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Plot I mean seriously Angels are cool and all but two new hot guys starting in a new school Can t we be a LITTLE creative here Can t the author have slipped them in another way WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SCHOOL I get it school is a big part of a teenagers life trust me I know but it s just too over used now Also the fact that watches Skye in h Looks like this might be infuriating love triangle paranormal romance like this might be another infuriating love triangle paranormal romance a heroine who s largest decision is who she wants to screw r I mean be in true love with But we ll see This book went something like this He put forth his hand as he introduced himself his dark Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code eyes barely visible against the nightI shook his hand and the skin on skin contact sent a rush oflectricity through my body My heart beat faster What was happening to meOh how utterly romanticYou knowYou know a book is crappy if the first 30 pages or so are bad Poor female protagonists broody moody male characters insta love and love triangles Hmmmm Did I hate it Nope Did I love it Not really There s just a lot that s been tackled before in Beautiful Dark like say the presence of three boys who are into the same girl for a variety of reasons Or a girl caught between two opposing sides Or say a girl unable to make her mind up on whom to choose The one thing that had me giggling was their names there s a Skye an Asher and a a Devyn It s like when I read historical romances there s always a Lady or Lord or Viscount something or other of a frou frou name Here the names sound so made up I couldn t help but giggle The story itself is nothing new The first half went slow for me but had me curious Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, enough to plod on The second half is where all the big reveals were made The female MC is typical smart pretty almost too perfect She s got friends who are funny and pecuiar in their own right The fact that one of her male BFF s was in to her is not new too but that she was aware of how he felt instead of being oblivious to the same was a a little refreshing Sadly that story line belonged to Dan and Cassie her other best friends Speak of the supporting cast I felt that Cassie readxactly like Norah s friend in Hush Hush pushy out there some times insensitive but the most plausible of the bunch nonetheless Dan and Ian added the needed sweetness in an otherwise very Daddy Wanted emo read Her adoptive mother was absent a lot but when she was in the picture acted the part of protective and caring I reiterate the point of her being absent a lotThe love interests yup that s plural were curious too Once I knew what they were nothing changed for me The reveal just came a little too late I felt I d pieced it all together so many pages before that I didn t care what made them special What s worse is that like Skye they kept creating drama where none was necessary Why hold back information when they could reveal Anyway anyone could have pieced it together long before It wasn t all bad though I appreciate Let s get one thing straight This story needs some original ideas prontoTwo opposing godly sides Well that would have been okay if it weren t for the fact that they re both supposedly hot males who aren t supposed to fall in love with the main girl character ooh la la it s forbidden but you know theynd up anyways And since they re from opposing sides well the girl gets fought over Not romantic at allAnd adding in the fact that the girl is a self unknown supernatural Special and uniue and beyond control of the otherworldly forces yet unknowing of it Developing the most powerful and awesome skills that no one had ver had before Perfect Small Town Girl Who Had town girl who had life all planned out not to mention on a straight path to Columbia big deal but got it all disarrayed when hot guys number 1 and number 2 showed up CheckCome on you can do better than that This book was so predictable And the hot guys weren t ven that winsome ither One s a playboy jerk and the other s a stiff upright nimrodGive me a decision that will forever change the world and I m all for it Even I would probably do something badass than this girl Home breeding has done her no good tsk tskNo I do not recommend this book What is it with me lately only coming across not so snappy books. Caught in the middle of an ancient battle one that began untold millennia ago Torn between unpredictable Asher whom she loves and the infuriating Devin who she can’t stay away from her fate is murky as a starless night And as the secrets of her true identity are revealed Skye realizes that her destiny may reside in the Heavens or somewhere darker. ,

N character whom I did not like at all In fact her waffling between all the guys made me want to smack her silly on than one occasion And then she says something to the ffect of Ellie latching on to guys she had an interest in As though that was such a bad thing And it s not xactly as if Ash was protesting overmuch you know The only reason Skye makes that comment is because she
"doesn t want "
t want not while she s deciding between the other members of her fast growing harem but she doesn t want anyone lse to have him Les brumes d'avalon : roman either Because it may be true love you knowThe book does not bring anything new and fresh to the genre It is simply the same old story of one heroine being fought over by two different factions wrapped up in a different package The mythology is barelyxplained and while in the Malakai (Wicked Games, end the thread of the narrative gains a spark it is too late to save the novel Being angelic is so much than having powers Why do they have powers Why is that uestion not answered It also angered me that the book reasserts the status uo where gender politics is concerned The real bad guy is the girl to whom Devin is fated to be with It is Vicky who is the negative character while the boys retain their prettiness and become tortured by the dueling nature of their mission and the feelings they have for Skye The novel takes the Mean Girl trope to a whole new level and leaves me unimpressedSo there you have it My review I really don t like writing negative reviewsspecially when it s a debut novel but I think for an artist to hone their craft they need to work at it And this book needs a lot work where character development and plot are concerned The writer also needs to become aware of the subtext and what she may be saying without The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone explicitly saying it Ugh guys Just ughI really really disliked hated this book Inded up skimming through most of it because it was justugh That one word practically sums it up I would ve given it of a chance if it weren t for the fact that it had NO ORIGINALITY I m serious NONE I ve seen this xact same storyline in other booksseries dozens of timesLet s see We have the unsuspecting Mary Sue heroine that goes in denial when she finds out about her powers and stubbornly wants a normal life And she Has Two Cardboard Cutout two cardboard cutout who are pretty much irrelevant in the story And these two nigmatic strangers that she s torn over The bad boy who s an asshole that thinks making girls jealous will make him attractive or the good boy who s all protective and serious all the timeYeah Ariel I knowAnyways so the characters sucked yeah but I still tried to get into the story I really did try Obviously it didn t work I mean fuck I can t believe there are so many 3 star ratings for this book It is horrid It has The Family Plan every single YA clichever created all rolled into one big hot messAlso I don t get love triangles A Family Practice ee In this book s case it doesn tven deserve to be called a love triangle Most YA these days throw the word love around like it means nothing and this book is a perfect A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity exampleReally just have a threesome and get over it I sure hope this is not another vampire book UPDATE 619 So I should have updated this review like a comment really when I saw the cover and the synopsis I think when I added this book to my wishlist and made my comment I only had the title to go by What came to mind when I saw the Dark part of the title was my comment above I usually associate the word dark with Vampires Thankfully this book is going to be an angel book I love angel books Plus I never should have doubted this book HarperTeen publishes the best books out there They have yet to publish a bad book and I don t think theyver will Before I nd this paragraph I want to add that the cover is beautiful I think it s safe to say that I was disappointed by this book Very disappointed with itThings that I liked The title although I didn t really see much relevance to the book The cover Despite the ranting that s about to go down it was njoyable and considering that I actually managed to finish it I think that s a good sign It was hardback which meant that when I through it across the room in anger it didn t damage it much Things that I didn t like The. Polar opposites like fire and ice Asher is dark and wild while Devin is fair cold and aloof Skye has no idea what they want only that their presence coincides with the beginning of some shockingly strange vents Events that Skye if she dares to think it might be responsible for causing High up in the mountains of Boulder Colorado Skye finds herself.

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