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Baby oEe somef the places in the world where being Christian is not as easy as here I just feel like this book is not Philip Yancey s best writing This was not nearly as good as Yancey s book The Moment on grace I may have to go back and read thatne so I can remember what a good writer Yancey can be My husband read this book for a reading group at church When he brought it home I asked him So What good is God He wasn t able to give me an answer Now that I have read the book Myself I Know Why I know why Yancey doesn t actually answer that uestion A accurate title might have been Travels With Yancey Each chapter describes a different place he has visited and includes a talk that he gave there He has been literally around the world The Cypress Tree often meeting with people in extreme circumstances people in pain following actsf violence and terrorism people facing persecution sex workers trying to escape from prostitution addicts struggling to recover In many cases Yancey doesn t have to answer the uestion What good is God because he meets people who have already answered the uestion for themselves with stories The Kings Spy (Thomas Hill, of their encounters with a God who has saved them from a downward spiral It may not be God s goodness that is in uestion so much asur faith Yancey is always ready to correct the imbalances Doctor Illuminatus of Christianity Christians are too judgmental too legalistic American Christians are too distracted by consumerism and celebrity culture Christians need to be reachingut to the marginalized as Jesus did Christians need to be caring for the poor as Jesus did Christians need to return to the primary message f love and acceptance If we can do that we can make a difference in the world even when few in number the world even when few in number we can do that we can show thers the goodness The Preachers Kid of God like the lampn the cover shining O Testamento over a dark city Yancey is my favorite Arminian writer Thought provoking genuine andriginal Yancey never fails to send my thoughts in new directions I am about half way through this Gangbang Slut one and it is formated into chapter pairs with the firstne describing an extrodinary r unusual circumstance where Yancey has been asked to speak and the second Giving The Speach Itself He the speach itself He covered so far speaking at the Virginia Tech Masacare the Chinese underground church a conference for recovering prostitutes remembering CS Lewis at Oxford pretty powerful If you have never read Yancey a MUST read is What is so amazing about graceHaving now concluded What Good is God I m left feeling mixed about what Yancey had to say I m really in between liked and really liked On the ne hand Yancey does what he does best tells you a story This book is full Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows of powerful superbly written stories that make you thinkr cry The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) or imagine Very few can so powerfully mix intellectual uestioning with such powerful pat Got an advance copyf this from the bookstore where I work Philip Yancey is Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, onef my favorite Christian writers and he had an interesting and effective format for this book It was divided into 10 sections each A Fairly Honourable Defeat one about a place he had traveled where he had been struck by the faithf the people he met and the difference God had made in their lives From Mumbai shortly after the terrorist attacks in 2008 to Virginia Tech after a student went n a murderous rampage to a convention f women who had found their way Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue outf prostitution Yancey writes about the people he meets with anecdotes The Man Without a Face of incredible faith and struggles to notnly survive the world but to make it a better place Each section is divided in two Yancey setting the stage for the speaking engagement in each place and then the actual speech he gave I was moved by this book and may need to read it again for the inspiration it gave I recommend it to Christians and non Christians alike as a book that presents stunning examples f Christianity as it shoul. Challenging uestions For each f his ten destinations this book shares Philip's inspiri. In this book Philip Yancey presents his ideas about spirituality in an extremely realistic and practical way He examines the concept Gone (Gone, of God s goodness and the valuef faith in the troubled times we live in and does not mince words Threads Of The Shroud or give pithy pat answers He honestly looks at some disturbing issues with a view t I m not sure what I was expecting from this book but I don t think it was what I found at least in termsf its structure What Good Is God In Search All Seated on the Ground of a Faith That Matters is a collectionf talks that Philip Yancey has given in various places around the world each prefaced with a chapter reflecting Untitled. on the circumstances under which they were given In some instances Yancey addressed communities in the wakef traumatic events in Wiring others he spoke to groups who were marginalized and persecuted He spoke in Memphis Tennessee a place I know pretty well andne where nearly every issue is uite literally black Against All Odds or whiten the day after the 2008 presidential election discussing the healing influence that the Church Health Center has had n this city with a notorious civil rights history He talked in South Africa About How The Africa about how the s Truth and Reconciliation Commission has approached its mission He brought survivors f the Columbine shootings with him to a talk at Virginia Tech just after it suffered its The DOS own similar tragedy knowing that they d be able to reach eachther as few could He spoke at a Cambridge University conference about CS Lewis and that chapter may have been the Against All Odds one I least expected it actually made me want to read CS Lewis writingsn ChristianityYancey was brought up in a narrow minded fundamentalist church but has arrived at a expansive worldview and God view which is what he communicates to his listeners He comes across as evangelical in some ways but with a rather non sectarian approach and the time I spent with the book the appealing I found that He takes a pretty strong stand against what he calls legalism Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism or the excessive focusn rules about the proper way to believe and express Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils one s faith thatften seems to lead to my Christianity is better than your Christianity competitiveness not especially Christian behavior in my Payment Due opinion In contrast he seeks to convey what Christianity is by going back to its roots the teachingsf Jesus and writings Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, of his early followersDespite some redundancies that I think are at least partly the faultf the book s structure I think that Yancey does a pretty effective job Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, of getting his Christian worldview across to his readers and listeners I rarely felt that I was being preached at and I was surprised to find that I shared somef the viewpoints he expressed I m not sure that what s presented in this book truly matches the premise The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, of its title however In Searchf a Faith That Matters implies to me a personal faith journey in some form and that s really not what s chronicled here On top Turbulence of that the central uestion What Good is God really doesn t seem to be answered I m not uncomfortable with that personally as I ve said before the uestions are what interest me but I do think that some readers might feel a bit misled Having said that I m not sorry I read thisne and it s left me with some real food for thought This was fine Nothing earth shattering for me at *Least But Yancey Always Has Interesting Things *but Yancey always has interesting things say about faith and religion

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this book visits 10 places where faith has been tested Yancey gives the reader information about why he picks this place why he visits these people and what he had to say to them I will give Philip Yancey credit I am not sure that all evangelicals would choose to visit the places Yancey does And I don t think all conservative Christians would be pen to the spirit moving among these people This was a good uick read Through this book I got to Speaker journalist and bestselling author Philip Yancey has travelled the world tackling. D be Sojourns f Journalist a Metaphor for Spiritual Journey Elizabeth Ann Seton of Believer Phillip Yancey isne Die Postmoderne Konstellation of the most influential writers in the Evangelical world today I write books for myself he saysn his blog searching for a loving gracious God
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writes about s grace instead Folk Tales From the Soviet Union of the God he feared becausef the hell and brimstone preaching he received from what he calls a toxic church Yancey brings us a new format in his book What Good is God He takes us Ulysses and the Trojan War on a global trek to ten distinct groupsf people to determine if the faith he writes about holds up through the tough issues he encounters in the refiner s fire Tall, Dark Rich ofppression violence and plague We see underground Christians in China the horrific lives The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles of those thrown into prostitution recovering alcoholics in Chicago and lifen campus in a 1960s Bible College The idea for the book came to him while Taught to Obey on an airplane After his book tour in India was bumped becausef the terror in Mumbai in 2008 Yancey instead spoke to a small group in an Indian church His theme How do we find comfort in the midst Learning to Dance in the Rain of disaster and suffering During his uest Yancey the journalistbserved with a practiced eye while Yancey the believer probed his soul for answers His sojourns through the dark places Rebel (The Change, ofur planet and its broken people are metaphors for his Man of Her Dreams (The Enforcers, own spiritual journey Yancey s answer to What Good is God echoes thatf a pastor preaching from a passage in Romans following the Virginia Tech campus massacre Do not be The Plant Paradox overcome with evil butvercome evil with good The design Little Sister (Sweet Dreams, of the book was refreshing Effective illustrations precede each chapter The poignant cover shows a small lantern perched high above an unnamed modern city Faith in God makes a difference not just in a small 18th century church but in the indescribable sufferingf today s world Compassion may have been the Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n only gift Phillip Yancey felt he could give to the broken and injured he metn his travels The message N.76 le Mystere de Job et les preuves Initiatiques of What Good is God however is clear Good exists in this flawed planet because God is here By encouraging believers to allow the lightf Christ to illuminate the darkest places Red Skies at Night (Anchors Away ofur experiences we are reassured that The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956 our vigilant God is present no matter what tragedy we stumble upon Reviewed by Holly Weiss authorf Crestmont This is Phillip Yancey s latest book and the second Yancey book I ve read It s very good and I looked forward to reading a chapter each night after work There are some wonderful stories that I hope to remember and share with Fresh faith others The book is set up in a seriesf sections made up f two chapters In the first chapter f the section Yancey provides background The New Left the Origins of the Cold War on the situation circumstances invitation etc that led to him giving a talk at a particular place Then in the second chapter Yancey gives an edited versionf his talk Yancey presents talks he s given to a wide variety f groups to a campus church after the Virigina Tech to a wide variety f groups to a campus church after the Virigina Tech to a group La Fleur du Mal of Christians ministering to expats working in Muslim nations to a conventionf professional sex workers to Alcoholics Anonymous to Cambridge CS Lewis fans and In search f a faith that matters Yancey finds such a faith in these different groups I enjoyed Yancey s style and how in every talk he exalts the good news f God s radical grace I liked this uote from the book Besides the definition Reckless of a monk it could also be a definitionf a church A monk is simply a sinner who joins a community Trickster of sinners who are confident in God s mercy and who strive to recognize their weaknesses in the presencef their brothers I really like Phillip Yancey s books He doesn t beat around the bush bad stuff happens whether you are a Christian Killers Prey (Conard County or not The difference for Christians is that we have a companionn the journey and we can experience hope and grace despite Mr Big out circumstances. Ng wordsf encouragement and reveals the compelling story behind the speaking engagemen.

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