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From almost the first page you can see where this story is going The narrator is fairly flat and tells the story through some very inane uestions to herself Will th Won via Goodreads First Reads contestI really wanted to like this book a lot than I did I ve read Brackston s first two works The Witch s Daughter and The Winter Witch and while I wasn t a huge fan of the former I thought the latter showed great improvement in writing and storybuilding I thought that her third book likely follow the same pattern and be even better but unfortunately it seems to suffer from a lot the issues that plagued the other twoEssentially the problem is that Brackston doesn t seem to have a natural talent for writing Reading her novels is actually somewhat frustrating because her diction is often uite awkward and unnatural feeling It reads as though it s written by someone who has a lot of education in writing but ust doesn t have the ability to make the words flow in a way that makes her books compulsively readable Additionally it often seems like she s changing tenses one paragraph will be in the present and then then next four will be in past and then she ll switch back and it really throws me offThen there s the fact thatwell her characters and stories ust aren t very believable Like the names of her characters Lady Lilith Radnor is not really the kind of name that the daughter of a duke in the early 20th century would realistically have And of course Lilith is absolutely perfect in every way She s incredibly beautiful slim graceful powerful wealthy etc Flawless character And of course she s engaged to the dashing Louis son of an earl but she falls madly in love with a lower class painter and has to defy the rules of society and her secret coven to be with him Yada yada yada Cliche much And the dialogue is so weird too Literally everyone calls each other darling at least once per conversation and they use vocabulary that isn t especially accurate for the time period And again it s ust really unrealistic I always think to myself that this is not what a real person would actually sayAnd the plot itself is pretty weak After her father s death Lilith becomes the Head Witch of the Lazarus Coven which doesn t really seem to have a purpose except that they meet underground and look spooky and sometimes talk to dead people But they re POWERFUL necromancers and DON T MESS WITH THEM but they don t do anything impressive whatsoever And then there s the evil rival group whose purpose is to steal the magical elixir that brings people back from the dead which is basically the whole reason the Lazarus Coven exists except they aren t actually supposed to use the Elixir because that constitutes Infernal Necromancy which is BAD but they re POWERFUL NECROMANCERS so what exactly are they supposed to be doing It doesn t make a lot of sense And the evil rival group decides that gasp they re going to use people Lilith loves to try to get her to give them the Elixir plus the secret to getting it to work which only she knows again how can you have a coven of necromancers with only one witch who knows how to actually raise the dead Add to that a slew of secondary characters who contribute pretty much nothing to the plotline and there you have The Midnight WitchBut Brackston is also pretty inconsistent with her Own Admittedly Already Shaky Rules admittedly already shaky rules the very beginning of the book Lilith struggles to summon a demon which she has been taught to do but has very little trouble raising someone from the dead later on which is basically the biggest and baddest magic And Louis who has not received any training in raising the dead is also able to do so pretty easily at one point And Lilith remarks to herself that the person she raised is going to have to take numerous doses of the Elixir to stay alive but the person Louis raises has no such need So yes InconsistentHonestly this isn t the kind of book I would expect a bestselling author to put forth I had friends in high school who wrote better fanfiction But I m giving it 3 stars because I liked the premise it The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse just suffered rather poor execution I didn t manage to finish The Midnight Witch I was too disappointed with Lilith to continue reading the last half of the book It was such a shame that Lilith s character was such a mess reading other reviews I know I am far from the only one who has issues with her character And it find it an epic shame that Lilith s character ruined the book for me because I really wanted to like this book On a positive note the Lilith s character might be a mess but the actual literature isn t bad 2 stars for The Midnight Witch Lilith takes over as Head Witch for the Lazarus coven after her father s death The coven is threatened by the Sentinels a group of sorcerers who want the from the Lazarus coven the Elixir that can bring people back to life Lilith also meet Bram a painter whom she falls in love with even though she is engaged to another witchFor me this book didn t work The witch part was ok in the beginning but the love affair destroyed for me any chance of enjoying the book It was so boring so predictable so annoying that I loathed every scene with Bram If Paula Brackston had focused on the witches and their struggle with the sorceress it would have made the book better well a bit better the story was uite predictable and boring also in the end The mole in the coven I wasn t surprised a bit when he was reviledI skimmed the last part of the bookust to get through with it and to be able to move on to something better I loved the cover and the blurb was interesting to bad the to move on to something better I loved the cover and the blurb was interesting to bad the was so bad Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review Paula Brackston s Witch series is actually a series of standalones with each book set in a different time period but united by a common theme a young witch struggling to find her place After The dead are seldom silent All that is reuired for them to be heard is that someone be willing to listen I have been listening to the dead all my lifeLilith is the daughter of the sixth Duke of Radnor She is one of the most beautiful young women in London and engaged to the city’s most eligible bachelor She is also a witchWhen her father dies her hapless brother Freddie takes the title But it is Lilith instructed in the art of necromancy who inherits their fath. .

The Last Witch of Fitzroy SuareN expects him to work with her new beau to bring her back to life when she has once again made poor decisions e The WHOLE situations with her brother f The list grows 3 She is a hypocriteexample There is a price to pay I understand that And I will see that nothing is taken that is not paid for I will not give away the Great secret and I will see to it that no one is harmed through my actions This is when I started to loathe the main character She is all over the place and I hate it when characters say one thing and do another She gives away the Great Secret and people close to her DIE because of her actionsAlso what I have a hard time with in this book is how the witches are guarding their elixir when in truth they stole it from the Sentinels Yes they were bad people but stealing from them doesn t make them any better especially when they somewhat taunt them with it They should 聖☆おにいさん 3 just get rid of it or something I don t know4 At one point Lilith mentions that the Sentinels don t have any female members because they believe that when it comes to matters of the heart that women are weak I really would have loved for Lily to have proven that women are NOT weak when it comes to the matters of the heart her name is Lilith for God s sake but I felt that she failed me when the first sign of her heart fluttering she blabbed it all Not only that but she went against other s wishes didn t discuss IMPORTANT decisions with her peers did spells that she was forbidden to do and put others at risk for the matters of her heart MehI don t like writing unfavorable reviews but when I don t like the main character of a book it really grinds at me There were parts that I liked about the book but I grew to resent Lilith unfortunately Maybe now that she is the ueen of the Night there is hope that I could look past what Iust read and give it another chance If the next book in the series is good then I will chalk this one up as she was ust immature and luckily some people survived but if she continues to be a hot mess then I will give up So I guess I am still in to try the next book Not sure if I ll ever write a full review for this as I did not finish it First reason the writingIt s like trying to walk through thick molasses Especially in the beginning everything is described so fucking detailed I was honestly bored out of my mind Then the author switches between past and present tense first and third person narration and different point of views which renders the book into one gigantic annoying read It s as if neither author nor editor have proof read it The use of present tense narration always irritates me Also I kind of expected a historical romance novel set in the early 20th century with some supernatural witchcraft ghosts elements But the dialogues described etiuette and even the names do not contribute much to historical accuracy It was all so very much uninteresting I d rather watch the Titanic sink again and Leonardo di Caprio drowns than finish this book Secondly The romance it s kind of the same as in Titanic Super beautiful super rich super fancy witch with a super fianc falls in love with an artist from the poor wrong non magical non aristocratic part of the society Yawn "HAVE I MENTIONED TITANIC THE MOVIE "I mentioned Titanic The movie awesome in comparison to this At least Leo drowns and I still cry some tears when the mother tells her two children a story while the ship is running full of cold water Third the magic part They are all so damn powerful necromancer and then nothing We are told they are Actual zombies none Ghosts Nope none of that either The whole mystical element is like the secret meetings of a secret cult where everything is about power struggle than magic necromancy This Book Is A Waste Of Time If is a waste of time if ask me There are better historical novels there are much better romance novels and there certainly are better fantasy novels out there Have you ever read a book that you absolutely hated but at the same time you adored reading it and you couldn t put it down That s exactly what this YA friendly tale of witchcraft among the English upper classes during World War One was like for me There were so many ingredients that I savored and couldn t get enough of yet the flavor of the whole thing was a big silly mess I m rating the book five stars simply because I enjoyed it so much But to be accurate about my impressions I want to do a split review five star first and then one star FIVE STAR REVIEW Bram the rugged young artist and beautiful aristocratic witch Lilith were the most wonderful couple I ve seen in a YA novel in a long long time I loved how Lilith was so much powerful than Bram and how he ust completely adored her for the very things that set her above him her I wanted to read this as I ve had Brackston s previous novels as audiobooks I uite enjoyed The Witch s Daughter but was less enamoured by The Winter Witch However when I m in the mood I like my witchcraft magical themed stories and so wanted to give the author another goLady Lilith becomes Head Witch of the Lazarus Covern on the death of her father Not only is she stunningly beautiful rich and engaged to an eually gorgeous and talented son of an earl she s a powerful neocromancer Romantic affairs and sinister witchy complications affect her otherwise perfect lifeSadly this one didn t work for me I didn t like or care for any of the characters Lilith in particular was Summerland just irritating The whole point of her covern is the big secret she has protect at all cost and then she tells the rather random guy that she suddenly decides she loves I struggled to finish the book but I did felt I had to give it a chance to grown on me unfortunately it didn t Not a lot actually happens the whole magical aspect was unimpressive and by the end I didn t really careSorryust not for me Although I did like the coverThanks to the publishers and netaglley for the chance to try it. Ourt Until the day she meets Bram a talented artist who is neither a witch nor a member of her class With him she must not be secret and silent Despite her loyalty to the coven and duty to her family Lilith cannot keep her life as a witch hidden from the man she loves To tell him will risk everythingSpanning the opulence of Edwardian London and the dark days of World War I The Midnight Witch is the third novel from New York Times bestselling author Paula Bracksto.

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