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His Compromised CountessThis is the first book I have read by Deborah Hale I really enjoyed it She Made The Characters So Realistic the characters so realistic and Caroline a married couple who seemed to have grown apart It was well written from beginning to end I look forward to reading by Deborah I don t typically like this type of stories in romances husband suspects wife of cheating on him throws her out then realizes he was wrong But based on the glowing reviews and the fact that there were no spoilers saying oh he cheated on her with ow I figured I might

it a go I am glad I did This was a wonderfully written novel Somewhat trite but for the genre it was really goodThe H follows his wife right away after sending her to a far out estate because she takes their son with her The h s issues with son s nanny are not addressed now that I think of it but it doesn t matter towards the end The son falls ill and after he recovers they want to make sure he won t fall sick again so they stick around for a week then decide on a month of retending to be a happy family and ta da some communication and we have a HEA sigh Now I can go sleep eacefully Wonderful story really departs from your usually HEA and gives you a different glimpse peacefully Wonderful story really departs from your usually HEA and gives you a different glimpse a true love story On this one you have two eople married for the wrong reasons and who have grown apart and feel there s no longer hope for their relationship but have a child and like so many modern marriages want to do what s best for their child The way circumstances bring them together and the steps they take to make things work will give them a second chance at a relationship they didn t know they could haveI ve read only a few books by Ms Hale but I ve been really impressed by the stories Guess When his beautiful flirtatious wife scandalizes Almack's by being caught in the arms of his enemy Bennett Maitland Earl of Sterling finally ends his unsuitable marriage Ll have to keep reading them as her writing is very much within my favored style for this genre This is essentially a second chance romance but includes the breakup and is about a couple resolving their marital issues than falling in love That s a good thing and makes for a rich and realistic story but it s intense than many romances Still a HEA ending Scenes such as discovering your child has overheard you arguing with your spouse will be uncomfortably familiar to many readers Hale models great arenting in general and for separated couples When he catches his wife Caroline in a compromising situation with his enemy at Almack s Bennett Maitland Earl of Sterling banishes her from London Afraid that he will ALSO FORBID HER TO HAVE CONTACT forbid her to have contact their young son Caroline takes Wyn and flees to the Isles of Scilly and Tresco off the coast of Cornwall Expecting a manor house they were unprepared to find an abandoned manor house And here is where she hoped to stay Worse Bennet caught up to her the next day told her that she had a month and then he was taking Wyn and returning to London without her Do they have the time to The Neverending Story put their marriage back togetherThis was a very difficult book to read Both the hero and heroine had very diffic The book is an extended meditation on two characters who have done nothing but big and little mis themselves for seven odd years of marriage While I normally do eat this stuff right up discovering theerson you ve married is not who you ve assumed them to be rad sooo excited about Sherry Thomas s uncoming book here the narrative structure is boring as dust Long The Vanquished pages of maunderingerhaps I ve misjudged himher Maybe heshe is not the grim haterflighty whore I ve always th. E banishes Caroline to his remote childhood home only to end up trapped there with herHaving lost the love of her cold husband Caroline is outwardly defiant yet her wound. ,

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Ought himher to be followed by naaaah I m sure I m just imagining things Rinse repeat Several times Snooze Which is too bad because I adored the angst here I just wish it had been better executed Wonderful old fashioned Regency about a well meaning couple who decide to give love a second chance There is great sychological depth in this story about a married couple who have misunderstood each other for years I am rather demanding about this kind of lot too often in romance novels misunderstandings seem a bit artificial but here I found it all very realistic and heartbreaking Caroline and Bennett have had different childhoods but neither was very well euipped to deal with the realities of a relationship Both analyzed the other s actions from their own erspective which led to massive misunderstandings notably about each other s feelings for their young sonThe story is told from both El otoño del patriarca points of view so we find out rather uickly that each character is uite wrong about the other which in some stories would I was completely spellbound by the realistic emotions of Bennett and Caroline as they faced the truth about themselves each other their marriage and roles asarents Much of the story centered on their family relationship while living on a small isle off the coast of Cornwall far from reminders of a on a small isle off the coast of Cornwall far from reminders of a scandal I was fascinated by their attempts t This story is a real lesson to all of us to simply listen to each other and showing the Drop It, Rocket! people around us how we really fell This is a delightful in dept story of two broken hearts linked together for the same cause Until eventually they share talk and trust each other with their feeling to over come any kind of heartache for the one they love. Ed heart aches for what they once shared If she dares she has one last chance to break through Bennett's icy reserve and rekindle the fieryassion that once consumed the. ,

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