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Ition Mac is a bulldog when he gets the bit between his teethI Also Really Enjoyed The really njoyed the characters Mac s partner Richard Lich Dick Lick and the Police captain and commissioner are solidly behind their copsWhat I didn t like It s hard to find something in such a short book not to like Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set especially if the author is halfway decent writer So yeah I justnjoyed the bookI m Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals extremely glad I read First Case before starting the series as the background on Mac and his thought process is critical to the seriesRecommended start with this one before the first full length novel The St Paul Conspiracy Short read Fast paced unputdownable This preuel to the McRyan Mystery Series has been sitting on my kindle for forever I originally bought it as I lived in St Paul for a couple of years during my medical school days and I love to read books set in a familiar area This is a pretty darn good storyspecially considering it is a novellaMichael McKenzie Mac McRyan is a 30ish year old attorney turned copper who is mbarking on his first case as a detective a fresh murder of an up and coming attorney He is paired with veteran detective Richard Lich Dick Lick Dick wants "To See If The "see if the has talent so he hands over the reins and lets Mac lead the caseMac is smart and xtremely hard working We go through his thought processes as he ultimately solves the case I loved learning about mind mapping Mac s way of pulling clues together Mr Stelljes introduces us to Mac s personal life including a pretty significant domestic crisis in this little tale I suspect we will see considerable interaction with his xtended family which is full of cops in future little tale I suspect we will see considerable interaction with his xtended family which is full of cops in future The Our Fake Relationship ending was a nice twist I thought I had it worked out but I didn t YayI certainly liked this introductionnough to continue on with the Mac McRyan series He is an The Blitzkrieg Legend easy guy to root for and I really like Mr Stelljes style First Case by Roger Stelljes was recommended by a friend to read and I am very pleased that I did First Case introduces a new detective called. Duction and backstory to the lead character Mac McRyan and his fellow detectives Stelljes' knack for GRITTY and REAL DIALOGUE slangjargonbehind the scenes dialog. I reallynjoyed this preuel to THE MCRYAN SERIES IT S WELL McRyan series it s well and kept my attention I think Mac is a good character and I liked getting his my attention I think Mac is a good character and I liked getting his background It will be interesting to see where his career as a detective takes him I m glad to see there are several books in the series and I look forward to reading them Michael McKenzie Mac McRyan had it all A former University of Minnesota Gopher hockey player he was a good looking law school graduate married to a beautiful la A Fast ThrillThe McRyan Mystery Thriller moves so fast that the book has The Crown ended and the crime is solved before youven get a chance to Über Nacht exhale This is a fairly short thriller less than 100 pages that won t take you very long to read but it s pretty good and sets the stage as the opener for longer books in a series I m looking forward to reading from this author 35 StarsI am one of those readers who can t start a series at the second or third book I have to read them in order if I know previous books in the seriesxist First Case was written after the first book in the McRyan mystery series but I hadn t discovered the author yet so "I Started With The "started with the short storyWhat I liked Since I had no Ad Astra expectations and short stories are well short I reallynjoyed the background on the protaganist Michael McRyan known as Mac I had never read any books by Mr Stelljes and First Case gave me a sampling to see if I should continueAll of this came about because the third book in the series came to my attention as a free Kindle deal before I rush in to obtain a free book I now do my homework I went crazy with free offerings when I first received my Kindle and was very disappointed in some of my book deals Now I research before I click the get it free buttonMac is written as a very idealistic character but xtremely savvy He also has a law degree which the book xplains why he s not a lawyer He s Everything But The Girl extremely smart and picks up on the slightest clues The thing Injoyed most was the characters thought process and sense of fairness In add. Award winning author Roger Stelljes delivers a mystery NOVELLA 12 chapters25280 words that is the preuel to the McRyan Mystery Series First Case provides an intro. Michael Mckenzie McRyan Mac who teams up with veteran cop Dick Lick to investigate murder of Gordon Oliver Readers of First Case will follow the twist and turns of the investigation intertwine with Detective Michael Mckenzie McRyan personally life Also the Readers Of First Case Will Laugh And of First Case will laugh and impressed with the Sport Social Work: Promoting the Functioning and Well-Being of College and Professional Athletes ending At first I though First Case was about a mafia family due to the reference of family business However this was not the case family business refers to lawnforcement family I am impressed with the way Roger Stelljes portrays his characters Readers of First Case will learn about how to be it feels to be a new detective and how to win over your work colleagues Also readers will learn that you can not keep a secret in the workplace you are always Modern Art Death of a Culture eventually found out I recommend this book This novella introduces us to Michael Mac Mckenzie McRyanThe story was justnough to hook the reader All of the McRyan s are in Law Enforcement xcept Mac He was a lawyer who was married to a lawyer They seemed to have a perfect life until two McRyan cousins are killed in the line of duty I REALY ENJOYED AND SUPER PROUD I FIURED OUT WHAT THE MURDER WEAPON WAS WHEN THEY WERE AT THE MURDER SCENE RAHHHHHHHHHHH ME I ALSO KNEW WHO THE KILLER WASwhile they were interviewing suspects JUST DIDN T KNOW WHY THEY DID IT DOUBLE RAHHHHHHHHHH D THERE WAS A LOT OF DESCRIPIION OF SOME STUFF I THOUGHT WAS A BIT OVER DONE I WILL BE READING MORE OF THIS SERIES EVEN WITH THAT I STILL LIKED THE CHARACTERS ESPECIALLY MAC HE IS A SUPER COOL SMART ALPHA GUY AND ANY WOMAN WHO COULDN T SEE THAT IS ONE BLIND AS CRAZY SKEEZER BITH HE IS ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS A MAN YOU GO WHOO HOO YES EVERY DAY CAUSE HE S YOURS MY ONLY PROBLEM I HAD WITH THE BOOK WAS WHY WOULD ANYONE NAME A SCHOOL CRETIN REALLY CRETIN HIGH SCHOOL ha ha ha hah ha NOOOOOOOOOOO COULDN T YOU FIND A BETTER NAME FOR A HIGH SCHOOL I HOPE THIS NAME WASN T TAKEN FROM REAL LIFE AND SOMEWHERE THERE IS A HIGH SHOOL WITH THAT NAME BOO HA HA HA HA HA D 0 SORRY LO. As well as his uncanny sense of place and time will put you in the middle of the action allowing you to feel the desperation of Mac McRyan and his fellow detectiv. .

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First Case McRyan Mystery #05