no one believes herAt long last Cloak of Shadows gathers speed toward a uick kick finale Dawn welds strong girders to frame her vehicle She makes the mistake of trying to hook up the world she Calling Home intends to drag with hernto the following novels like an overweight trailer She did win a reader s favorite award with this book so she earned a following Had she jettisoned the world building and jumped the pond to England on page one she would have delivered a page turner and perhaps a book that really leaps from the crowd of her competitorsThe school would still be there and Lourdes favorite haunts n New York and the kicked out guild uarters when she opens book two Rating system 5 Delicious dialogue crisp prose clever characters compelling plot 4 Great read won t want to stop 3 Definitely worth buying 2 I will tell you what audience will like this but other readers might want to look elsewhere 1 If I review a book this bad I felt seriously compelled to warn you Phillip T Stephens s the author of Cigerets Guns Beer Raising Hell and the new release Seeing Jesus You can follow him stephenspt DNF 45% It didn t start off badly but t stalled out with of the same action The book actually s probably good for a young teen I stayed up until 2 AM last nightthis morning finishing this book It ended far too soonThis The Structure of Soviet History: Essays and Documents is the story of Lourdie a hunter for The King s Court descendants of the Knights of the Round Table that protect the world from a race of life sucking shadow creatures called Netherwalkers and her spunky apprentice 14 year old Abbey When the two big city New Yorkers are shipped off to a remote part of the English countryside to train hunters from around the worldn their special brand of combat Lourdie becomes mysteriously affected by a strain of power reaching to her from the area around the Court s ancestral homeland of Cadbury Hill the previous site for the legendary Camelot Nightmares and changes n her already uniue powers begin to manifest themselves and she feels she must hide them from the rest of the hunters or risk appearing crazy or weakLet me just say the beginning of this book was a bit of a tough one for me It seemed to drag on with a whole lot of back story That being said as soon as the two main characters found their way to England the whole feel of the story changed Action Adventure "ROMANCE IT HAD IT ALL I DIDN T WANT "It had t all I didn t want put t down But almost as soon as I was hooked the story was over Sad days I will definitely be n line to read the next book Date Me in the series Count on that I just have to know what happens now This book was epicEpics not a term I use often Epic followed by an exclamation mark even less But this book warrants the hyperbole The world building and character development are phenomenal This high tech spin on Arthurian legend s sophisticated and futuristic yet still pays homage to the traditional tales of the Knights of the Round TableThis coming of age story features two strong female leads and spans continents worlds even as our heroines protect humanity from otherworldly oppressors With action humor and romance a lot of romance actually At the risk of generalizing my prediction s teenage girls will eat this stuff up this book has a lot to offerCloak of Shadows s an mpressive debut novel rare Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health ints ability to keep ts own voice while borrowing heavily from centuries old mythos Well doneThis s the seventeenth book I ve featured on my book s Atomic Aardvark blog called Bobbing for Indie eBooks A feature where I promote and give away copies of self published eBooks by authors I ve discovered and whose books I have enjoyed. Mal day for Abbey now and she loves every minute of Cause Of Fear it But she has nodea that being sent to Britain for her last hunter trial will unleash a chain of events that will change everything and everyone she loves forever A life will be lost a life will be taken and an unexpected new romance will emerge all while the fate of two worlds balances on the edge of a hunter's blade. .

Cloak of Shadows Netherwalker #1


The shadows that lurk n the corner of your eye that terrify you as a child they are real Netherwalkers slip through The Game of Love into our world greedy to consume human lives An ancient order of hunters are the first and last line of defence And Lourdes Reeses the best they have to offerI m not actually sure where to start with this book there s just so much going onThe world building s fantastic CK Dawn takes a new spin on the Arthurian legend giving us an alternate history The King s Court s a Absolutely fun read I really enjoyed the spin on the legend and how the author pulled the story nto a contemporary setting references to World of Warcraft The relationship between Abby and Lourdes was great and very sisterly Looking forward to the next nstallment I honestly can t remember the last time I was able to read a book about King Arthur or even a retelling of his adventures along with the knights of the round table When I read A Neophyte s Tale a month ago I didn t have any nclination about this world when Abbey Thorne saw monsters lurking The Lady in Pink in the shadows But I did get a glimpse of what she could do after Bernie took her up under his wings Now this first bookn the Netherwalker series by CK Dawn has been a really exciting and thrilling read We now see Abbey as a 14 year old apprentice fighting alongside her mentor Lourdes Reese and are formidable hunters Eyes in the King Arthur s Court Together they hunt and fight the Netherwalkers who could create monsterrificllusions or hallucinations to the human mind and suck their life Together they went to Britain where they were assigned to train aspiring and deserving *proteges n combat Everything changed however when Lourdie started having massive headaches when they reached Cadburry *in combat Everything changed however when Lourdie started having massive headaches when they reached Cadburry n Camelot Oh yes as Sinner's Heart in Camelot and the legendary Sir Lancelot Cloak of Shadowss a satisfying read complete with all the ngredients of a really fantastic book CK Dawn was able to weave a world that will let your magination run wild Futuristic supernatural mystifying fantastic I just loved getting lost Spirit of the Wolf in their world and with the characters Don t even let me start with Temple oh that dude could easily break my heart Anticipating Book 2n the series Yay So many tales from history to hear Which were true and which were fabrications to hide the truth One of the greatest legends was of King Arthur and his Knights brave warriors all Could A Vineyard Christmas it be possible that the descendants of these warriors have become guardians that defend us from evil to this very day When your time comesf the blood Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose in your veinss the same as the Knights like young Abbey s Duty calls and your life will be changed forever Enter the world where warriors come n all shapes and sizes Enter the world of CK Dawn and the new series Netherwalker with book one Cloak of Shadows where warriors are honed nto lethal fighting machines and evil s kept at baySounds pretty ominous doesn t t Probably because you haven t met Abbey and her mentor Lourdes Abbey Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) is priceless her wit candor and rough edges not to mention hernvisible sense of self brings humor and charm to a tale of good versus evil Lourdie Math Basics 6 is a loner far powerful than her peers shes uniue among hunters and no one knows why she Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, is so powerful The two have beennvited to Britain to hopefully find another hunter capable of being trained to do what Lourdie does "Too Bad No One Mentioned "bad no one mentioned the often arrogant and aloof laird of the manor While Abbey dubs him Mr Hunky Lourdie finds he unsettles her oh wait could she be fighting a romantic attraction to the manAll s not hearts and magic and flowers though evil The First Ghost is stalking the hunters and every second spent training MUST pay off as other worldly creatures threaten humanity Heroes will fall hearts will break but the war goes onSadly I don t remember King Arthur and his Round Table having an Abbey or a Lourdes among them Thank you for correcting that oversight C K Dawn With brilliant attention to each scene from the smell of sweat the clashing of weapons and the chaotic action CKDawn has created a spellbinding world with characters that jump off the pages and appear before your very mind s eye The romance takes second chair to the action and the lives of these characters Get ready to fight the good fight alongside the descendants of the world s best warriors. Whatf all you've ever known of King Arthur's legend was a lie to mislead you from the truth What f Camelot truly existed but was destroyed to keep ts secrets What Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential if there were descendants of The Knights of the Round Table defending us today from the creatures that lurk within the shadows If the gloaming came looking for you would you answerts call Fourteen year old. Perhaps C K Dawn cast a spell over this tale because I for one could NOT put t down Brilliant writing perfect pacing and exhausting action could NOT put t down Brilliant writing perfect pacing and exhausting action Humanism itI received this copy from CK Dawnn exchange for my honest reviewSeries Netherwalker Book 1Publication Date September 28 2014Publisher C K DawnGenre YA ParanormalPrint Length 290 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More So this book was amazing I ll start off with that I knew a little about the book when I first started that Smokin' Hot is was a young adult read about the descendents of King Arthur s knights But wow I ve never read anything like this beforeMs Dawn works seamlessly between her two main characters an adult and a young teen each has their own voice ands portrayed realistically well "as realistically as supernatural hunters can be as an adult I "realistically as supernatural hunters can be as an adult I to the older of the two but I definitely appreciated the voice of the younger as well Brilliantly doneThis has a little bit of romance and a lot of action exactly my type of read It s appropriate for a younger audience as things don t get too steamy on the romance side of things Definitely would reco This story Placing Memory is amazing I cannot wait for the next bookn the series to come out The action s fun and I really enjoy the spin this author put on Arthurian legend Abbey s absolutely adorable and I love the banter between Lourdie and Temple The Netherwalkers are also pretty darn creepy I am admittedly a big fan of YA so I ve devoured books like The Fever Series and Twilight Saga If you like books like those and girls who kick butt you ll love this story I wish Bernie would shepherd me so I could answer the gloaming s call Come on Book 2 King Arthur Vampire HunterFirst of all female readers should probably add a star to my rating If you re a paranormal romance fan add another Don t think me sexist I m simply trying to connect audiences with books By the same measure f you consider The Once and Future King the Harry Potter Series and Simon R Greene s Knights of the Golden Torc series to be eually good add two stars to my ratingThere are plenty of those readers out there The cover on shows that Cloak of Shadows won a Readers Favorite awardBy the end of the book I was on board too However even though I know which readers react best to Cloak of Shadows I still felt the first nstallment of CK Dawn s Netherwalker series stumbled out of the gate Dawn ties the series to Arthurian legends but the storyline would have worked eually well without the connection In fact nothing about the Camelot connection enhances the storyline And there s the rubLourdie and her disciple Abbey fight netherwalkers characters who dwell Wanton Nights in the shadows to channel human souls to their mastersn another dimension They plug While My Soldier Serves into an elite worldwide network the King s Court evolved over the centuries from Camelot s round table The court s head Lord Templetonnsists that Lourdie fly to England to train Court knights n her nnovative fighting techniues most particularly the ability to summon multiple orbs used to banish netherwalkers to their home realmOnce ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe in England however the knights can t duplicate Lourdie s orb making skills Lord Templeton s disdain over her Americanized fighting skills doesn t help Nor does the sudden onslaught of nightmares that sap her energy day by dayAs you might sense from the description nothingn this story depends on Arturian legends as a foundation You can substitute by UNCLE Harry Dresden s White Council or Harry Potter s Order of the Phoenix for the Court and the story works eually well Dawns desire to construct a new world for readers makes reading the story feel like driving through five o clock traffic with a stop sign at every blockI mention the Order of the Phoenix because Abbey attends SB Devere a private school for King s Court trainees that sounds remarkably like Hogwartz The main difference being the presence of dociles read muggles to lend cover to the school As much as you want to feel Cloak of Shadows The Fiend Next Door is a fresh take on established myth too many of the pieces feel familiar Nor does Dawn control the pace with which she brings readersnto her new world In the first few chapters she hurls dozens of characters at the reader love nterests fellow court members cafe owners and teachers along with their place on the organizational chart Ever. Abigail Thorne answered the gloaming and t turned her life upside down Along with her mentor Lourdes Reese a seasoned hunter பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் in The King's Court she now banishes the evil shadows while most dociles sleepn their beds Fighting hidden creatures that feed on humans glimpsing fractures that lead to another world and wielding magical weapons all before geometry That's a nor. .
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