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The White een

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Of her children is exactly what makes her een of England her concern drives her to seek protection Hes My Secret Agent Fake Husband (BHO, under the banner of York To save my son I would plot with the devil himself Her first husband has died fighting for the red rose he has diednder the banner of Lancaster So Elizabeth is widowed and in need of protection Her family are seen as traitors by the new Yorkist regime they are enemies of the crown So what better way than to appear as if b Philippa Gregory s latest historical fiction release is to put it mildly absolutely amazing I think this is one of her better books on par with The Other Boleyn Girl The scope of The White Et le mal viendra ueen is just as if not epic in terms of literary drama than the rise and fall of Anne Boleyn at the hand of King Henry VIII It focuses on The War of the Roses a bloody war of politics and rival family members pitted against each other as the Yorks and Lancasters fought to become the next ruling family of EnglandI didn t know much about this time in England s history except that the Tudors as part of the House of Lancaster are the winners and the symbol of Henry VII snification of the two houses is the Tudor Rose Of course since it s a war of cousins as soon as I began reading I had a hard time keeping track of this huge family and found a really handy family tree on Wikipedia made specifically for following the lineage and contributing royals to this war Even with that it s hard to keep track of three generations of names like Richard Edward and George But I think I did fine The White Profiles In Courage ueen is told through the voice of Elizabeth Woodville a widow of the House of Lancaster with two sons left fatherless from the war with the Yorks She finds herself in the middle of her mother s plotting and is soon exerting her ambitions on thepstart York King Edward IV Gregory imagines theirs being a true romance despite Edward s kingly indulgence of other women she manages to make Edward and Elizabeth s relationship seem much deeper than political ambition They are married in secret an act which eventually comes back to haunt them and puts their positions in danger Rumors and scandals spread by rivals even Edward s own brother threaten to overturn Elizabeth s good luck and the safety of her large family of heirsAmong the accusations is a cry of witchcraft at the hand of her mother Jacuetta who believes herself to be a descendant of Melusina the mythic influence of The Little Mermaid fairy tale Wielding strange beliefs in the power of her little spells and enchantments the inclusion of this in the text adds an elusive and magical femininity to The White John F. Kennedy ueen and like Philippa Gregory s other books both confirms and denies age oldestions of the wickedness once believed to be punishable only by drowning or burning It s just as easy to believe in the childhood mysteries and superstitions drawn out into her burgeoning womanhood as it is to think Elizabeth s successes and failures are the result of her and her mother s ambitious and well thought out machinationsIf I read correctly there are also references to stories of Cinderella and real life influences for the myth of Robin Hood Belief in fairy tales or not they add an ambiance and counter the surprisingly bloody and graphic battle scenes Gregory writes with the confidence of a writer who s been doing it her whole life I ve read eight of her books in none of them do I remember ever reading the specifics on combat That she does venture bravely into that arena emphasizes the extend of the war fueled by the political ambitions of the York and Lancaster families If she hadn t I don t think I would have Les desserts de nos grands-mères understood the gravity the severity or the conseuence of the war as much I m grateful and impressed Gregory has definitely gonep a notch in my book She reenforces her existing mastery of writing scandal intrigue romance and the political maneuvering and flirtations of the court But she also shows off skills I never knew she had the darker side of Gregory s writing is just as inviting as it is graphicI think it s this addition to the book and the almost magical realism of the Rivers family and the storms they wield that make this a really spectacular first part in a trilogy The Cousins War that will include two other titles The Red een and The White Princess Of course Philippa Gregory s mastery over English history and phenomenal research makes for spell binding historical fictions when combined with her superb storytelling and attention to the type of detail that adds veracity and momentum to every one of her booksIt helps that she wrote about such a tumultuous and dramatic time in English history ripe for literary exploration
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the way approaches her subjects and writes I think Philippa Gregory could make almost her subjects and writes I think Philippa Gregory could make almost period in history sound scrumptious That being said the mysterious disappearance of the Princes in the Tower was an event way outside of my bubble of knowledge I admit I Cheated And Googled The Phrase To Learn What About Their and Googled the phrase to learn what about their has become so profound After reading the book I m tickled to learn that Gregory has intertwined their fictitious fate with that of Henry VIII in The Other Boleyn Girl who blames Anne Boleyn for his impotence and her inability to produce a healthy heir I had to laugh as I read the curses of Elizabeth and her daughter After all Henry VIII if Elizabeth s magic is to be believed has the right to place the blame on his troubles elsewhere he s just blamed the wrong woman is allIn any event I completely recommend this book to fans of historical fiction and anyone interested in reading a riveting story of love jealousy and vengeance And I absolutely recommend this to Philippa Gregory fans She s reinvented herself in this one I think and proves she can se fairy tales romance and gore in the same book and make it all completely plausible I can t say enough how much I loved this book You should go pre order it right now Right now Elizabeth Woodville was the Paper Money ueen of Edward IV the mother of the murdered princes in the tower and the grandmother of Henry VIII She played a larger role in the period of the War of the Roses then she is often credited with and her portrayals in the books havesually been less than sympathetic This novel covers her story over a span 0f 21 years from the time she is wood by the debonair Edward IV in the midst of the bloody War of the Roses La premiere enuete de MaigretMaigret et la vieille dame until the eve of the Battle of Bosworth in which Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor and killedShe gives a sympathetic portrayal of Elizabeth Woodville than she does of her subject in The Other Boleyn Girl Anne Boleyn and her books abouteen Elizabeth I love novels about English medieval and Tudor history and was ite excited to find this She portrays her characters in a multidimensional fashion in the novel which I likedHer portrait of Elizabeth is of a strong ambitious and determined woman who although she can be ruthless and conniving greatly cares for her children and can show generosity of spirit Perhaps it is close to the real character of Elizabeth Woodville The saga of the Rivers family is an interesting one as many of the characters she covers in this novel appear in Shakespeare s Richard IIIRichard Duke of Gloucester is portrayed as ruthless and cruel extremely self serving and cunning not the saintly figure of Sharon Penman s The Sunne in Splendour yet he is absolved of blame by Gregory for the deaths of the princesInteresting aspects of this novel include Elizabeth s witchcraft she curses Richard III so that his arm withers and he weakens and alludes to the scene in Richard III where he flounders at the battlefield of Bosworth before his death desperate for a horse She curses whoever had ordered the death of her son Edward V and the facts that would nfold point to the perpetrator being Henry VII who as Elizabeth Woodville incanted would lose his firstborn son in youth and his grandson Prince Arthur brother of Henry VIII and Henry VIII s only son Edward VIHer sorcery is a central part of the novel and much is made of her reputed descent through her mother Jauetta of Burgundy from the feminine spirit of sacred springs and rivers Melusina The book includes a figure of the time I have always much liked Edward s beautiful. Conflito Zazen ue opôs a casa de lancaster cujo simbolo éma rosa vermelha á casa de York representada pela rosa branca. Considering that I ve now read six of her books it pains me to say that I might be getting over Phillipa Gregory Most of the reviews for The White Histoire du Moyen ge: Mille ans de changements ueen were good and I expected to like it But for the most part it was justmeh So plot summary we ve moved back in time f Here is a thought that has probably never occurred to anyone while reading a Philippa Gregory novel You know what this book needs More politicsGregory is best known for her fictionalized tales about the lives of the Kings andeens of England most famously The Other Boleyn Girl This is a genre I like to call Historical Harleuin whereby there may be some actual fact but it is mostly sappy glorified romance in what was probably just a time period miserable than the 90 s She turns fat homicidal maniacs into heartthrobs ie Henry VIII and sad female pawns into beautiful heroines ie every woman in her novels Has anyone seen 16th century portraits No one was beautiful They were all marrying their cousins Gregory Histoire du Moyen ge (French Edition) usually does this with remarkable skill and her compelling provocative novels always endp on the bestseller list They are a tasty guilty pleasure kind of like Twilight s older brainier cousin Her newest novel The White Boken om Blanche och Marie ueen appeared to no one s surprise on the bestseller list almost immediately The surprise is in how terribly boring this one is Gregory has abandoned the Tudor dynasty and gone back in time to the Plantagenets a seemingly psychotic clan who should have been easy to write exciting literature about Two families the Lancasters and the Yorks struggled for the throne for generations The ruthless brother on brother violence and endless battling is now known as The War of the Roses since supporters wore colored roses to represent their favorite team so to speak Prior to reading this novel I just thought The War of the Roses was an 80 s movie starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas So at least I learned something and it wasn t a total waste of timeThe story follows Elizabeth Woodville She begins the book as a poor young widow and mother of two whose husband died in battle against the Yorks Then for inexplicable and icky reasons she falls in love with the victor King Edward who is essentially responsible for her husband s death No matter They marry in secret and after an interminable number of pages she eventually is declaredeen This makes her happy for reasons completely Prlude Fondation - T1 (1) unclear to anyone sane especially considering that the chief pastime of royals in this time period was to cut off one another s heads Assual Gregory navigates a hefty chunk of time and history in this case 20 years in relatively little space The problem is that she misjudges the things that her audience might actually be interested in The Other Boleyn Girl her best and most famous novel did not bother the reader with the details of Henry s political life beyond how it affected his love life The White Les vacances de Maigret ueen reads at times like a Eurpoean History textbook It is crammed with names dates and battles Hello Girls read your books Philippa Gives some love scenes The steamier the better But when she s not writing like a stuffy historian she s writing sentiments that belong in N Sync songs He will never L'imposture climatique understand what happened that day between a young man and a young woman There was magic and the name of it was love YikesIt s next to impossible to keep track of who anyone is Everyone is named Richard Edward and Elizabeth Elizabeth names her own daughter Elizabeth and both her husband and son are named Edward She has two sons named Richard That s just lazy The king s brothers are Richard and George and Elizabeth has sons named you guessed it Richard and George And it s not just her family It seems that there were only ten names total to choose from in the 16th century and Gregory introducess to about 700 characters all with the same ten names It s like watching The Hills where everyone is eually blonde and eually stupid and you have no idea what s happening or why There is one bright spot Women are always getting their heads chopped off in Gregory s books because they re accused of being witches an accusation that rings ridiculous in modern ears In this book Gregory decides to make the een actually guilty of witchcraft not just accused of it She and her mother have powers they accused of it She and her mother have powers they spells call p storms tell the future etc This choice according to the Author s Note at the end stems from actual historical record that the Petit livre de - Les noeuds ueen believed herself to be descended from a water goddess Weird yes Boring noThe rest is par for the course The men all come across as paranoid power hungry finger pointers and philanderers while the women are all strong smart beautiful and blameless There is a word for woman hating misogyny Whatever the word is for man hating I think Philippa Gregory is guilty of it Poor guys Apparently not a single nice one existed in all of England for the better part of 200 years The only good ones get killed off in battle or innjust head removal procedures She may need to work out some of these issues in therapyThe White Petit livre de - Cuisine au wok en 110 recettes lgres ueen is billed as the first in a series of books about the Plantagenets and the ending indeed has a Lord of the Rings lack of finality to it that is than a little frustrating It s hard not to hope that she gets her head chopped off in the next one so we can start freshFor some far better Historical Harleuin reads I recommend the followingThe Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory but you ve read that already Everyone hasThe Last Wife of Henry VIII by Carolly Erickson Do not waste your time on the Marie Antoinette book by this same author TerribleThe Red Tent by Anita Diamant Biblical Harleuin finallyIf you like this article click here to read Also select subscribe to email to receive free emailpdates when I post a new reviewRead reviews at If there is love enough then nothing not nature not even death itself can come between two who love each other The White een is the seuel to The Lady of the Rivers and they both had their strengths and weaknesses They each tell the story of a powerful woman in a kingdom ruled by men These women fight for their lives their loves and their children out of a sense of survival as well as out of ambition and a hunger for powerEven though their stories are this impressive I often struggled to find the motivation to keep reading This has nothing to do with Gregory s talent as a writer and everything with the tiring wars and battles that divided the country and lost my interest for the book It s historical fiction These battles and fights these long rides through the country and on the sea really happened and it wouldn t make any sense if they didn t show p in this book But what I m interested in is t make any sense if they didn t show Treize marches: Kazuaki Takano, Jean-Marie Fonbonne, Audible Studios: Livres up in this book But what I m interested in is at court the schemes and games they played the legends and stories that may or may not be trueThere is something else that slowed my progress on this book the fact that I knew the outcome I knew people would die plots wouldn t work out wishes would staynfulfilled I m trying to be vague to avoid spoilers No matter how much I rooted for the main character to succeed history taught me betterIn a nutshell a fascinating read about a remarkable woman who managed to become the most powerful woman in the country even though all the odds were against herFind of my books on Instagram This was my first Philippa Gregory novel and it was such an excellent introduction to the author and genre It actually inspired me to read historical fiction by a variety of writers I like Gregory s style because the history and intensity is not sacrificed by the romance in the plot Indeed the romance is a mere element of the story and not the story itself So now many years later I m glad I picked this book Excel 2016 pour les Nuls Pas Pas up I like Gregory s Elizabeth she has such sharp claws A woman who knows what she wants Philippa is a master at getting into the mind of these historical figures she takes the events and narrates them from the perspective of how the said character may have perceived them Elizabeth Woodville is many things she is a courageous woman and a loyal wife she is ambitious and deadly she is strong and ruthless To some she is even considered a witch but firstly andndeniably she is a concerned mother This worriment over the fate. Irmãos e primos lutam entre si para conuistar o trono da Inglaterra neste fascinante relato da guerra das duas rosas ,

Mistress and mistress of many othersJane Shore who is referred to by Elizabeth as the Shore Whore but eventually Elizabeth after gaining much help from Mistress Shore is Une seconde chance unable to not like her As Elizabeth exclaims after her cruel penance by King Richard Harlot or Angel God bless hershe puts forward in her novel the story that her youngest son Richard of York the other prince was smuggles to safety and replace by Elizabeth Woodville with a peasant boy who died in the tower together with Prince EdwardAlso shown here is the fascinating and romantic character of Elizabeth Woodville s daughter Elizabeth of York mother of Henry VIII A compelling blend of romance and history Gregory has done her research well and gives a than satisfactory coverage of The Wars of the Roses and the waxing and waning fortunes of the Yorks and Lancasters as well as Elizabeth s family the Rivers I found it a complete page turner Alright I honestly did not like this novel I can t believe this woman has written than 10 books I ve been trying to conjurep excuses to give Gregory some credit but this novel just wasn t my style Mainly because all it really is is a detailed historical timeline with a little embellishment here and there its bland soup Her writing style in the beginning of the book was abominable The first 10 pages were all I I I and then He He He What I m trying to say is that there was no sentence variation making the story very annoying to read after about five minutes She improves on this towards the middle of the book but not immensely her writing style is still pretty feeling lessI also did not like the plot now this I cannot blame on Gregory as she can not be held responsible for the irritating nature of the Old Regime There are some take away lessons from this story about power and government but after a while the atrocities that men and women committed just to gain power became a little redundant and even annoying Its like okay how many times are going to fight for someone else s throne It just seemed like all these people had to do before the advent of television was go to war and try and become King of so and so I would HATE to have lived in that era or to be a La Guerre des mondes ueen or a Princess and be caughtp in the endless web of greed I hold all these views thanks to Gregory s perspectiveIt would be great to read something about this era written from the perspective of a common manGregory really had something going with the witch side plot line Magic always adds intrigue to a predictable story But this was a very minute part of the novel Most of the novel was just this happened and then that happened and then we were happy summary and then we went to war The war details were great This is why I m even giving the novel two stars There was a lot of detail there and you really could see the battles happening The personal relationships were colorless though so nless you need to learn about the House of York for history class I wouldn t waste my time with this book Excellent follow p And I do love this family Good storytelling especially with the connections to the first book and the subseuent ones You see the other side of the story which is a sign of a good storyteller Nice one Ms Gregory Plus there s the secret of the two princes locked in the tower Did Richard do it The language is beautiful I just love reading these re creations imagining the beauty and the glow of the language the scenes and the words If you love history and you re OK with some fiction interspersed you ve got a winner here About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators 2013 Les vacances de Maigret update It s been three years since I wrote this review Just read the book again and my opinion remains the same I have a confession to make I ve been known to read trashy books Now this isn t something that I like to shout from the rooftops but if you spent your days reading Chaucer you wouldnwind with something less cerebral too I ve done the romance novel thing but the formula becomes grating AFTER A WHILE SO MY MOST a while So my most to brainless literature is mediocre historical fictionI don t think Philippa Gregory stared out as a mediocre artist Her break out novel The Other Boleyn Girl was pretty gripping and presented a side of that worn out Tudor saga that I hadn t heard before Unfortunately her work has started to go down a long dull hill She s now turning her attention to the final years of the Plantagenet reign over English with The White Le monde du double: La magie chez les anciens scandinaves ueen The Whiteeen follows the rise of Elizabeth Woodville a commoner widow who captures the eye of the young King Edward IV and rises to be the Louis XVI: The Silent King (Reputations) ueen of the penultimate reign of a Plantagenet monarch This period of time has been much discussed by artists and historians as an era of greed and blood Many a historian has portrayed Edward IV seen as the head of a family of grasping bloodsuckers who wormed their way into the highest positions in the kingdom much like the Boleyns a few generations later Shakespeare even dedicated his pen to a play based on the period Richard III There s an incredible amount to tell and so many points of view to take inUnfortunately Gregory decides to take the least believable route Inspired by the whispers of witchcraft that surrounded the Woodville family which was supposedly descended from a water goddess Gregory portrays Elizabeth Woodville her mother and daughter Elizabeth later Eleanor Park ueen Elizabeth wife of Henry VII as practitioners of wizardry What made Edward fall for Elizabeth A ring tied to a string What made a boat carrying important dignitaries toss violently over the sea A storm calledp by witches breath What withers Richard III s sword arm and cripples his health A curse and a locket Really Philippa really I think her choice in plot devices shows an author taking the easy way out Elizabeth Woodville whether you liked her or not was a force to be reckoned with She defied an ordained king by claiming sanctuary for herself and her children in a basement She suffered through accusations that her husband had been a bastard sired by a lowly English bowman She climbed to the highest position in the land and hung there through some of the greatest storms in English royal history And Gregory credits it to witchcraft UghSeriously if you find this era interesting pick Roi de France. De Charles VIII à Louis XVI (French Edition) up Sharon Kay Penman s The Sunne in Splendour a hefty novel that relies on history and the strength of the characters Gregory would indeed need witchcraft to reach her standard of work Sadly I m probably going to endp reading Gregory s next book which will be a depiction of the same events just from the point of view of Margaret Beaufort mother to Henry Tudor I will grit my teeth in irritation then maybe through my Kindle in the trash but I will read it shamefaced Why am I so weak The White Le breuvage du diable : Voyage aux sources du caf ueen is the fictional story of the life of Elizabeth Woodville wife of King Edward IV Philippa Gregory does hersual fine job of bringing her characters to life and making it enjoyable to read I don t know how accurate her stories are or any other writer in this genre for that matter I was introduced to royal historical fiction by Norah Lofts and have also read Alison Weir and Jean Plaidy among others In this book Gregory focuses on the Plantagenet s and The Cousins War period also known as The Wars of the Roses which preceded the Tudor Period It s interesting reading about these royals at least for me Readers who like this category will probably like this book On a side note the mini series on cable television did a good job of following the book A good productio. Em meio á guerra a viuvá Elizabeth Woodville desperta a atenção do jovem Rei Eduardo IV e os dois se casam em segre. ,