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Re is no such thing as ESP This book ALONG WITH HIS DOCUMENTARY WERE WONDERFUL GLIMPSE INTO THE with his documentary were wonderful glimpse into the s secret ESP spy program of the remote viewers Most of the characters have gone on to write their own books a couple of characters seemed to have veered off the deep end but not unusual considering what they were doing Engaging but don t have time to fully dive into the copy I got from ILL Will have "To Find It Used "find it used book I knew one of the people it was written about back when I worked at Ft Meade Fascinating topic and very well written I at Ft Meade Fascinating topic and very well written I told that the NSA has renewed this program very recently This book narrates the history of the US government s flirtation with remote viewing a euphemism for clairvoyance as a techniue for gathering intelligence At one time or another virtually every intelligence gathering agency in the government has been involved in RV either directly by funding the work or indirectly by using the services After its inception in the nineteen seventies there were successes and failures bureaucratic infighting and backbiting freuent changes of personnel and cases of flaky remote viewers who got carried away with themselves funding finally dried up in t This is a pretty interesting and entertaining novel The author was objective for the most part which often isn t the case with subjects as controversial as this Along with recollections of psychic successes are anecdotes of amusing and embarrassing misfires. Ice the US Special Forces Command and at east one Pentagon drug interaction task force Most of this material is still officially classified After three years of research with access to numerous sources in the intelligence community including the remote viewers themselves science writer Jim Schnabel reveals the secret details of the strangest chapter in the history of espionag.

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Remote Viewers The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies

READ Remote Viewers The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies

Under code names ike Grill Flame Center Lane Sun Streak and Star Gate the US s Remote Viewers went on psychic spying missions around the Streak and Star Gate US Government s Remote Viewers went on psychic spying missions around the read minds even Hummer looked back in time and into the future And they enjoyed support at the highestevels Sounds With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) like an exciting read doesn t it Unfortunately for me the read was 452 pages tooong I always finish what I start even books Chapter after chapter only proved to be of the same repetitive dialogue from the previous chapter The author Jim Schnabel did an excellent job in his research and his writing Time to move on So many books so ittle time Superb non fiction that should rock your world Our intelligence folks have done some crazy shit This is a serious rock upturned Read it In the ate 1970s through the 1980s the UNITED STATES MILITARY experimented with possible applications for the use of weaponized telepathy Remote viewing as it is called is the practice of ulling one s self in to a trance and expanding one s consciousness towards a target site The images of the remote viewer are recorded as key words and automatic writing More often than was impossible the results of these sessions were proven to be accurate to a degree human error and even HELPFUL to operations conducted by the US Military in finding ost resources a stolen tank a downed helicopter When the Republicans wrestled control away from the Democrats in Congress the task force right word Grill Flame was dee. Remote Viewers is a tale of the Pentagon's attempts to develop the perfect tool for espionage psychic spies These psychic spies or remote viewers were able to infiltrate any target elude any form of security and never risk scratch For twenty years the government selected civilian and military personnel for psychic ability trained them and put them to work full time at taxpayer. Med to have no useful military applications and a drain on resources AS FAR AS WE KNOW the military arm of psychic warfare was shut down in the ate early 1990sHow AS FAR WE KNOW the military arm of psychic warfare was shut down in the ate 1980s early 1990sHow could read that paragraph and not instantly be sucked in to affairs of the psychic realm is beyond meMany of these psi operatives still exist and were even the inspiration for the movie MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS and you can begin your own research in to the monetization of higher consciousness right here Big kudos to Jim Schnabel on writing a wet non fiction read 441 pages of fact based information makes this the most comprehensive book I ve ever read on the subject of remote viewingI discovered this book in the bibliography for How the Hippies Saved Physics another worthy read taking place around roughly the same time in American historyI Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian learned aot about remote viewing a subject that I have some personal experience with I earned about the theory and practice the variety and uses of remove viewing for intelligence gathering and for research purposes America wasn t the only country involved in this kind of intelligence We got into it because Russia and China were delving deeply into it It was one Cold War contest Remote Viewers The Secret History of This it It was one Cold War contest Remote Viewers The Secret History of This background on a story I did for the Maui Times about a certain former secret spy Whew Who knew such theories existed Truly mind blowing What an interesting read Loved this book Amazing when people say the. S' expense against real intelligence targets The results were so astonishing that the program soon involved than a dozen separate agencies including the CIA the Defense Intelligence Agency the National Security Council the FBI the National Security Agency the Secret Service the Navy the Army the Air Force the Joint Chiefs of Staff the Drug Enforcement Agency the US Customs Serv.